On what is projected to be the coldest day the city of Dickinson has felt since last winter, the Trinity Titans are gearing up for a heated matchup at the Henry Biesiot Activities Center against Nedrose High on Saturday night.

Currently, Saturday is projected to have a high of 19-degress but will be at a low of 10-degrees when the Region A playoff game is scheduled to take place. The possibility for snowfall is also projected within the forecast. Despite the cold weather, the Titans are fired up about its upcoming opponent and braving the aggressive weather conditions, says head coach John Odermann.

"We’re going to have one of those classic fall/winter matchups … It’s going to be cold, it’s going to be snowy … it’s one of those things that I think when people picture football in their minds, in the snow and cold is one of the things that comes to mind," Odermann said. "It’s really great and cool for our kids to have that opportunity to play in a setting like that."

The second-seeded Titans finished the regular season with a record of 6-2 and are looking forward to using the home field to its advantage against the 5-4 Cardinals. Odermann said the team is still preparing for a hard fought game against a team that is looking to earn its first ever playoff victory.

"They’re going to be physical and we have to be prepared to match that physicality and surpass it," Odermann said. "I think our kids are up to the task but it’s all about when game time comes at 6 p.m. at the BAC on Saturday night."

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Along with knowing this game is going to be a 'battle of the trenches' Odermann said he looked to the seniors to show guidance and leadership during this week of practice going into Saturday's game. They haven't disappointed.

"They’ve lined up and practice really hard this week, I couldn’t be prouder of our seniors and the leadership that they’ve shown and the leadership that they’ve demonstrated and been able to pass on to their underclassmen," he said. "We haven’t missed a beat this week. We haven’t had a kid that is shivering cold and hasn’t been engaged."

With colder temperatures comes the difficulty of passing the ball, the Titans are being prepared for an all-out running game slugfest against the Cardinals.

"They like to overload one side of the field, try to beat you with numbers we got to be able to counter that, whether it be through the defensive lineman or moving some guys around on the other side of the ball or show a different front," Odermann said.

"They want to establish the run, they got some athletes on the outside and they’re not afraid to chuck it here and there, but they’re not afraid to establish the run," he added. "I think the team that is able to establish the run game and do so successfully and put some points on the board by running the ball is going to be the one that comes out victorious on Saturday night."

As a whole, Trinity fully ready to play playoff football. However, Odermann said the offensive and defensive line will have to step up to replace the loss of senior lineman Tanner Soehren who is out with an injury. But is confident his players will pick up the slack.

"Even though you can’t replace a kid like Tanner, you can find a guy that can fill that void and I’m really excited to see and have been excited to see the effort that we’ve seen in some of those kids," he said. "The effort is going to be there and we have the opportunity to not miss a beat on the offensive and defensive side of the ball."

Despite the colder weather, it is safe to say Fisher Field at the BAC is going to be fired up for Titan football on Saturday night.

The Titans are scheduled to kick off their match against Nedrose at 6 p.m.