Santa Claus journeys to Dickinson for parade, visit children

Santa Claus ventured down from the North Pole for a frosty morning parade this past weekend, with the public escort from the Dickinson Fire and Police departments and East End Auto And Truck Parts, Inc. Old St. Nick ended his final pitstop on the Santa Parade at Players Sports Bar & Grill to listen, one by one, to all the little boys and girls’ wishes for Christmas.

Santa Claus greets the citizens of Dickinson as Dickinson firefighter Tyler Berger peeps out the fire truck window before he gets ready to escort Old St. Nick for the Santa Parade Saturday morning. (Jackie Jahfetson/The Dickinson Press)

Even an arctic morning didn’t hold back Santa Claus from hosting a parade this past weekend for it was just what he wished for. “I ordered just a little bit of a frosty chill,” Santa Claus expressed, pointing to all the trees ice-kissed with milky white snow.

Though Santa Claus left all of his eight reindeer back at the North Pole, he decided to venture down to Dickinson Saturday for the Santa Parade. He first met up at Station 1 of the Dickinson Fire Department to meet with firefighters escorting him along with the Dickinson Police Department and East End Auto And Truck Parts, Inc.

Santa Claus greeted children outside of the station even though everyone’s fingers and noses were turning red from the frigid temperatures. Before the parade began, he then hopped on top of a four-wheeler hauled by a red truck from East End Auto, waving to all the little boys and girls across Second Avenue. A few honks from the cardinal fire truck and off Santa Claus went down Villard Avenue.

Santa Claus’ final pit stop of the parade ended at Players Sports Bar & Grill, where parents and their children lined up and waited to visit with him. Donned in his famous red velvet coat, pants and topped with a festive matching hat, Santa Claus sat on a bench, listening, one by one, to all the children’s wishes. Bashful smiles and playful giggles were in the air, and that’s exactly what Santa Claus had in mind when he decided to come down from the North Pole and visit Dickinson.

“I just thought it would be nice for everybody in town to see that this year,” Santa said. “... Kids need to know that their life is going to be okay.”


Even though this year has been scary and uncertain at times, Santa Claus would like for children to know that life is going to be alright and Christmas will prevail.

Jackie Jahfetson is a former reporter for The Dickinson Press.
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