Kyle Zimmerman’s 701 Auto Enthusiast club started their ‘Cruise Night’ with a ‘COVID Cruise,’ with the intention of giving the local community some positive vibes during the pandemic. Now, in August, Zimmerman and the Auto Enthusiast Club will be having its monthly ‘Cruise night’ but with the intention of giving back to the food pantry.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, food pantries, including Amen Food Pantry in Dickinson, are seeing a scarce amount of food and donations, making it difficult to give to others. With this knowledge, Zimmerman and his crew it was time to rev up the awareness by setting up local food donation places, with all the proceeds going to the local food pantries.

“We just want to help out, the community has been very welcoming to what we’ve been doing, especially with these cruise nights, so we wanted to give a little bit back,” Zimmerman said. “There’s some people that do what they can, and they might not have a lot of money, and we just kinda figured this is a way that we can give back to those people that have given us a lot.”

Prior to the ‘Cruise Night’ event happening, which will be taking place on Saturday, August 1 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., Zimmerman and the Auto Enthusiasts club will be meeting outside Dakota Community Bank, located on the corner of West Villard Street and 3rd Avenue West. The group asks the community to bring any food they are able to donate to this location. The food will then be loaded up and brought to the food pantries.

“We primarily looking for canned goods, dry goods, anything people can donate that others can really, really use, preferably not perishables,” Zimmerman said.

The fundraiser may begin on Saturday, but it will continue until Friday, August 14, thanks to a partnership with two local businesses, Platinum Motor Sports and Sax Motor Co.

“It’s pretty cool that other people want to just help and do their part, trying to help someone else and open their hearts a little bit,” Zimmerman said. “And that’s the main thing, we’re asking people to open their hearts a little bit.”

With summer starting to come a close and fall around the corner, Zimmerman knew this was the time to do it.

“There’s going to be a time where we hit sometime this winter where there’s going to be people really struggling,” he said. “With the holidays and what not, this is just one way that we can set up something so that we can help those in need.”

Zimmerman and the 701 Auto Enthusiast club plead for those that are able to contribute to their cause by helping the local food pantries, and enjoy a nice Saturday night with a cruise by the club.

For more information, contact Zimmerman at 701-260-3097.