BELFIELD CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING Tuesday, January 11th, 2022 – 5:00 pm City Hall – 208 Main Street North Unapproved The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM (MT) by Mayor, Marriann Mross, Council Members Bruce Baer, Pamela Gross, Edward Braun, Brett Northrop, and Attorney Kuntz present. Members of the audience included Kevin Anderson, City Employee, Lonni Fleck, Matt Jacobson, Interstate Engineering, Eldon Mehrer, Stark County Sherriff Department, Mel Zent, City Building Inspector, Irvin Buckman, Belfield American Legion, Kevin Hushka, Zoning Board, Carla Arthaud, Stark County Commission, Diana Buckman, Residents, Shane Kessel, Dillon Reis, Reese Hugelen, Belfield High School Students. Move to accept the agenda as corrected. (Baer/Braun) All in favor. Move to approve the December 14th, 2021, minutes. (Baer/Northrop) All in favor. The Council reviewed and approved the December 2021 financial statement. (Baer/Gross) (Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes, Gross-Yes, Mross-Yes, Northrop-Yes). The Council approved the following audit bills with additions for December 2021. (Braun/Gross) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes). 61751- ADVANCED BUSINESS METHODS, $486.39; 61752- BELFIELD AMBULANCE, $400.03; 61753- BELFIELD FIRE DEPARTMENT, $1,200.10; 61754- BELFIELD PARK DISTRICT, $5,043.79; 61755- BILLINGS COUNTY- $30,833.33; 61756- BLUECROSS BLUESHIELD OF ND, $317.70; 61757- BNSF RAILWAY COMPANY, $167.99; 61758- CAPFIRST EQUIPMENT FINANCE, $23,302.00; 61759- CENTURYLINK, $284.30; 61760- FORUM COMMUNICATIONS, $303.38; 61761- MDU, $8,066.80; 61762- NAOMI URBAN, $629.16; 61763- NEWMAN OUTDOOR ADVERTISING, $510.00; 61764- SENIOR CITIZENS CENTER, $400.03; 61765- SOUTHWEST WATER AUTHORITY, $9,671.62; 61766- STARK COUNTY AUDITOR, $17,333.33; 61767- VERIZON, $201.30; 61771- ALL AROUND TIRE AND OIL, $1,177.49; 61772- ARMOR INTERACTIVE, $1,163.01; 61773- ASCAP, $390.00; 61774- BROSZ ENGINEERING, INC., $2,380.00; 61775- BUTLER MACHINERY, $440.60; 61776- COLLIERS SECURITIES, $350.00; 61777- CONSOLIDATED, $550.16; 61778- CREATIVE ENERGY, $601.99; 61779- DON’S FILTERS AND FURNACE, $409.21; 61780- FERGUSON ENTERPRISES, $605.22; 61781- FISHER SAND & GRAVEL, $1,228.08; 61782- LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT INC., $94.48; 61783- MGM RURAL SANITATION LLC, $8,685.51; 61784- NAPA, $706.08; 61785- RECORD KEEPERS, $42.00; 61786- RICHARD ZACHER, $39.64; 61787- SESAC, $513.00; 61788- SOUTHWEST NARCOTICS TASK FORCE, $8,000.00; 61789- STEPHEN BYRNE, $264.47; 61790- THEODORE ROOSEVELT EXPRESSWAY, $500.00; 61791- CARDMEMBER SERVICE, $832.12; 61792- ROUGHRIDER ELECTRIC, $146.86; 3794- BRUCE BAER, $692.62; 3795- ROGER DECKER, $146.95; 3796- KEVIN HUSHKA, $146.95; 3797- DONALD JABLONSKY, $36.94; 3798- MARRIANN MROSS, $832.23; 3799- WALLACE MROSS, $146.95; 3800- BRYCE WILSON, $73.88; 061239E- REVTRAK INC, $244.32; 061240E- VIVINT, $142.96; 061231E- NDPERS, $5,373.35; 061232E- NDPERS, $2,123.70; 061235E- NDPERS, $162.50; 061238E- NDPERS, $162.50; 061234E- INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,109.96; 061237E- INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,542.45; 502161E- Biweekly ACH $5,954.10; 502167E- Biweekly ACH $6,044.00; TOTAL $153,998.88 Stark County Sheriff’s Report: A. Drug Task Force Membership: Motion to pay the $8.000.00 for the 2022 membership to the Drug Task Force (Braun/Gross) (Baer-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Mross-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes). B. Vet Bill for Thor Reimburse Steve Byrne in the amount of $264.47 that he paid with his credit card out of the K-9 Savings account. Motion to accept the Stark County Sherriff’s Report (Gross/Baer) All in favor. Attorney’s Report A. Addendum Correction—Discussion Motion to approve the addendum with the removal of the 1870 badge to be given to Steve. (Baer/Gross) All in favor. Motion to accept the Attorney’s Report (Baer/Northrop) All in favor. Engineers Reports AE2S Engineering Interstate Engineering A. 1a. SRF Financing for 2022 Lift Stations Improvement—update 