The Dickinson Midgets girls golf team braved the cold weather and rough conditions in Tuesday’s match in Mandan. The cold gloomy day brought with it a 45-minute frost delay for the Midgets. The continuous cold making it difficult for the golfers to get into a solid rhythm. The team finished the day with a score of 422.

The Midgets’ leading golfer, Lola Homiston, finished the day with a score of 87, finishing the front nine with 44 and the back nine with 43. Homiston’s 87 was one of the best scores seen throughout the eternity of the day. Century High Schools’ Hannah Herbel took the victory of the match with a score of 80.

Following Homiston, Hazel Emter finished with 104, Chloe Kraenzel with 113, Avery Bellend with 118, Abigale Goettle with 134, and Tristyn Baumgartner with 136.

Head coach John Spry discussed the team’s performance following the match.

“It was definitely a grind for them,” Spry said. “Most of our players started out on the back nine and tried to warm up and get things going … it was a slow start for us, that’s for sure.”

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Spry mentioned that he was proud of his players on their going, but noted Homiston pushed to be a leader, giving it her all, no matter what.

“(Homiston) hung in there and fought all the way through,” Spry said. “She didn’t have as much control with her driver as normal, but she fought through everything and tried to keep up the pace.”

Tuesday’s match was the first time the Midgets battled tough weather conditions, which could benefit the team if another day like Tuesday’s cold were to strike again this season.

“It just toughens everybody up a little bit,” Spry said. “Got to have a strong appearance and mental toughness. With the cold weather, it changes your distances with the ball … you have to make those adjustments on the fly.”