BISMARCK — A team of North Dakota movie producers announced plans Thursday, Jan. 9, to shoot a feature-length film near tourist town Medora and North Dakota's Badlands.

Filming on "Sanctified" is set to begin in May, according to a news release. The film will be a "classic Western with a North Dakota twist."

"This is going to be a very beautiful, exciting film thanks to its setting in the Badlands—it’s going to be uniquely North Dakotan in its imagery and story," director Nick Swedlund said.

Set in the 1890s, the story will follow an outlaw who develops an unlikely friendship with a nun who rescues him from death.

The film is a collaboration between Bismarck-based production company D&N Cinematics and executive producer Daniel Bielinski, who is the chair of the University of Mary's theater department. The team has previously produced four short films set in North Dakota, including "The Badlands Girl," which debuted in 2018.

About 40 cast and crew members will work on the film, which producers say will be showing in theaters by spring 2021. Bielinski said the team is "just getting started" and will produce more North Dakota-based films in the future.