City of Belfield Zoning Board Meeting We

City of Belfield
Zoning Board Meeting
Wednesday December 8th, 2021, - 5:30pm
City Hall Council Room
The Zoning Board meeting was called to order at 5:30pm (MT) by Zoning Board President Kevin Hushka. Zoning Board Members Wallace Mross, Bryce Wilson, Roger Decker present.
Members of the audience included Aaron Yourk Belfield resident, Mel Zent City Building Inspector.
The minutes from the September 22nd, 2021, Zoning Board Meetings were approved as presented (Decker/Mross) All in favor, Unanimous.
Definition changes: Discussion
2.3 (2) Accessory Structure
2.3 (3) Accessory Use
a. Side Yards
b. Front Yards
c. Rear Yard
2.3 (13) Alternative Energy Production Devices
2.3 (47 Duplex Residential
2.3 (54) Emergency Residential Services
2.3 (60) Garage, Private
b. Metal Conex Storage
2.3 (64) Group Residential
2.3 (65) Guidance Services
2.3 (67) Household Cleaning and Maintenance Products
1. Limited Retail Services
2. General Retail Services
2.3 (75) Lodging
2.3 (87) Multi-Family Residential
2.3 (97) Personal Improvement Services
2.3 (98) Personal Services
2.3 (102) Portable Storage Containers
2.3 (108) Residential-Commercial Zone
2.3 (121) Temporary
a. Recreational Vehicles

Article IV Zoning Districts
4.1 District Map
Downtown Commercial District—New Addition
4.3 R-Residential District
h. Sidewalk Regulations
4.3 (2) R-2
6. (b) Side Yard
4.5 DC-Downtown Commercial District
1. Permitted Uses (a-r)
2. