ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS CP-45(21)01 Grading and RCB Structure STARK COUNTY, NORTH DAKOTA Notice is hereby given that sealed bids will be received by the Stark County Commission, 51 3rd Street E, PO Box 130, Dickinson, ND 58602, until 10:00 AM (MT), February 1, 2022, at which time they will publically be opened and read aloud for the furnishings of materials, labor, equipment and skill required for the construction of CP-45(21)01 Grading and RCB Structure and incidental items and, as is more fully described and set forth in the plans and specifications therefore, which are now on file in the office of Northern Plains Engineering. The Project is located on 38th Street SW southwest of Richardton, ND. Bids shall be upon cash payment on the following approximate quantities and major types of work: Contract bond-1 LSUM; Removal of Structure – 1 LSUM; Common Excavation – Type C – 6,500 CY; Topsoil – 3,500 CY; 12’x5’ Precast RCB Culvert – 54 LF; Mobilization – 1 LSUM; Traffic Control – 125 units; Seeding – 5 Acres; Straw Mulch – 5 Acres, Fiber Rolls 12IN – 300 LF. The contract documents are on file and may be examined at the following: Northern Plains Engineering 441 23rd Street West Dickinson, ND 58601 Project bidding documents are available in digital format at You may download the digital plan documents for $20 by inputting Quest project #8092864 on the website’s Project Search page. Please contact at 952-233-1632 or for assistance in free membership registration, downloading, and working with this digital project information. An optional paper set of project documents is also available for a non-refundable price of $100 per set at Northern Plains Engineering (701.483.1858), 441 23rd Street West, Dickinson, ND 58601. All bids are to be submitted on the basis of cash payment for the work and materials, and each bid shall be accompanied by a separate envelope containing the contractor’s license and bid security. The bid security must be in a sum equal to five percent (5%) of the full amount of the bid and must be in the form of a bidder’s bond. A bidder’s bond must be executed by the bidder as principal and by a surety company authorized to do business in this state, conditioned that if the principal’s bid be accepted and the contract awarded to the principal, the principal, within ten (10) days after notice of award, will execute and effect a contract in accordance with the terms of this bid and the bid bond as required by the laws of the State of North Dakota and the regulations and determinations of the governing body. All bidders must be licensed for the full amount of the bid as required by Section 43-07-05 and 43-07-12 of the North Dakota Century Code. The successful Bidder will be required to furnish Contract Performance and Payment Bonds in the full amount of the contract. Contracts shall be awarded on the basis of the low bid submitted by a responsible and responsive bidder for the aggregate sum of all bid items. A single contract will be awarded for the work. All bids will be contained in a sealed envelope, as above provided; plainly marked showing that such envelope contains a bid for the above project. In addition, the bidder shall place upon the exterior of such envelope the following information: 1.The work covered by the bidder. 2.The name of the bidder. 3.Separate envelope containing bid bond and a copy of Contractor’s License or certificate of renewal. 4.Acknowledgement of any Addenda. No Bid will be read or considered which does not fully comply with the above provisions as to Bond and licensees and any deficient Bid submitted will be resealed and returned to the Bidder immediately. The work shall be completed within 20 working days with a starting date of October 3, 2022 or from the actual date on which on-site work is started whichever is earlier. The Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids, to waive any informality in any bid, to hold all bids for a period not to exceed thirty-five (35) days from the date of opening bids, and to accept the bid deemed most favorable to the interest of the Owner. Should the Contractor fail to complete the work within the time required herein or within such extra time as may have been granted by formal extensions of time approved by the Owner, there will be deducted from any amount due the Contractor the sum of $1,000 per day and every day that the completion of the work is delayed. The Contractor and his surety will be liable for any excess. Such payment will be as and for liquidated damages. By order of the Stark County Commission. Dated this 5th day of January, 2022 STARK COUNTY DICKINSON, NORTH DAKOTA /s/ Karen Richard County Auditor (Jan. 5, 12 & 19, 2022)