Notice is hereby given the Planning and Zoning Commission will meet on Wednesday, December 15th at 7:10 AM at 99 Second Street East, Dickinson, North Dakota, at which time and place all interested persons may appear and be heard on the following:

1.FINAL PLAT - to consider a request for a Preliminary/ Final Plat (FLP-009-2021) for the Replat of Lots 3-8, Block 1, and Lots 6-11, Block 2 of Fisher’s East Addition, which includes the vacation of a portion of 21st Avenue East, and some existing easements to create Fisher’s 3rd City East Addition (2 Lots), Located in the SE ¼, Section 2, Township 139 North, Range 96 West. The proposed Re-plat is located on vacant lots adjoining 21st Avenue East, and East Villard Street within the City of Dickinson, Stark County, ND.

2.ZONING TEXT AMENDMENT - Stevenson Funeral Home is requesting proposed amendments to the City of Dickinson Municipal Code Article 39.02 “Definitions”, Article 39.03 “Use Types”, and Table 4-2 “Zoning District Regulations” in Article 39.04 “Zoning District Regulations” regarding allowing a Columbarium as a Special Use.

For additional information on either meeting, contact Walter Hadley at 701-456-7812.

Copies are on file at the Planning Department, 99 2nd Street East
Dated this 19th day of November, 2021
City of Dickinson, North Dakota
(Nov. 24; Dec. 1, 2021) 8432