Busting stereotypes related to the oil and gas industry for decades has been the name of the game for James Oilwell Service, Inc in Belfield. Owner and Operator Nathan Dutchak and Operations Manager/Dispatcher Shilo O’Brien said their primary focus has gone from drilling operations, the staple of the company, to the safety and environmental concerns.

“We’ve shifted our focus too to offer those services to try to be a more environmentally focused company, as well to offer that type of service to our customers to help them as much as we can in those areas too,” Dutchak said.

Dutchak recently purchased nearly $2 million dollars worth of hydrovac equipment to help James Oilwell Service, Inc. in those aims.

“(Hydrovac equipment) is kind of the newest thing where we use huge vacuum trucks with freshwater sources to wash up and clean up contaminated soil...it’s a lot less damaging to the environment,” O’Brien said.

Dutchack highlighted what he says is also a safer form of equipment being used to dig up pipes, calling it “gentler” on the soil.

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Dutchak and O’Brien found many opportunities for advancement while working for James Oilwell Service, Inc. as employees, the two of them working their way up to the positions they currently serve.

Dutchak said the oil industry, particularly James Oilwell Service, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer with plenty of opportunities for advancement — highlighting his own advancement in the company.

On a normal day, Dutchak and O’Brien receive calls from oil companies, in addition to oil well owners, requesting services that include oil well maintenance. According to their website, this process involves removing and replacing treaters that treat the oil so that it is in above par quality prior to pipeline or truck transportation. In addition to that, the company routinely removes and replaces old storage tanks, done through the use of 24-hour crane services conducted by certified riggers. The list of available services is long at James Oilwell Service, Inc. and also includes trucking, hydrovac services, HeliPile installation and more.

“We are a robust company, pipeline, hydrovac, vac trucks, pretty much the day-to-day operations of the oilfield...we, of course, do pipelining, we put (the) new pipe in the ground going from site to site. But we build the sites as far as the tank battery goes, when the drilling rig is done we go in and build the tank batteries,” Dutchak said.

Dutchak said James Oilwell Service, Inc. is not an oil company, per se, as they do not produce oil, however they supply the labor and maintenance work needed to keep wells producing efficiently and profitably.

Dutchak said on a regular basis, oil companies put in requests for labor and Dutchak and O’Brien call upon different skilled employees to accomplish the tasks needed.

As part of their ongoing mission to provide a more environmentally friendly process, Dutchak said that prior to agreeing to help an oil company with fieldwork, he travels to the site to inspect it in order to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Dutchak said the days are long and hard, but rewarding.