The Chiweenie is a breed unlike any other and is one of the best lap dogs there are. Part dachshund and chihuahua, Zipper is an older dog who still enjoys some friendly lap time. The adult Chiweenie likes his alone time, as do most people, but he still loves the company of adults -- although he wouldn’t do well in a home with young children.

Known jokingly as the Mexican taco or German Hot Dog, Chiweenies are just the type of dog to get excited to meet and find a perfect match for Zipper's forever home.

Chihuahuas are known for their less than-friendly demeanor, but they are certainly obedient. This odd mix combines the very best of both the breeds. Gentle, loving, obedient and a very nicely graying beard awaits a new owner to enjoy a few cuddles with.

Extremely adaptable as a breed, Chiweenies typically fit right into their owner’s lifestyle and living space -- from tiny apartments to spacious ranch life.

The best part is that this tiny package comes with the reflexes of a guard dog, which is why younger children are not recommended in the future home of Zipper.

The pet for this week was rescued by Bakken Paws, who can be reached for more information about Zipper or many of the other animals in their care seeking homes at

The Dickinson Press is happy to team up with the Dickinson Area Animal Coalition to help find our furry friends new homes that will provide them with love and is caring to their needs. All pets selected as Pet of the Week are friendly and a good addition to their new homes, Caring For our four legged neighbors comes in a variety of colors and each person can do their own to help tackle a growing problem in Dickinson-- even if it is not adopting or fostering., Options include donations, volunteering and advocating. Those interested in helping the community tackle this growing problem are invited to get involved by contacting the DAAC via email, at