Catholic Health Initiatives St. Alexius in Dickinson gave the public the opportunity to name the newest member of their medical staff, a recently purchased Mako robot that assists orthopedic surgeons with various operations including hip and knee replacements, both partial and total.

The results are in. Meet HANK.

HANK, an acronym for “Hips and New Knees” was submitted as a name by McKenzie Steckler.

CHI St. Alexius in Dickinson and Sanford Health in Bismarck are the only hospitals in the surrounding area capable of performing robot assisted orthopedic surgery.

Fong said that Robot assisted operations have proven to be more accurate than manual operations due to their state of the art imaging technology.

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“The Mako, a robotic-arm assisted technology, provides surgeons with the means to give every patient an individualized surgery. A 3D model of a patient’s hip or knee is used to pre-plan and assist the surgeon in performing joint replacement surgery,” Stephanie Fong, marketing and public relations at CHI, said. “The robot can then show the surgeon what the implant should look like after it has been inserted, how it should sit and so on, before the surgery even happens.”

The public had until Feb. 14 to submit a name and Fong said that dozens of names were submitted and narrowed down to three names. CHI staff voted in an online survey to determine their favorite and the winner was officially named in a small ceremony including balloons and a special name tape.

In January, the hospital purchased HANK from Stryker, a medical technology corporation.

According to an article by The Robot Report, Stryker was the top producer of game-changing technology in the realm of orthopedic surgery.

“More than five years after buying Mako Surgical, Stryker has already placed more than 650 Mako robots around the world, with more than 76,900 knee and hip replacement procedures performed in 2018 and double-digit growth in installations expected in 2019,” the article said.

Joining Stryker in the top medical technology corporations was Meditronic, a corporation responsible for creating a robotic arm capable of assisting surgeons with spinal operations called the Mazor X Stealth. Both Stryker and Meditronic were joined by companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Zimmer, Smith and Nephew, Globus Medical and NuVasive.

Robots, like HANK, are part of an effort by CHI and others to provide the highest quality medical for as little cost as possible.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article inaccurately attributed CHI St. Alexius in Dickinson as the only medical facility in a 300 mile radius capable of performing robot assisted orthopedic surgery. The article has been corrected to identify CHI St. Alexius and Sanford Health in Bismarck as both being capable of performing robot assisted orthopedic surgery.