BELFIELD CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING Tuesday, February 14th, 2023 – 5:00 pm City Hall – 208 Main Street North Unapproved The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM (MT) by Mayor Jeff Iverson, Council Members Kyle Michels, Brett Northrop, Edward Braun, Roger Decker present, and Attorney Fetch via phone. Members of the audience included Kevin Anderson, City Employee, Eldon Mehrer, Stark County Sherriff’s Department, Trey Meirer, SW Narcotics Task Force, Mel Zent, Kevin Hushka, Zoning Board, Diane Buckman, Aaron Yourk, Resident, Move to accept the amended agenda. Move New Business A to the March meeting. (Decker/Northrop) All in favor. Move to approve the January 10th, 2023, meeting minutes. (Braun/Michels) All in favor. The Council reviewed and approved the January 2023 financial statement with correction. Discussion: Councilman Michels would like to move the expenditures from sewer fund to the capital improvement fund. Will make changes for next meeting. (Braun/Decker) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). The Council approved the following audit bills for January 2023 with additions. Discussion: Councilman Braun asked for an explanation for the park boards revenue share. Auditor O’Brien explained they get 13% of what the city receives from the state revenue share. (Decker/Braun) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). 62263- ARMOR INTERACTIVE, $1,043.77; 62264- BEK CONSULTING, $316,882.74; 62265- BELFIELD AMBULANCE, $418.14; 62266- BELFIELD FIRE DEPARTMENT, $1,254.43; 62267- BELFIELD PARK DISTRICT, $5,144.05; 62268- BLUE CROSS BLUE SHIELD, $334.80; 62269- CENTURYLINK, $137.52; 62270- FORUM COMMINICATIONS, $384.04; 62271- MDU, $7893.90; 62272- SURPLUS PROPERTY, $16,500.00; 628028- VERIZON, $200.94; 62282- BROSZ ENGINEERING, $13,142.50; 62283- CARDMEMBER SERVICES, $595.92; 62284- CIVIC PLUS, $2,110.65; 62285- CAN SURETY DIRECT, $50.00; 62286- CONSOLIDATED, $545.33; 62287-CREATIVE ENERGY, $2,282.67; 62289-ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY, $8,047.00; 62290-FERGUSON, $42.35; 62291- FISHER SAND & GRAVEL, $2,429.07; 62292- GERRY’S PLUMBING, $1,435.00; 62293- JK EXCAVATION, $2,500.00; 62294- LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT, $50.85; 62295- MACKOFF KELLOGG LAW FIRM, $2,555.50; 62296- MDU, $9.99; 62297- MGM, $9,815.48.00; 62298- NAPA, $266.35; 62299- NEWMAN SIGNS, $995.00; 62300- NORTHWEST TIRE, $434.84; 62301- RECORD KEEPERS, $46.00; 62302- SOUTHWEST GRAIN, $26.82; 62303- STARK COUNTY AUDITOR, $2,500.00; 62304- STARK COUNTY SHERIFF, $142.00; 62305- WEST PLAINS, $408.82; 62306- ALEXIUS MEYER, $93.52; 62307- WSI, $513.84; 61366E- REVTRAK, $423.79; 61367E- VIVINT, $142.96; 61360E- NDPERS, $162.50; 61365E- NDPERS, $162.50; 61368E- ND STATE TAX COMM,, $610.36; 61361E- NDPERS, $5,392.15; 61362E- NDPERS, $1,891.26; 61363E- INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $1,852.30; 61364E- INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $1,966.08; 502306E- BIWEEKLY ACH, $4,951.42; 502311E- BIWEEKLY ACH, $5,144.82; TOTAL $460,862.84. Engineers Reports Brosz Engineering A. East Lift Station Update—Discussion: Start up February 22nd. Mayor Iverson, Councilman Braun, Kevin, and James will partake in the startup. Will get a 1000-gal. propane tank to place out there. Motion to approve Brosz Engineering report. (Braun/Michels) All in favor. Change Order #2 Motion to approve and have Mayor Iverson sign change order #2 for extension of time due to pumps coming later. (Braun/Michels) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). Task Order No. 1-2023. Motion to approve Mayor Iverson to sign Task Order No. 1-2023, Belfield Street Assessment (Braun/Decker) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). B. TAP Sidewalk Design Update—Discussion Guideline to be moved, move fire hydrant around the corner, and look at the drainage culverts, with the safe route to school this would be the time to fix all of that. Discussion: Councilman Braun asked if all the Interstate Engineering Reports from Pipe Detectives has that been turned over to Brosz Engineering, what we have has been given to Brosz. Stark County Sheriff’s Report: Eldon Mehrer covered the 200 service calls and 256.75 hours were spent in Belfield for the month of January. Motion to accept Stark County Sherriff’s Report (Braun/Michels) All in favor. Attorney’s Report A. Memorial Hall—Bryce Kephart—Discussion next on the list to get paid. B. Park Board Property—Discussion The city can’t donate the property to the Park Board . Will need to follow the procedure that the city has done in the past. Discussion: What the condition of the building is in. Property should be considered for snow removal and get a bid from Hlebechuk’s to tear it down. Will need to reach out to Total Control to do the abatement for asbestos. Motion to accept the Attorney’s Report (Braun/Northrop) All in favor Public Works Report Streets: Discussion i. Current 10 min Sign Update—New 15-minute signs are up. Crack sealer and chip sealer ready. Mayor Iverson—Material we will get from Stark County when they start up, will reach out to Randy. 6th St. NE and 4th, that intersection is sinking bad. Councilman Decker—drainage issues west of theater, over by Kevin’s Auto, possible bore put pipe in to drain, and north main get this fixed this summer. Street on the South got mushy, will watch once it dries out otherwise will need to get some oil on them. Water/Sewer: Discussion of water leak on 3rd St. NW This spring need to address some fire hydrants. Brosz is looking at the feed from the water tower and putting in another loop, so we aren’t isolating everybody when we have certain breaks in town. i. Procedures update: Discussion Councilman Braun—Kevin you need to start by identifying what procedures we need. 1. Operating the water tower, 2. How to sweep the sewer system, 3. how to flush with water system, 4. Different tasks you do that aren’t a regular routine. ii. Certification—Discussion Kevin will attend a training in March needs 12 credits to be fully certified annually. James can start certification in August. Kevin Hushka asked if the top of the new hydrant on 2nd if the 5” could be turned to face the street. Equipment: Got the camper, needs to be serviced and cleaned when there is time. Need to get some of the non-used vehicles removed from the streets. Refuse/Inert Pile: Nothing to report. New Business A. West River Business Center Donation—Moved to March meeting. B. Zoning Book/City Codes published for 2nd and final reading.