Valentine’s Day is a special day for the residents of St. Luke’s Home.

A month before the holiday, staff, residents, families and visitors cast their votes for St. Luke's Royal Court. The votes are tallied and families are notified, but it's a surprise to the winners when their names are called and the crowns are passed to their family members who crown them during St. Luke's Valentine's Day Party.

"St. Luke’s residents and families look forward to the Valentine’s Day party each year," said Joyce Decker, activity director for St. Luke's. "They wait in anticipation for the names of the royal court to be called. The responses on the residents’ faces are always a highlight during the crowing. Some have surprised looks and others have tears of joy. Family members appreciate sharing these special moments with their loved ones.

This year, James and Mae Muckle were named king and queen. The Muckles are retirees of farming and ranching in Beach, N.D. They have three children and will be married 65 years this June.

Allen Roll and Betty Cornell were named prince and princess; Carl Yineman and Veronica Gayda were named duke and duchess.