ATTENTION STARK COUNTY SOYBEAN PRODUCERS CAST YOUR BALLOT NORTH DAKOTA SOYBEAN COUNCIL ELECTION The ND Soybean Council’s election for your County Representative will take place by mail ballot in February 2023. In March, newly elected county representatives will select a board member of the ND Soybean Council. On or about February 8, 2023, the ND Soybean Council will mail each soybean grower of record in the county an election ballot. For your vote to count, ballots must be filed with the County Extension Agent of the above-named county. The ballot can be hand delivered or mailed to the agent. For your vote to count, the County Extension Agent must receive the ballot by March 1, 2023, or your mailed-in ballot must be postmarked no later than March 1, 2023. If you do not receive a ballot in the mail, contact your Stark County Extension Agent at 701-456-7665 or the ND Soybean Council at 701-566-9300 to obtain one. A producer is defined as: “any person that plants or causes to be planted a soybean crop in which the person has an ownership interest, with intent that upon maturity, the crop will be harvested; will have met the requirements of the above stated during the next available growing season or has met these requirements during the immediately preceding growing season. The term does not include an organic producer that has been exempted from the payment of assessments in accordance with federal law.” (Feb 8, 2023) 188748