The Trinity Titans boys basketball continued their hard winning streak that is starting to get the attention of all of North Dakota -- They are not a team to be messed with. And on Tuesday, Heart River became their next victim.

The Titans dominated the Cougars throughout, ending with a swift 62-26 victory. For head coach Gregg Grinsteinner has been happy with the way his team has been playing.

“(The players) have a very business-like approach,” Grinsteinner said. “They’re coming in and working really hard in practise, they’re having fun doing it and you can see it translate over in games and that’s one that I think our kids are learning that if you want to play at a high level, you’re going to have to compete at a high level.”

The Titans dominated the court all throughout the game, never allowing any chance for the Cougars to take over, even ending the first quarter with a 20-4 lead and played with the same type of adrenaline throughout.

The Titans shot 27-50 (54%) from the field, as opposed to the Cougars’ 9-36 (25%) from the field. Junior forward Tanner Soehren finished as the leading point man with 12 for the Titans.

“We felt great going into a tough next week,” he said. “Heart River is a good competitor and we just had to do our stuff and believe in what we had to do and we just executed, played good defense, help (the) team and came out with a big W.”

As the world is still recovering with the loss of one of the most iconic athletes to ever play on the basketball floor, the Titans took the court with Kobe Bryant in their spirit.

“Everybody on our team looked up to him,” Soehren said. “We just kinda had to put (emotions) to the side, and just (play).”

With this win, the Titans are carrying a seven game win streak into a tough upcoming schedule, starting with Bishop Ryan High on Feb. 1.

“Our kids really need to be zoned in and I think this last month of January, going undefeated the whole month is pretty good and that’s a feather in our cap,” Grinsteinner said.