City of Belfield Tax Equalization Meetin

City of Belfield Tax Equalization Meeting Unapproved Tuesday, April 19th, 2022 – 4:45pm City Hall – 208 Main Street North The meeting was called to order at 4:45 PM (MT) by Mayor, Marriann Mross, with Council Members: Edward Braun, Brett Northrop, and Pamala Gross present, Councilman Bruce Baer absent. Members of the audience include Natalie Wandler, Stark County Tax Director, Diane Buckman, resident. Stark County Tax Assessor presentation of Taxable Valuation for 2022- The following totals were arrived at by reviewing current sales and market trends in Stark County, but even more so in the small cities within the county, but even more so in the small cities within the county. This year it was broken down even furthermore to individual cities and not clumping them all together. There was a total of 37 useable sales within the small cities, worth a total of 14 usable sale in Belfield. The values are equalized throughout the city. This year all structures were increased by 5% along with the new year depreciation decrease, these changes are closer to 2.5-4% increase on the entire parcel. Ag land was also increased for 2022 by 3%. The market is very strong right now and for the county to stay within the 90-100% of Market Value tolerance required by the State of North Dakota these increases are warranted. If the county is not within tolerance the state will automatically put the value in tolerance at the State Boards in August. The City of Belfield has 12 Homestead Credits and 15 Veteran Credits that have already applied in 2022. If you know anyone 65 or older on a very limited income, please let them know about the Homestead Credit. Also, any Veterans that are 50% or more service connected should go visit with Jessica in the Stark County VA office 701-456-7640 and she can get them what they need to apply for the Veterans Exemption. 2022 Market $58,875,900 2021 Market $57,341,100 2022 INCREASE $1,534,800 MARKET VALUE 2022 Taxable $2,742,954 2021 Taxable $2,671,133 2022 INCREASE $71,821 TAXABLE VALUE New construction for residential is $20,700 and $0 in Commercial Public Comments There were no public comments. Natalie Wandler: If anyone has any questions, please refer to me. I will work with the people and will gladly answer their questions for them. Mayor Mross made a motion to approve the Tax Equalization Recommendation presented by Stark County Tax Director. (Mross/Northrop) (Braun-Yes, Gross -No, Northrop-Yes, Mross-Yes). Motion carried. Being no further business, Councilman Northrop made a motion for adjournment at 4:59 pm. (Northrop/Braun) All in Favor. ATTEST: _______________________ Marriann Mross, Mayor _______________________ Connie O’Brien, Auditor (May 4, 2022) 59632