BELFIELD CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING Tuesday July 13th, 2021 - 5 pm City Hall - 208 Main Street North Unapproved The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM (MT) by Mayor, Marriann Mross, with Council Members Brett Northrop, Pamela Gross, Edward Braun, Bruce Baer, and City Attorney Sandra Kuntz present.

Tuesday July 13th, 2021 - 5 pm
City Hall - 208 Main Street North
The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM (MT) by Mayor, Marriann Mross, with Council Members Brett Northrop, Pamela Gross, Edward Braun, Bruce Baer, and City Attorney Sandra Kuntz present.
Members of the audience included Chief Steve Byrne, Belfield Police Department, Kevin Anderson, City Employee, Steve Rude, Eric Lothspeich, AE2S Engineering, Bob Procive, Jim Kadrmas, Interstate Engineering, Eldon Mehrer, Jesse Hoff, Stark County Sherriff Department, Mike Kerkman, Choice Financial Insurance, Hugh Hlebechuk, Linda Staudinger, Richard Zacher, Diane Buckman, residents.
Move to approve the agenda.
(Baer/Braun) All in favor.
Move to approve the June 8th, 2021, minutes.
(Baer/Northrop) All in favor.
The Council reviewed and approved the June 2021 financial statement.
(Baer/Braun) All in favor.
The Council approved the following audit bills with the additional bills for June 2021:
(Northrop/Baer) (Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes, Gross-Yes, Mross-Yes, Northrop-Yes).
61519 -ADVANCED BUSINESS METHODS, $380.43; 61520 -BELFIELD AMBULANCE, $304.91; 61521 -BELFIELD FIRE DEPARTMENT, $914.74; 61522 -BELFIELD PARK DISTRICT, $3,049.12; 61523 -BCBS, $317.00; 61524 -CENTURYLINK, $149.66; 61525 -FORUM COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY, $298.74; 61526 -MDU, $4,741.90; 61527 -NAOMI URBAN, $804.16; 61528 -NEWMAN OUTDOOR ADVERTISING, $510.00; 61529 SENIOR CITIZENS, $304.91; 61530 -SOUTHWEST WATER AUTHORITY, $12,988.48; 61531 -VERIZON, $361.83; 61532 -AIRGAS, $59.00; 61533 -ARMOR INTERACTIVE, $1,199.01; 61534 -BADLANDS INTEGRITY, $50.00; 61535 BMI, $368.00; 61536 -BROSZ ENGINEERING, INC, $3,105.00; 61537 -CARDMEMBER SERVICE, $1,900.32; 61538 -CHOICE FINANCIAL INS. $3,477.00; 61539 - CONSOLIDATED, $678.18; 61540 CREATIVE ENERGY, $329.06; 61541 -FERGUSON ENTERPRISES, $726.36; 61542 -INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DEPT, $87.60; 61543 -INTERSTATE ENGINEERING, $8,986.00; 61544 -KREBS MACHINE & REPAIR, $12,550.60; 61545 - LEGAL EDGE SOLUTIONS, $1,321.00; 61546 - MGM RURAL SANITATION, $9,494.12; 61547 -NAPA, $496.49; 61548 -ND LEAGUE OF CITIES, $1,355.00; 61549 -NORTHERN IMPROVEMENT, $137,890.60; 61550 -NORTHWEST TIRE, $1,647.30; 61551 -PITNEY BOWES, $199.80; 61552 -PUMP SYSTEMS, $300.00; 61554 ROUGHRIDER ELECTRIC, $30.00; 61553 -RECORD KEEPERS, $42.00; 61555 SOUTHWESTERN DISTRICT HEALTH, $120.00; 61556 TITAN MACHINERY, $197.75; 61557 TOTAL SAFETY, $275.97; 61558 UNIFORM CENTER, $164.99; 61559 VIKING GLASS, $4,200.00; 61560 -KLJ ENGINEERING $250.00; 61182E -REVTRAK INC, $231.35; 61181E -VIVANT, $142.96; 61173E NDPERS, $162.50; 61177E -NDPERS, $162.50; 61179E -NDPERS, $162.50; 61178E -NDPERS, $7,132.73; 61174E -NDPERS, $2,380.44; 61175E -INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,506.63; 61176E -INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $3,008.87; 61180E - INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE, $2,842.53; 502062E -Biweekly ACH $6,080.13; 502067E -Biweekly ACH $6,892.87; 502074E -Biweekly ACH $7,365.45:- TOTAL $248,333.04
Police Report:
Squad Car Tires:
Motion not to purchase tires for the vehicle we no longer own after July 15th.
(Baer/Braun) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes).
Sick time accrued to be paid out. In the employee manual sick time is paid out at 10% of the unused sick time.
Officer Byrne requested to extend his city employment for 2 more weeks
Motion to allow Steve up to 16 hours to complete cleaning up and getting stuff transferred out as long as it is completed by the end of this current pay period.
(Baer/Braun) (Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Mross-Yes).
Motion to accept the PD report as presented
(Baer/Northrop) All in favor.
Stark County Sheriff's Report:
Central Square-Who will maintain this records management system and who will manage it and who will pay the fees moving forward?
Motion to allow Stark County Sheriff's Department to use the current Police Dept. building for a minimum of two months while we work out the logistics.
(Baer/Braun) (Gross-No, Northrop-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-No).
