BELFIELD CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING Tuesday, December 13th, 2022 – 5:00 pm City Hall – 208 Main Street North Unapproved The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM (MT) by Mayor, Jeff Iverson, Council Members Kyle Michels, Brett Northrop, Edward Braun, Roger Decker present, Attorney Fetch via phone. Members of the audience included James Baughman, City Employee Move to accept the amended agenda. (Northrop/Braun) All in favor. Move to approve the November 9th, 2022, meeting minutes with changes. (Braun/Decker) All in favor. The Council reviewed and approved the November 2022 financial statement. (Northrop/Braun) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). The Council approved the following audit bills for November 2022 with additions. Discussion Mayor Iverson would like to pay Interstate Engineer for their services (Braun/Decker) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). 62172- Western Edge, $2,475.00; 62173- ARMOR INTERACTIVE, $1,043.77; 62174- BELFIELD AMBULANCE, $2,811.38; 62175- BELFIELD FIRE DEPARTMENT, $1,686.83; 62176- BELFIELD PARK DISTRICT, $6,654.83; 62177- BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD, $334.80; 62178- CENTURYLINK, $135.79; 62179- FORUM COMMUNICATIONS, $237.16; 62180- MDU, $7,917.57; 62181- NAOMI URBAN, $641.16; 62182- NEWMAN OUTDOOR ADVERTISING, $995.00; 62183- PURCHASE POWER, $604.80; 62184- ROUGHRIDER ELECTRIC, $30.00; 62185- SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER, $562.28; 62186- SOUTHWEST WATER AUTHORITY, $13,613.22; 62187- STARK COUNTY AUDITOR, $17,750.00; 62188- VERIZON, $201.07; 62190- ALL AROUND TIRE, $1,254.57; 62191- BANYON DATA SYSTEM, $2,520.00; 62192- BRENNAN CO., $15,890.00; 62193- BROSZ ENGINEERING, $23,872.50; 62194- CARDMEMBER SERVICES, $1,253.96; 62195- CONSOLIDATED, $481.19; 62196-CREATIVE ENERGY, $2,381.11; 62197- FISHER SAND & GRAVEL, $1,093.92; 62198- GERRY’S PLUMBING, $3,135.00; 62199- HLEBECHUK CONST., $1,616.00; 62200- HUTZ’S WELDING SERVICE, $166.02; 62201- INTERSTATE ENGINEERING, $103,181.74; 62202- JK EXCAVATION & CONST., $50,850.00; 62203- LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT, $48.67; 62204- LOGO MAGIC, $151.00; 62205- MACKOFF KELLOGG LAW FIRM, $2,695.00; 62206 MGM, $9,613.00; 62207- NAPA, $335.24; 62208- ND ENERGY SERVICES, $540.00; 62209- RAILROAD MGMT. CO., $689.43; 62210- RECORD KEEPERS, $46.00; 62211- RURAL DEV. FINANCE, $8,008.40; 62212- SACKMAN ELECTRIC, $252.50; 62213- STOPPLEWORTH & SONS, $244.00; 62214- SUMMIT FIRE PROTECTION., $688.26; 62215- BADLANDS INTERGRITY, $100.00; 61346E- REVTRAK, $409.92; 61345E- VIVINT, $142.96; 61340E- NDPERS, $162.50; 61344E- NDPERS, $162.50; 61349E- NDPERS, $162.50; 61341E- NDPERS, $5,392.15; 61342E- NDPERS, $2,584.85; 61339E- INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $1,920.65; 61343E- INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,253.34; 61350E- INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,224.99; 502284E- BIWEEKLY ACH, $4,959.65; 502289E- BIWEEKLY ACH, $5,599.04; 502293E- BIWEEKLY ACH, $5,475.40; TOTAL $335,126.52 Engineers Reports Brosz Engineering A. DWSRF 12” Transmission Line B. DWSRF Water Main/Gate Valve C. East Lift Station D. TAP Sidewalk Design E. Preliminary Street Assessment: Discussion, Mayor Iverson will reach out to Jon to move forward with this. Motion to approve Brosz Engineering to move forward with the city street inspection report and bring to the next meeting. (Braun/Northrop) All in favor. Motion to accept Brosz Engineering Report with additions (Decker/Northrop) All in favor. Stark County Sheriff’s Report: Not Present Discussion: Request the hours report again and would like to clarify the zone Motion to accept Stark County Sherriff’s Report (Decker/Braun) All in favor. Attorney’s Report A. Memorial Hall—Bryce Kephart—Discussion B. Updated Employee Handbook—Discussion i. Change adding ambulance/EMS personnel getting off work: Currently Fire Dep.t members are allowed to leave for emergencies within city limits changes to allow EMS to leave. ii. Employee sign a new copy Motion to accept the updated employee handbook as described (Braun/Decker) All in favor C. Interstate Engineering: Discussion Motion to pay Interstate Engineering in the amount of $103,181.74 (Braun/Northrop) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). D. Pocket Park Discussion Councilman Michels suggested the city keep the pocket park and bite the bullet this summer to complete. Need to look into the Easement with Dana Gross, need to get this to Attorney Fetch. Pavilion—Discussion: Run by Parks & Rec—Is there a lease will reach out to Beth, bring to next meeting E. Memorial Hall Lease Agreement: Discussion Change the rent for the building to $10,000.00/year, $5,000.00/6 months #4 Should read the city is responsible for snow and ice removal Need to clarify in the lease that it is the up floor only. Will have Attorney Fetch make the changes Motion to accept the lease with changes (Decker/Braun) All in favor. F. Parks & Rec. City Property Purchase/Discussion A. Will do a public listing 2 weeks which last publication 10 days prior to sale of property. Set a set price with option to raise the bid, city has the right to refuse any bid Tabled until next meeting and have information from Stark County G. Purchase of house upon contingency of buying lot to the west: Discussion H. Stark County Bills-Insurance and Training: Discussion—Attorney Fetch will reach out to the State’s Attorney for clarification Motion to accept the Attorney’s Report (Decker/Northrop) All in favor. Public Works Report Streets: Discussion Keep communication in place with Jeff, Roger, and Connie with snow removal Mayor Iverson asked if contact had been made with Steve at the school, James will check but thinks Kevin talked to Steve James mentioned they will be starting at 5:00 in the morning to clean the emergency routes Councilman Decker said he will be in contact with Hlebechuk’ s to remove snow on the NW and SW sections of town. Look into putting some snow fence up by the baseball field on the west end i. Handicap in front of Post Office/ Move Current 5 min sign: Discussion Councilman Braun would like to make the most use for the most parties, the handicap sign will limit this, make it a 10 min. sign, and make it 24/7. Agreed upon by council to change the 2 signs to 10-minute parking and take the hours off. Would also like to visit with Lynell for her input ii. Snow removal schedule Would like to use the poster for snow removal procedures and post for the residents Will add the removal of vehicles and garbage containers when cleaning streets. Water/Sewer: Discussion i. Procedures: Mayor Iverson would like to see progress with this. Mayor Iverson will check with Medora to see if they have a procedure book Councilman Braun wants to document complications, troubleshooting procedures, diagrams and steps needed to do as well. James asked if they were to secure the building at the East lift station. Mayor Iverson said yes, they need to get some anchors the red heads and put four anchors on each side. Will need to spray foam over that once it is done. Equipment: Discussion Sand Truck the clutch is out. Councilman Michels said he had found a sand truck for $25,000.00 ( Det. 360 truck, sander, plow) Councilman Decker should reach out on this one tonight The board was in consensus to buy it Refuse/Inert Pile: Discussion i. Camper hasn’t been picked up from ND Surplus ii. Inert Pile Opening—Discussion—Post the inert pile will be closed until further notice New Business A. Burley’s Roughrider Liquor License Renewal Motion to approve the Burley’s Roughrider Liquor License renewal. (Northrop/Braun) All in favor. B. American Legion Post 144 Liquor License Renewal Motion to approve the Belfield American Legion Liquor license renewal. (Decker/Michels) All in favor. C. Rusty Rail Liquor License Renewal Motion to approve the Rusty Rail Liquor license renewal. (Michels/Decker) All in favor. D. Super Pumper Inc. Liquor License Renewal Motion to approve the Super Pumper Liquor license renewal. (Northrop/Decker) All in favor. E. Trappers Kettle Restaurant/ DBA Rendezvous Liquor License renewal Motion to approve the Trappers Kettle Restaurant/ DBA Rendezvous Liquor license renewal. (Decker/Michels) All in favor. F. Rendezvous Inc. DBA Rendezvous Lounge Liquor License Renewal Motion to approve the Rendezvous liquor license renewal. (Decker/Northrop) All in favor. G. Property Complaints—102 6th Ave. NW Connie will reach out and ask them to move anything parked outside the property line which is in line with the sign. H. West River Business Center Donation: Moved to the January meeting I. Southwest Water Rate Changes: Discussion—with look at it in January Unfinished Business: A. Beach Billboard Update: It is completed and up B. South Billboard Update Mayor Iverson said the changes have been made and will have Sure Signs and Vision Signs asked for quotes as well. Committee Reports: Auditor’s Report: Council Michels questioned the K-9 transfer, was explained anything paid to Stark Co. for the K-9 is transferred out of the K-9 Savings Account. Training charges were paid previously Council Michels requesting James and Kevin to write on the bills what they are purchased for so can be coded to correct fund. Napa needs work. Motion to accept the Auditor’s report (Michels/Decker) All in favor. Personnel: i. Communication: Mayor Iverson wants to see public works to let the office know what is happening so the auditor can receive the calls but pass on the information. Any information we can get to her office will help out. Have a group text of Roger and Connie Mayor Iverson passed on when city employees help with towing that the are protected under the Good Somaritan Law but never attach the chain, rope, cable, etc. it must be done by the person you are helping. Mayor Iverson would like this added to the employee handbook on towing for safety issues, liste we never attach the chain, rope, cable or etc. Economic Development: Councilman Michels reported he received an RFP for a Nutritional Supplement Co. that we should apply for, will work on this and get sent in by December 22,2022, feels would be a good Buildings: A. City Shop East shop windows have been installed, will come back this spring and do the roof and the gaps West shop all mold has been removed from East side and started to repair the tin on the roof on the East side B. Theater—All new doors on the north side, addition on backside has been fixed as well, new sweeps are being ordered for the bottom of the main entrance south side doors C. Memorial Hall—Western Edge has completed the repairs for the water leak, water gutter on the north side has been tacked back on. Gerry’s Plumbing has replaced the water heater and some plumbing. NDIRF has paid $3,950.00 for the water damage. Miscellaneous: A. NDIRF—Water Tower Ins.—Update—FYI insurance was denied Being no further business, Councilman Braun, made a motion for adjournment at 6:47 pm with the next regular city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 10th, 2022, 5:00pm. (Braun/Michels) (Unanimous) ATTEST: Jeff Iverson, Mayor Connie O’Brien, Auditor (Dec. 21, 2022) 131972