BELFIELD CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING Tuesday January 12th, 2021 - 5 pm Belfield Theater - 113 1st Ave.

Tuesday January 12th, 2021 - 5 pm
Belfield Theater - 113 1st Ave. NW
The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM (MT) by Mayor Mross, with Council Members Brett Northrop, Pamela Gross, Bruce Baer, Edward Braun, and Attorney Sandra Kuntz (5:04p.m.).
Members of the audience included Chief Steve Byrne, Belfield Police Department, Holly Bloodsaw, Cory Lee, Stark County Sherriff Department, Steve Rude, AE2S Engineering, Kevin Anderson, City Employee, Kristen and Darin Dye, Larry Johnson, Linda Staudinger, Ruth Johnson, Hugh Hlebechuk, James Hoffman, Selena Bass, Frank Schaff, Kris Hastings, Melissa Grosz, Richard Zacher, Amber Koehler, Tanya Boltz, Ryan Hugelen, Breanna Haspert Belfield Residents, Jackie Jahfetson, The Dickinson Press
Move to approve the agenda with the addition of the lot for sale from Stark County.
(Baer/Gross) All in favor, Unanimous.
Move to approve the December 8th, 2020 regular meeting minutes.
(Baer/Braun) All in favor, Unanimous.
The Council reviewed and accepted the December 2020 financial statement.
(Baer/Northrop) (Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes, Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes).
The Council approved the following audit bills for December 2020 with the additional audit bills presented.
(Gross/Braun) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Mross-Yes, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes).
61295- Advanced Business Methods, $390.38: 61296- Belfield Ambulance, $402.50: 61297- Belfield Fire Department, $1,207.50: 61298- Belfield Park District, $4,024.99: 61299- BlueCross BlueShield of ND, $471.00: 61300- Forum Communications Comp, $270.90: 61301- MDU, $6,301.90: 61302- Naomi Urban, $804.16: 61303- Newman Outdoor Advertising, $510.00: 61304- Praxair Distribution, $92.74: 61305- Purchase Power, $201.00: 61306- Roughrider Electric, $30.00: 61307- Senior Citizens Center, $402.50: 61308- Southwest Water Authority, $9,307.70: 61309- Verizon Wireless, $405.28: 61310- All Around Tire and Oil, $73.50: 61311- Aramark, $344.58: 61312- Armor, $1,199.01: 61313- ASCAP, $367.00: 61314- BNSF Railway Company, $163.10: 61315- Brosz Engineering, $7,945.00: 61316- Capfirst Equipment Finance, $23,302.00: 61317- Cardmember Service, $1,644.55: 61318- Colliers Securities, LLC, $350.00: 61319- Consolidated, $666.29: 61320- Creative Energy, $190.36: 61321- Electronic Communications, $770.00: 61322- Information Technology Dept, $96.85: 61323- Interstate Engineering, $3,600.00: 61324- James Oil Well Service, $1,010.00: 61325- Kevin's Auto and Truck Repair, $61.95: 61326- Legal Edge Solutions PLLC, $3,907.50: 61327- Menards, $139.54: 61328- MGM Rural Sanitation, $8,328.54: 61329- NAPA Auto Parts, $601.10: 61330- NDACO Resources Group, $34.29: 61331- Pump Systems, $850.00: 61332- Record Keepers, $42.00: 61333- Sackman, $518.50: 61334- SBM, $104.39: 61335- SESAC, $242.00: 61336- Southwestern District Health Unit, $120.00: 61337- Swatson Equipment, $8,000.00: 61338- Theodore Roosevelt Expressway, $500.00: 61339- Western Edge Painting & Drywall, $875.00: 61340- Stark County Auditor, $1,154.43: 61341- ND One Call, $250.00: 61342- Rural Development Finance, $8,008.40: 061125E- RevTrak, Inc., $310.27: 061124E- Vivint, $142.96: 061119E- NDPERS, $187.50: 061121E- NDPERS, $187.50: 061122E- NDPERS, $3,806.15: 061123E- NDPERS, $0.01: 061117E- NDPERS, $7,866.69: 061118E- Internal Revenue Service, $3,407.88: 061120E- Internal Revenue Service, $3,650.56: 501989E- BiWeekly ACH, $6,829.78: 501995E- BiWeekly ACH, $7,367.52: 502000E- BiWeekly ACH, $7,062.09 Total- $134,039.25
Police Report:
A: Doug Rustan Vehicle Update:
Motion for Steve to move forward to have the vehicle towed with a courtesy call to Mr. Rustan to notify him of our intent. (Braun/Baer) (Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes, Gross-No, Northrop-Yes).
Doug Rustan Property Debris Update: Motion to hire Hlebechuk Construction to clean up the lot.(Baer/Braun) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Mross-No, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes).
B: Mobile Radio Unit Update
C: PD Bathroom Update: Is Completed
D: K-9 Thor
i: Hernia Surgery Update
Ii: Mortality Insurance Update
E: OneOk awarded $750.00 for PD Roof Replacement
F: Red Rock quotes for the two 2014 police vehicles
G: Attended Semination Training with Stark County Sheriff's Office at the old St. Joe's Hospital building
H: Law Enforcement Training Academy in Bismarck dates for 2021
I: Resident discharging a firearm-Update
J: Fire Hydrant Update: There is a court date set.
K: Voluntary Reserve Officer: Discussion
Motion to accept the Belfield Police Department report. (Baer/Northrop) All in favor, Unanimous.