Motion to approve the Stark County Sherriff's Report
(Gross/Braun) All in favor.
Attorney's Report
A: Stark County Sheriff's Department Contract-Signed by Mayor Mross
B: City Lot Deeds: Have been prepared and given to the Auditor just before the meeting.
C: Grazing City Property Update-1996 referenced back to for a water shed project
Auditor will research this more with NRCS
Motion to accept the attorney's report.
(Baer/Braun) All in favor.
Engineers Reports
AE2S Engineering-Steve Rude, Eric Lothspeich
Interstate Engineering-Bob Procive, Jim Kadrmas
A: Bike Path Update-Completed. Instruct Connie to send Bob a scanned copy of signed contract and check for grant reimbursement purposes.
Brosz Engineering
A. Highway 85 Turning Lane Project Update-Bid pushed back until October 8, 2021
Public Works Report.
i. Stop Signs on 2nd Ave. NE-Not discussed
ii. Vision Clearance on 3rd St. NE and 1ST Ave. NE-Permission was granted to cut down the tree
Water/Sewer: Discussion
i. Grate replacement-Instructed to Kevin to see if current grate can be modified
ii. Hydrant at the Pocket Park-$1500-1800.00
Motion to contact JK Excavation to put in the water hydrant spicket by the jagged wall at the Pocket Park
(Mross/Baer) (Braun-Yes, Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes).
iii. Erosion control at the BNSF Parking Lot-Pea gravel and ties create walking path on street side.
Suggested for Kevin to contact BNSF track boss
iv. Community Service to clean out the river. Possible Cub Scout help.
v. Water Pressure-LeeRoy suggested to clean and flush out the VR valve. More volume not pressure it seems to be a valve restraint. PRV valve has not been turned up.
vi. Water Leak-Asbestos Concrete pipe.
vii. New Employees have been working out real good.
Refuse/Inert Pile
Motion to accept the public works report
(Braun/Northrop) All in favor.
New Business
A. Special Event Permit Application-Belfield Fire Department-discussion to pull from the fire hydrant about 100 barrels.
Motion to approve the special event permit application for the Belfield Fire Department
(Baer/Northrop) All in favor.
B. City Equipment Sales (Tractor/Mower) -BID-Discussion-Put tractor out on bids and keep the mower. See if Allan is going to finish up or we need to get an hourly rate from surrounding companies
C. Appointment of City Auditor
The council appointed Connie O'Brien as city auditor. (Mross/Baer) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes).
D. Appointment of City Engineer(s)
The council appointed Brosz Engineering, AE2S Engineering and Interstate Engineering as engineering firms for the City of Belfield. (Mross/Baer) (Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes, Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Mross-Yes).
E. Appointment of City Attorney
The council appointed Sandra Kuntz from Legal Edge Solutions as the attorney for the City of Belfield (Mross/Gross) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-No).
F. Appointment of City Assessor
The council appointed Natalie Wandler, Stark County Assessor as the city assessor. (Mross/Baer) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes).
G. Appointment of President and Vice President of the Council 40.08.11
The council appointed Councilman Baer as President and Councilman Braun as Vice President of the Council in the Mayor's absence. (Mross/Gross) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-No, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes).
H. Assignment of Portfolios
The Council agreed to assign the Personnel portfolio to Marriann Mross, the Street portfolio to Brett Northrop, Water and Sewer portfolio to Edward Braun, Refuse/Inert portfolio to Pamela Gross, Economic Development/ Buildings portfolio to Bruce Baer (Mross/Gross) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes).
I. RFP for Capital Improvement Plan for Scope of Services-Discussion. Get a plan together and prioritize. It tells the engineers this is what we want and what are your qualification per project.
Motion for Attorney Kuntz to prepare the documents for the engineers to give us information on getting things fixed and the format it has to be given in.
(Baer/Braun) (Mross-Yes, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes, Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes).
J. Preliminary Budget Review-To look at this with changes for the Special Meeting TBA.
Unfinished Business:
A. Associated Employers Membership Dues
Motion to not renew the Employers Membership Dues
(Gross/Braun) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-No, Mross-Yes).
B. Belfield Housing Authority Update-Recommended to advertise for two appointed positions.
C. ND State Fire and Tornado Fund Briefing-Discussion
Motion to go to per occurrence on the building's vs the per deductible for the extra $521.55
(Baer/Mross) (Braun-No, Gross-No, Northrop-No, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes).
D. KLJ Water Model update-Requested $250.00 to get the information to the city.
Committee Reports:
Auditor's Report:
Auditor O'Brien reported the audit went very well with no issues the State Auditors would like to see the bills are posted to the month the checks are issued
A: Deputy Auditor Report. Conducted 2 interviews. Recommended by Mayor Mross to hire Michelle Lemar at 20.00/hr.
Motion to hire Michelle Lemar for 20 hours a week at $20.00 per hour on condition of her background check.
(Baer/Braun) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes).
Economic Development: Nothing to report
A: City Shop Roof: Was completed on June 28th will bill if it doesn't leak.
A. Letter to Council-FYI
B. Dickinson Press Rate Increase-FYI
Being no further business, Councilman Baer made a motion for adjournment at 7:31 pm with the next regular city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, August 10th, 2021, 5:00pm. (Baer/Braun) (Unanimous)
Marriann Mross, Mayor
Connie O'Brien, Auditor
(July 28, 2021) 2897960