Residents at the Evergreen Senior Living and Basic Care facility were given a very special treat on Tuesday, August 4, with the facility’s first ever tractor parade.

In total, 11 tractors circled around the facility and waved at the patrons that greeted each of the passing agricultural vehicles with smiles and laughter. The tractors traveled around the facility two times and the event lasted for more than 25 minutes. Evergreen has featured other parades in the past including classic or vintage cars, but they said that this was the first time the facility ever considered tractors for a parade.

While it wasn’t the longest parade, the experience left the residents happy and wanting more.

“With this COVID, you really got to be a little bit more imaginative on some of the things that we have to put on,” Linda Hanel, the life enrichment coach at Evergreen, said. “They really enjoyed it, but we didn’t have any John Deere tractors, one of the guys said, ‘I didn’t see any John Deere tractors,’ so I said, ‘well, next year we’re going to have another one and we’ll make sure that there is a John Deere tractor.’”

The idea came from Marilyn Wanner, whose mother, Betty Kuntz, resides at Evergreen. Wanner discussed the proposition with Hanel, in which Hanel was on board from the start. Hanel mentioned the parade was supposed to have taken place two weeks prior to Tuesday. However, due to a storm, it was postponed.

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Luckily, the event was held on August 4, the same day as Kuntz’s birthday.

“It really was actually a perfect day,” Hanel said. “The residents enjoying themselves was the best part, especially the men. I think every guy was out there watching the parade. They were very interested in the tractors, it was very cool.”

Hanel and the Evergreen staff thank all the local tractor drivers that participated in the parade for the local residents.

“I was very thankful that each of them took the time just to come and do something for the residents,” Hanel said. “They wanted to give something back to them, because of all that they have given to them. And they knew the residents would enjoy it, so I think it really brought them joy that they got to show off their classic tractors too.”

Hanel said the company is already planning on making a tractor parade in 2021 and is currently considering making a motorcycle parade in the near future.

For more information, or to help with parade planning, call Evergreen Senior Living and Basic Care at 701-483-6606.