Stark County Sheriff's Report:
Holly reported 64 service calls in December nothing significant.
Motion to accept the Stark County Sheriff's report. (Baer/Northrop) All in favor, Unanimous.
Attorney's Report:
Educational piece of information for being an officer, employees and as an elected official to the community.
Cameras as council discretionary
Fund Accounting to record as they occur.
Motion to accept the Attorney's Report. (Mross/Baer) All in favor, Unanimous.
Engineers Reports:
AE2S Engineering: Nothing to Report.
Interstate Engineering: Nothing to Report.
Brosz Engineering Inc.Nothing to Report.
Public Works Report
Streets: Discussion to move forward with concrete crushing from Hlebechuk Construction
Water/Sewer: Discussion
a: Lift Stations: Discussion
b: Pump for lift station-We don't have a backup on the shelf.
c: Pump System Mayor Mross is concerned as to why costs are so high is the routine maintenance being done on the pumps.
d: Water expenses vs water revenue tracking,
Councilman Braun-need to watch closely and possibly put on the agenda for next month. Profit is about $15,000 for the year.
Move to purchase the 2018 Marathon KEB260T Hot Asphalt Kettle/Trailer for $8000.00 (Baer/Braun) (Gross-Yes, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Mross-Yes).
a: Abuse of garbage dumpsters: This is a theft of services and should be turned over to the police department.
b: ND Environmental Quality-Belfield PBR Inert Waste Landfill Report
c: MGM rates per year-put on the February agenda.
Motion to increase the refuge charge from 18.00 to $18.50 and the extra container charge to 9.50 effective on the next billing month.
(Mross Attorney Kuntz there is not proper notice so it would be appropriate to put on the next meeting agenda
d: Garbage fund loses money every month.
Auditor O'Brien will look into the 7500.00 for last month costs will make a journal entry to remove the Weigum clean up to the General Fund.
e: Garbage Truck-
Council Baer will research the insurance and cost to this.
Councilwoman Gross would like to try it through the winter months as the garbage is losing money would like to try to make up some costs by using the garbage truck.
New Business
A. Colliers Securities LLC-Disclosure Service for the City of Belfield
Councilman Baer this report is required for our street bond to show the city is able to pay the bond.
Motion to pay $350.00 to Colliers to continue the disclosure service. (Baer/Northrop) (Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes, Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes).
B. NDDEQ-Abondoned Funds-Tabled
Auditor O'Brien will reach out and get more information on this program.
C. North Dakota Rural Water Renewal
Motion to approve the $180.00 membership renewal for the North Dakota Rural Water. (Baer/Braun) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Mross-Yes, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes).
D. Ice Barrier Requirements-Table R301.2-Discussion Auditor O'Brien is to reach out to Mel Zent to complete
E. Park Board Meeting Room
Councilman Baer I think they are looking more for an office then a meeting room.
Councilman Baer will work with Kevin to look at space.
F. Vision West Foundation-Pledge/Donation
Motion to not participate. (Baer/Braun) (Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes, Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes).
G. Rath & Mehrer Audit for 2020
Motion to enter the agreement for the audit 2020 in the amount not to exceed $6500.00 with Rath & Mehrer.
(Baer/Gross) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Mross-Yes, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes).
H. Theodore Roosevelt Expressway Membership Pledge--Update
Motion to approve the $500.00 membership. (Baer/Northrop) (Mross-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Baer-Yes).
I. Heart River Control Study-Discussion Councilman Baer believes there is no expenditures to send in and what the benefit to the city was to do this.
Unfinished Business
A. Water main break on 3rd St.--Tabled
Councilman Braun will visit with Jon Brosz about the cost and options.
B. Ordinances: Auditor O'Brien will check time and dates with zoning board members to set up a working meeting.
C. Lift Stations: Discussed in Public Works
D. K-9 Training/Wages from K-9 Account-Discussion Bruce and Connie will look into the wages of the part time officer and sit down with Steve and bring to the next meeting.
E. Belfield City/Stark County Sheriff's Office Collaboration-Discussion
Councilman Baer would like to see an agreement with Stark County and then hold a Special Meeting or a Zoom Meeting before we move forward.
Councilman Braun would be interested to see questions or comments from the residents.
Committee Reports:
Auditor's Report:
Personnel: Nothing to report
Economic Development: Councilman Baer has been getting information through the bank that he has been passing on to the businesses that they apply to
Had a meeting with Meridian is going to move forward, more to come plan on making some announcements that may help the city out.
A. City Lots For Sale-Update: Council Baer will work on the advertisement for the paper now that we have the new city lot that has come up for the tax sale from Stark County.
B. Lot for Sale: Discussion
Motion to purchase Lot 11 Block 21 of O'Connor's Addition from Stark County to lot for $1154.43 which includes the recording fee. (Baer/Braun) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Mross-Yes, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes).
A: Dakota Pump & Control-FYI
B: Stark County Spirit of Excellence-FYI Mayor Mross- if you know anyone whom you want to nominate for this please do.
C: Drinking Water Program-FYI
D: Starion Bond Service-FYI
Being no further business, Councilman Baer made a motion for adjournment at 7:40 pm with the next regular city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 9th, 2021 5:00pm. (Baer/Gross) (Unanimous)
Marriann Mross, Mayor
Connie O'Brien, Auditor
(Jan. 27, 2021) 2873858