BELFIELD CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING Tuesday, January 10th, 2023 – 5:00 pm City Hall – 208 Main Street North Unapproved The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM (MT) by Mayor Jeff Iverson, Council Members Kyle Michels, Brett Northrop, Edward Braun, Roger Decker present, and Attorney Fetch present. Members of the audience included James Baughman, City Employee, Eldon Mehrer, Stark County Sherriff’s Department, Richard Zacher, Parks and Rec., Diane Buckman, Resident, Cory Lee, Sheriff Stark County Move to accept the amended agenda. To move New Business C after the Attorney’s Report (Decker/Braun) All in favor. Move to approve the December 13th, 2022, meeting minutes. (Braun/Northrop) All in favor. The Council reviewed and approved the December 2022 financial statement. Councilman Michels asked about the sales tax revenue in the negative Discussion: Councilman Braun would like to point out the city collected more in 2022 then what was spent. (Braun/Decker) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). The Council approved the following audit bills for December 2022 with additions. Discussion: Mayor Iverson was the Butler bill for the cutting edges Councilman Braun asked about the music licenses, Auditor O’Brien said there are three the city must have to play any music for city events. (Decker/Braun) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). 62189- THOMAS HARRIS, $16,000.00; 62216- ADVANCED BUSINESS METHODS, $262.03; 62217- BELFIELD AMBULANCE, $377.50; 62218- BELFIELD FIRE DEPARTMENT, $1,132.49; 62219- BELFIELD PARK DISTRICT, $4,808.69; 62220- BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD, $334.80; 62221- CENTURYLINK, $153.02; 62222- MDU, $8,998.21; 62223- NAOMI URBAN, $629.16; 62224- ND LEAGUE OF CITIES, $140.00; 62225- ND ONE CALL, $250.00; 62226- PURCHASE POWER, $42.79; 62227- SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER, $377.50; 62228- SOUTHWEST WATER AUTHORITY, $16,174.32; 62228- VERIZON, $200.82; 62230- ALL AROUND TIRE, $1,407.70; 62231- ARMOR INTERACTIVE, $1,043.77; 62232-ASCAP, $420.00; 62234- BILLINGS COUNTY, $1,036.00; 62235- BNSF RAILWAY CO., $173.03; 62236- BROSZ ENGINEERING, $12,262.50; 62237- BUTLER MACHINERY, $417.89; 62238- CAPFIRST, $23,302.00; 62239- CARDMEMBER SERVICES, $674.62; 62240- COLLIERS SECURITIES, $300.00; 62241- CONSOLIDATED, $546.95; 62242-CREATIVE ENERGY, $2,690.63; 62243-DAKOTA PUMP & CONTROL, $23,475.00; 62244-FERGUSON, $152.18; 62245- FISHER SAND & GRAVEL, $1,248.29; 62246- FORUM COMMINICATIONS, $302.61; 62247- HLEBECHUK CONST., $7,726.00; 62248- LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT, $50.27; 62249- MACKOFF KELLOGG LAW FIRM, $2,500.00; 62250- NAPA, $1,494.37; 62251- NEWMAN SIGNS, $995.00; 62252- OFFICE OF STATE AUDITOR., $340.00; 62253- RAILROAD MGMT. CO., $689.43; 62253- ROUGHRIDER ELECTRIC, $30.00; 62254- SACKMAN ELECTRIC, $842.30; 62255- SESAC, $553.00; 62256- SOUTHWEST NARCOTICS TASK FORCE, $8,000.00; 62257- SOUTHWESTERN DISTRICT HEALTH., $40.00; 62258- STARK COUNTY AUDITOR, $17,800.00; 62259- STARK COUNTY RECORDER, $40.00; 62260- STOPPLEWORTH & SONS, $2,106.50; 62261- THEODORE ROOSEVELT EXPRESSWAY, $500.00; 62262 MGM, $9,613.00; 3815- ROGER DECKER, $413.36; 3816- JEFF IVERSON, $458.22; 3817- KYLE MICHELS, $415.57; 61357E- REVTRAK, $224.68; 61356E- VIVINT, $142.96; 61353E- NDPERS, $162.50; 61355E- NDPERS, $162.50; 61359E- NDPERS, $162.50; 61352E- NDPERS, $5,392.15; 61351E- NDPERS, $1,927.10; 61354E- INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,104.61; 61358E- INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,909.96; 502298E- BIWEEKLY ACH, $5,518.74; 502302E- BIWEEKLY ACH, $6,199.32; TOTAL $213,648.44 Engineers Reports Brosz Engineering A. East Lift Station Update—Waiting on the pumps, new ship date is early February. B. TAP Sidewalk Design Update—Nothing to report. C. Preliminary Street Assessment Update—Estimate will be at the February 14th meeting Motion to approve Brosz Engineering report. (Braun/Michels) All in favor. Stark County Sheriff’s Report: Eldon Mehrer covered the 70 service calls and 148.5 hours were spent in Belfield for the month of December. Cory Lee mentioned to keep in mind the hours are an estimate equipment has not been perfected yet. K-9 insurance bill has been paid by Stark County Discussion: Councilman Michels asked what is considered the GEO Fence for Belfield? Eldon Mehrer responded they are