Dickinson and the Western Edge have seen their fair share of high temperatures throughout the month of August, as evident with Wednesday reaching a high of 98-degrees. While cooler days may be on the horizon, the hot streak is expected to continue to burn for the next few days; according to the National Weather Service.

Alex Edwards, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Bismarck, reported extreme highs continuing to push through Dickinson with slim chances of precipitation over the coming week and through the weekend.

“Over the next several days, we are looking at a change in the pattern next week though, I would say there is an end in sight,” Edwards said. “But we’re going to have to get through probably all of this week and weekend I would say. We’re looking at daily highs for the Dickinson area, at least in the 90s, [Wednesday] will be near 100, Thursday in the upper 90s.

As for the weekend, both Saturday and Sunday are on track to follow the scorch-fest with Saturday projected to be in the low 91 before climbing rapidly Sunday to just shy of 100 degrees. Both days show very little chance of rain.

“But then we’re looking at a gradual, relative cool down by the middle of next week I would say,” Edwards added. “We just have to get through the weekend first.”

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While the strong heat wave continues its summer streak, the chance of precipitation is slim, but high enough for some chances of rainfall sometime on Thursday or Friday to help ease the stress from the everlasting heat.

“I won’t say it’s a cold front, but what we call a little wave in the atmosphere moving through,” Edwards said. “Chance of showers and thunderstorms Thursday night and Friday, but I can’t make any guarantees. It looks pretty dry after that actually, we’re going to be dry for a little while after that. Until sometime in the middle of next week.

“Most of it will stay in Canada, but that will bring our next chance of thunderstorms or showers,” Edwards added. “But, unfortunately, the coverage of that should remain isolated so ... I see the chance of rain as relatively low and certainly the chance of a beneficial rain on the low side. Which is pretty common for this type of year.”

While Dickinson and the Western Edge continue to see critically high numbers, the lows are just as strong with lows being the 60s, which Edward said is “actually quite warm for this area.”

Currently, next week’s forecast seems to bring some coolness with highs in the lower 80s and lows between high 40s and low 50s. As for next weekend, the high is projected to be 81-degrees on Saturday and 78-degrees on Sunday, with a 30% chance of precipitation. Both days are projected to have lows in the mid-40s.

“It’s certainly not chilly, but certainly not near 100 like we’re seeing right now either,” Edwards said. “They would at least bring us down a little bit closer to normal.”