— Had first reading last year, trying to get it back on track. Discussion. Downtown District leave height restrictions as is. Anything over three stories restriction become stricter. Set Back at 0 for Downtown District Connex—residential will need a conditional use permit and is temporary. Neighbors have to be notified and can voice their opinion at the city meeting. Shed under 200 sq. ft. doesn’t require a building permit but still falls under the zoning code for the setback rules. Motion to approve the 2nd reading of the Zoning Book/City Codes (Decker/Michels) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). C. Compensation for Codebooks and Continuing Education—Mel Zent Motion to pay the $645.81 to Mell Zent Discussion: Councilman Braun asked Mel to explain he charges for the building permits. Mel explained he follows tables consisting of a sq. footage factor, and the valuation. Where it falls on in that table is where the charge is going to be. Administration fees are added to this too. First $5000.00 a basic fee is used for $125.00/inspection. A permit can be explained with Councilman Braun when he is ready. (Decker/Michels) (Michels-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Decker-Yes, Iverson-Yes). D. Belfield/South Heart Consolidated Channel 97—Discussion—Councilman Michels would like to keep the channel. E. AARP Community Challenge Grant—Discussion Grant can be used for the Pocket Park, Theater, Pavilion, Walking Path. March 15th is the deadline. Does the council have any other ideas. If council is good with this, I will move forward with the pocket park. Unfinished Business: A. Belfield Park Board Water Tap-Nothing to Report B. City Purchase—Parcel 46-0001-06131-000, Parcel 46-0001-06353-000 map—Discussion Sell Parcel 46-0001-06353-000 and reach out to Total Control to do abatement on parcel 46-0001-06131-000 to tear down. Motion to advertise to sell Parcel 46-0001-06353-000 (Decker/Braun) All in Favor. C. Building Purchase—Jim Kessel— Discussion Motion to wait on the purchase of building, is not in budget for this year. (Decker/Braun) All in Favor. D. Southwest Narcotics Task Force Representative—Trey Weirer Trey gave a brief explanation what the funds received are used for, 1. To pay matches for state and federal grants that are awarded to the Task Force. 2. Partial pay for additional position that they have. Committee Reports: Auditor’s Report: Motion to accept the Auditor’s report. Discussion: Councilman Michels asked what we have for outstanding water bills and amounts. Auditor O’Brien explained there are several larger bills but there are several payments coming from Community Action that I have had notices for. (Braun/Decker) All in favor. Personnel: Nothing to report Auditor O’Brien asked if she could attend the Spring Workshop along with a budget training in Bismarck March 21-22. Was approved. Would like to re-advertise for the Deputy Auditors position. Economic Development: Vistied with the Developer for North side of the Interstate last week they are still interested in pushing things forward out there, contingient on if the oil facility gets built or not. Did put them to look into other options and try to find businesses to move out there, so they are going to do some checking and see what they could find out. Councilman Michels and Mayor Iverson met with Dept. of Commerce—how to grow downtown and the busineeses within our communtiy and to improve the community in general to draw more people into town. They have some good ideas of how to sell our community. Councilman Michels would like to create an Ecomomic Community Development Committee to move forward with some of the ideas. Michels and Iverson will be sitting in on a Community Developer webinar for more ideas on how to improve on the garnts, states funding and when the RFP’s come out how to properlly fill them out. Councilman Michels would like to get a new facebook page going and push positive items for Belfield, Need to update the Webpage as well. Buildings/ Grounds: A. West city shop the roof is being re tined, the East side they have half done. The South side is done should be working on the North side. Councilman Michels would like to put a Pocket Park Committee together to figure out a plan and apply for some grants to finish Pocket Park this summer. B. Possible River Project Residents have asked what the plan is for the river? Are we going to continue the river clean up through town or stop. This is something Michels would like the council to think about for the next meeting. Mayor Iverson this may be something we can find in the grant finder for grants. Have a SW Grant that can be used to purchase equipment, programs, maintenance or operations of facility. Will fit into street, sidewalks, pocket park, theater, this one is due March 17th. Should go after this grant as well. Simple application. I will have the theater committee look into this one. Might be for sidewalk on the West side of the building or equipment. Miscellaneous: A. Interstate Letter—FYI this completes the issues. Being no further business, Councilman Northrop, made a motion for adjournment at 6:38 pm with the next regular city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 14th, 2023, 5:00pm. (Braun/Decker) (Unanimous) ATTEST: Jeff Iverson, Mayor Connie O’Brien, Auditor (March 1, 2023) 198664