The Dickinson Police Department, Stark County Sheriff's Office and Dickinson Fire Department were directing traffic on Villard Street in downtown Dickinson on Wednesday morning following a single vehicle crash that resulted when a vehicle left the roadway and collided with a business at 103 E. Villard resulting in injury to the driver.

First responders believe the incident was the result of a medical emergency which incapacitated the driver of the vehicle and caused the incident, but could not validate the matter at the scene.

Fire Chief Jeremy Presnell confirmed that 3 apparatus' from the Dickinson Fire Department and 8 personnel responded to the scene and that the driver of the vehicle was transported by ambulance service to the hospital.

"There were no other injuries, except for the driver of the vehicle. The injuries sustained by the driver don't appear life-threatening but he was transported to the hospital by ambulance for his safety," Presnell said. "The occupants of the business are shaken but sustained no injuries in the crash. The soundness of building is all intact, so we don't have any real structural damage to the building that would cause alarm so there are no issues there. With the exception of a few light poles, no other structural damage to city property were had in the incident."

This article will be updated as more information comes available.