1b. Task order #2: Discussion Motion to authorize the Mayor and Auditor to sign the Task Order #2 and designate Edward Braun as representative for this task order with the 2.3 million application for the SRF. (Baer/Northrop) (Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes, Mross-Yes). B. Water, Sewer, Street, Storm Water Inventory 2 a. Consultant Statue and Costs Update—Discussion 2 b. Sewer Scanning—update 3. Rate information—Discussion C. Lift Station Funds-Discussion City may be able to come up with 1.1 million of the 2.3 million needed. Motion to approve Interstate Engineering Report (Baer/Braun) All in favor. Brosz Engineering A. ND Highway 85 project update—Will rebid in the Spring of 2022. Public Works Report. Streets: Discussion Water/Sewer: Discussion City Wells: Discussion Lift Stations Issues: Discussion Equipment: Discussion Motion to eliminate the part time position at the end of the next pay period until council deems necessary (Braun/Northrop) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-No, Mross-No). Refuse/Inert Pile A. Inert Pile Noncompliance-ND Environmental Quality Motion to order a Summer and Winter sign that covers all the required information. (Baer/Gross) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes). B. MGM Garbage Rate increase—Discussion Motion to increase the first garbage can to $19.00 and the second can to $9.50 (Gross, Northrop) Councilman Baer brought to a discussion Motion to table the garbage rate increase until next meeting and have auditor contact MGM to see what the new fee is going to be from them with the Dickinson Landfill rates. (Baer, Gross) All in favor. Motion to approve the public works report. (Northrop/Braun) All in favor. New Business A. MDU Street Lights—Discussion, Leave as is. B. MGM Rate increase due to City of Dickinson Landfill increase—Discussed in Refuse/Inert Pile C. Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Membership Motion to pay the Theodore Roosevelt Expressway $500.00 annual membership fee. (Baer/Northrop) (Mross-Yes, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes, Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes). Unfinished Business: A. Belfield Ambulance/Billings County Merger—Kyle—Moved to next month’s meeting B. Super Pumper Liquor License Explanation—Discussion Send a letter notifying and clarifying to Super Pumper the only approval by the council was for the off sale until a floor plan is presented by Super Pumper with the safeguards in place for the on-sale license. C. Lift Station Funds—Discussed under Interstate Engineering D. Zoning Board Recommendations—Discussion Motion to approve the zoning board changes as recommended with Attorney Kuntz and Mel Zent working through the new zoning ordinances and the city ordinances to make sure there is no conflicts. (Baer/Mross) (Northrop-No, Baer-Yes, Braun-No, Gross-Yes, Mross-Yes). Committee Reports: Auditor’s Report: Motion to accept the Auditor’s report (Baer/Braun) All in favor. Personnel: Discussion Communication, Personnal Policy—Hold a informational training meeting with employees and council members. City Worker Pay: Discussion Motion to give all city employees a 3½% cost of living increase effective next pay period. (Baer/Braun) (Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes). Economic Development: Discussion and look into promoting our community Building/Grounds: Discussion- Ideas and thoughts concerning city owned buildings Miscellaneous: A. Sales Tax/Heart River Project—Discussion Motion to have all entities, who receive sales tax from the city of Belfield requesting them for a three-year history on how the tax money has been spent and have it by the next meeting. (Baer/Braun) All in favor. Motion to accept the economic development and building/grounds report. (Braun/Gross) All in favor Being no further business, Councilman Baer made a motion for adjournment at 7:02 pm with the next regular city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, 5:00pm. (Baer/Northrop) (Unanimous) ATTEST: ______________ Marriann Mross, Mayor ______________ Connie O’Brien, Auditor (Jan. 26, 2022) 26060