in the process of fine tuning this system for Belfield; West zone is west of 116th. Mayor Iverson asked what South Heart and Richardton pay, little, or a lot less do you have contracts with them? Cory Lee responded they have a vague contract which if a complaint or parking issue comes in, we will get there when we can, there is no patrol time. South Heart gave us their car, versus Belfield you want a regiment amount of patrol time, and ordinances taken care of. Councilman Michels asked if they could patrol more around school, complaints of people parking in the crosswalks as kids are coming out of the school at 3-3:15 and the kids can’t see and are running out in front of cars. Motion to accept Stark County Sherriff’s Report (Braun/Northrop) All in favor. Attorney’s Report A. Memorial Hall—Bryce Kephart—Discussion the return of funds is in a holding pattern. B. Updated Employee Handbook—Discussion Page 35 is the only change adding emergency medical services and have the employees sign the updated copy handbook form. C. Memorial Hall Lease Agreement—Discussion The Legion has a contract in place already and want to leave this one in place as is. We are covered as far as it goes. Mayor Iverson said they were vague when talked to Dave and how we made that change for the twice a month rent and haven’t heard back from them and if they want to make any changes for right now, its good the way it stands. D. Parks and Rec. City Property Purchase—Discussion Richard Zacher said the Park Board is interested in the property for a minimum cost not sure what condition it is in, if enter an agreement we want to have an inspection of the property and assume the cost with the history of the property we don’t want to introduce anyone to a bad environment. We would be interested in purchasing it at city cost. Councilman Braun did it come out of the flood plain? Mayor Iverson asked what the interest is for the Park Board for a playground? Richard said if big enough for a meeting room and a place for their secretary to work out of and get all their records in one spot. Richard asked if the city would donate the property to them? Mayor Iverson first thing we need to do is purchase this ourselves and talk about it at the next meeting. Attorney Fetch you would have to list it and do it as a sealed bid or do it private at a cost. Mayor Iverson but we could donate it. Attorney Fetch let me look into this. E. K-9 issues—Taken care of Motion to accept the Attorney’s Report (Braun/Michels) All in favor Building Purchase Discussion—Jim Kessel Moved up from New Business item C. Mayor Iverson-NDIRF will insure it as is but will want pictures, if update it will have to take more pictures. Councilman Decker some issues: 1 zoning, floor heating, insulating, more doors added. Plus, side rafters are very strong, guessing we will have 500 in that building. Mayor Iverson would like to set up a meeting with Roger Volesky and Mel Zent who have the knowledge to review the avenues. We need to make sure it fits our needs before we make our offer. Public Works Report Streets: Discussion Councilman Decker has asked Public Works employees to fix or replace signs that need attention. Asked about putting up a free-standing snow fence at the Ball Diamond or slats in the fence from North side to the West to catch the snow onto the field. Richard Zacher said it is doable as well as it is free standing and if the city is willing to help with the removal of the snow. Need to attend to the street this spring by St. Johns Church where water loss was recorded with Ward. It seems to be sinking. i. Current 10 min Sign Update—Discussion 15-minute parking signs ordered, Councilman Braun asked Stark County if there is a problem enforcing this. ii. Garbage Routes Would like to notify residents of possible placing their garbage containers on street vs the alley on 4th Ave. SW Identify the problem areas and reach out to the residents. Councilman Northrop will print out a map and highlight the residents that are in this area. Water/Sewer: Discussion of water leak on 3rd St. NW i. Auditor gave a list to show what needs to be done on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis to councilman and public works. Still need to get procedures completed. Water:—Discussion Councilman Braun a loss of $1200 but this includes the three water leaks etc. Want to keep a watch on this may have to increase the rate due to SW Water increase. Councilman