COVID-19 vaccine call list SWDHU says ‘extra doses must be used promptly’

Southwestern District Health Unit (SWDHU) is encouraging the public to sign up for the COVID-19 vaccine call list for instances when the unit has excess vaccines available following a scheduled vaccination event.

Coronavirus Vaccine Tracker

According to the SWDHU, during those times when there are extra doses available of the vaccine they must be used promptly — which provides local residents interested in receiving the vaccination ahead of schedule.

While the SWDHU noted that not all who sign up for the call list are guaranteed to receive a vaccine, the opportunity is there.

Interested parties must meet certain requirements before being placed onto the call list, including filling out a brief survey and being able to travel to vaccine clinic(s) within their county when called.

Those interested may complete the required forms online at, and must do so prior to being put on the call list.

Vaccines will be distributed by priority group.


All of tier 1B are open and have the opportunity to get registered for the Pfizer vaccine.

1B include older individuals, people with underlying health conditions, other congregate settings, child care workers, and employees of preschools and kindergarten through 12th grade.

The phase 1B order of priority is persons aged 75 or older, or 65 to 75 with two or more high-risk medical conditions. Additionally, staff and persons living in other congregate settings such as corrections, group homes, treatment centers and homeless shelters are in phase 1B. All person with two or more high-risk medical conditions, regardless of age, and those who are employed as child care workers qualify. Rounding out the qualified individuals are those employed by preschools or Kindergarten through 12th grade, which includes teachers, nutritional services, aides, bus drivers, principals, administrative staff and custodians.

North Dakota COVID-19 vaccination rates and progress

Vaccines will be administered at the COVID Response Building, located at 528 21st St W. Interested participants may sign up on March 10 , 11 and 12 by visiting

North Dakota COVID-19 vaccine availability and locations


Due to a drastic decline in testing, the SWDHU will keep the current times for COVID-19 testing, but may reassess moving forward.

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