BELFIELD CITY COUNCIL REGULAR MEETING Tuesday March 9th, 2021 - 5 pm Belfield Theater - 113 1st Ave.

Tuesday March 9th, 2021 - 5 pm
Belfield Theater - 113 1st Ave. NW
The meeting was called to order at 5:00 PM (MT) by Mayor Mross, with Council Members Brett Northrop, Pamela Gross, Bruce Baer, Edward Braun, and Attorney Sandra Kuntz present.
Members of the audience included Chief Steve Byrne, Belfield Police Department, Holly Bloodsaw, Cory Lee, Matt Keesler, Stark County Sherriff Department, Steve Rude, AE2S Engineering, Kevin Anderson, City Employee, Bob Procive Interstate Engineering, Linda Staudinger, Albert Counsil, Ruth Molm, Diane Buckman, Siomony Rodriguez, Hugh Hlebechuk, Belfield Residents, Jackie Jahfetson, The Dickinson Press, Diana Trussell, NDDEQ
Move to approve the agenda with changes.
(Braun/Northrop) All in favor, Unanimous.
Move to approve the February 9th, 2021 regular meeting minutes.
(Baer/Gross) All in favor, Unanimous.
Move to approve the Special Working Session Minutes, January 27th, 2021.
(Braun/Gross) All in favor, Unanimous.
Move to approve Public Input Special Meeting Minutes, March 4th, 2021.
(Braun/Northrop) All in favor, Unanimous.
The Council reviewed and accepted the February 2021 financial statement.
(Baer/Braun) (Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes).
The Council approved the following audit bills for February 2021 with the additional audit bills presented.
(Baer/Braun) (Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes, Gross-Yes, Northrop-Yes).
61379- Advance Business Methods, $155.00: 61380- Banyon, $885.00: 61381- BCBS, $471.00: 61382- CenturyLink, $131.10: 61383- Forum Communications Comp, $390.81: 61384-Naomi Urban, $979.16: 61385- Newman Outdoor Advertising, $510.00: 61386-Pitney Bowes, $199.80: 61387- Purchase Power, $201.00: 61388- Southwest Water Authority, $8962.40: 61389- Verizon Wireless, $405.53: 61392- Armor, $1,199.01: 61393- Belfield Ambulance, $32.53: 61394- Belfield Fire Department, $970.59: 61395-Belfield Park District, $3235.30: 61396- Brosz Engineering, $1,080.00: 61397- Cardmember, $2019.83: 61398- Consolidated, $672.79: 61399- Creative Energy, $477.73: 61400- Dakota Pump & Control, $18,000.00: 61401- Fire & Ice Refrigeration, $396.59: 61402- Forum Communications Comp, $49.92: 61403- Information Technology Dept, $87.60: 61404- Logo Magic, $84.00: 61405- MDU, $7,028.80: 61406- MGM Rural Sanitation, $8,076.25: 61407- Napa Auto Parts, $759.09: 61408- Praxair, $46.87: 61409- Roughrider Electric, $30.00: 61410- Roughrider Septic, $1,157.50: 61411- Senior Citizens Center, $323.53: 61412- Stark County Auditor, $2,500.00: 061143E- RevTrak, Inc, $221.03: 061142E- Vivint, $70.47: 061144E- Vivint, $72.49: 061139E- NDPERS, $187.50: 061140E- NDPERS, $187.50: 061141E- NDPERS, $7,866.69: 061136E- NDPERS, $2,556.00: 061137E- Internal Revenue Service, $3,325.57: 061138E- Internal Revenue Service, $3,459.06: 502016E- BiWeekly ACH, $7,114.82: 502022E- BiWeekly ACH, $7488.47: Total- $94,379.33
Police Report:
A: Doug Rustan Property Debris Update: Criminal Citation not completed
B: 10 City new properties identified as nusinance-3 to bring Mel in on.
C: Siren Meeting-will take place the end of the month for radio project
D: 2nd Vehicle Radio Install-To take place the 3rd week in March
E: Training-Dakota Children's Advocacy Center-Attended on March 9th in Bowman
F: Abandoned Automobile Program: Diana Trussell gave a brief outline of the Abandoned Vehicle Grant Program.
G: City Protocol for Junk Properties-Not completed--2nd request for Steve
Motion to accept the Belfield Police Department report.
(Gross/Braun) All in favor, Unanimous.
Stark County Sheriff's Report:
Holly reported 144 service calls for February.
Julie Obrigewitsch-Stark County Spirit of Excellence Award presentation, Tom Tessier, and Jack Schaff award ceremony.
Motion to accept the Stark County Sheriff's report.
(Braun/Baer) All in favor, Unanimous.
Attorney's Report:
A: City Protocol-Received in report
B: City/Zoning Ordinances Discrepancy Report-Received a list in the report.
Motion to accept the Attorney's Report.
(Baer/Northrop) All in favor, Unanimous.
Engineers Reports:
AE2S Engineering:
Nothing to Report.
Interstate Engineering:
A: Walking Path/Bike Path Change Order--Discussion
Motion to approve change order #1for the walking path/bike path as presented.
(Baer/Braun) (Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes, Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes, Northrop-Yes).
B: Zoning Map--Lots listed as Agricultural-Discussion
Motion to accept Interstate Engineering Report as presented
(Braun/Northrop) All in favor, Unanimous.
Brosz Engineering Inc.
A: GIS Program-Jon will meet with Kevin and Erik this week.
Public Works Report
Streets: Discussion
Water/Sewer: Discussion
i. Edward Braun
I spoke with both employees on hazards of confined space and the need for training and equipment.
I feel this situation has been resolved but, the employees need more guidance on their Role's, Responsibilities, and Expectations (RRE's)
ii. Water leak SW side of town-JK will be here tomorrow.
iii. Replace curb stop which was drove over and broke--costs go back to landowner.
i. Vehicle/Equipment Sales-Would like to see the list before next meeting.
i. Purchase a Chipper-Discussion-not approved.
ii. Opening more weekends--Will open March 13th and March 27th 10:00am to 1:00pm
New Business
A: Bill Palanuk-moved to April meeting.
B: Kristi Dutchak Reimbursement: Discussion
Motion to deny this reimbursement request and run through their home-owners insurance.
(Braun/Gross) (Baer-Yes, Mross-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Gross-Yes, Braun-Yes).
Unfinished Business
A: Vehicle Purchase:
Motion to purchase the 2015-F150 from Scout for $11,600.00.
(Braun/Gross) (Northrop-Abstain, Gross-Yes, Mross-Yes, Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes).
B: Belfield City/Stark County Sheriff's Office Collaboration-Discussion
Motion to proceed with working on a contract with Stark County Sherriff's Office, but continue having the Belfield Police Dept. enforce until we have time to review a contract we can agree on along with the States Attorney, City Attorney and County Chairman Franchuk.
(Baer/Northrop) (Baer-Yes, Braun-Yes, Northrop-Yes, Mross-Yes, Gross-Yes).
Committee Reports:
Auditor's Report:
Personnel: Nothing to report
Economic Development: Nothing to report
A: Pocket Park-Tree Vandalism
A: Ice Skating Rink-Park Board
Hugh Hlebechuk brought to the attention of the council the liability this could cause the city.
Being no further business, Councilman Northrop made a motion for adjournment at 6:48 pm with the next regular city council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, April 13th, 2021 5:00pm. (Northrop/Baer) (Unanimous)

Marriann Mross, Mayor

Connie O'Brien, Auditor
(March 24, 2021) 2880031