Michels, we need to really look into this Dickinson is at $6 something and Medora just increased theirs to 6.45 and we are $10.00. Equipment: Discussion James asked if it was possible to get a walk behind snow blower for the bridges and walking path, will look into this with the Workforce safety as a safety issue. Different sand truck was purchased for $16,000 vs the $25,000 they were asking for. Have the transmission looked into. Needs to be serviced, James was asked to get this done, and call to see what the turn around is for the transmission or wait until spring if we can. Councilman Decker—Fire Department may have a truck we can get to put the sander on for a better truck. I wouldn’t look at putting too much money into this new sander. We bought this sand truck for the equipment. Refuse/Inert Pile: Discussion Will go back to the normal winter operations, open the first and third Saturdays of the month as long as the weather stays. New Business A. Parcel 46-0001-06131-000 Purchase from Stark County Motion to purchase Parcel 46-0001-06131-000 Purchase from Stark County (Decker/Braun) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). B. Parcel 46-0001-06353-000 Purchase from Stark County—Discussion three blocks west of the Fire Hall Motion to purchase Parcel 46-0001-06353-000 Purchase from Stark County (Braun/Decker) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). Councilman Braun, can we get a map in the next packet what lots we just purchased. C. Building Purchase Discussion—Jim Kessel—Moved under the Attorney’s report. D. Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Membership Motion to approve the membership for $500.00 to the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway (Michels/Northrop) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). Unfinished Business: A. Belfield Park Board Water Tap—Discussion Council concerns of reduced pressure, and rate 40-50 gal/minute usage to the fields vs what the city receives coming in, 80 gal/minute. Concern of the AC pipe fluctuation and pressure along with six toilets as well. Richard is to reach out to the city engineer and let them know what the plans are to verify there will be no issues with the water system so we can both achieve what needs to be done. Committee Reports: Auditor’s Report: Motion to accept the Auditor’s report. Discussion Councilman Braun asked if the credit card fees are we compensated for this or does the city eat that? Auditor O’Brien explained we pay for it, but the residents are charged for the fees when they go online and pay their water bills. (Michels/Northrop) All in favor. Personnel: Nothing to report Economic Development: Councilman Michels reported the RFP for a Nutritional Supplement Co. has been submitted USDA Grant available for computer, job training and small business training for the community and hire someone which might be our best option. Would you like to pursue or bypass this one and look for other ones. Would be for the city to hire someone with Economic Development. Councilman Bruan asked how many businesses do we have collecting sales tax? Do we put out a survey? Auditor O’Brien reports she doesn’t see where the sales tax comes from only a lump sum. Mayor Iverson would like to set up a meeting with Ray Ann, Jeff and Kyle and give some more information to us. Buildings: A. PD- Councilman Michels would like to see the snow pile moved between the old PD and John’s Bar, so it doesn’t leak into the basement of the PD when it melts. B. Theater—Auditor O’Brien asked if public works could clean the snow by the dumpster at the theater so it can be moved back towards the building instead of in the middle of the alley. James asked if a work order could be sent to them. Miscellaneous: A. Narcotics Task Order Membership—was missed under the Sherriff’s Report—Discussion Mayor Iverson asked Auditor O’Brien to reach out and ask if someone could attend the February meeting to explain what we are getting for the $8000.00 Motion to pay the $8.000.00 for the membership. (Decker/Northrop) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). Being no further business, Councilman Northrop, made a motion for adjournment at 6:24 pm with the next regular city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 14th, 2023, 5:00pm. (Northrop/Braun) (Unanimous) ATTEST: __________________ Jeff Iverson, Mayor __________________ Connie O’Brien, Auditor (Feb. 8, 2023) 190318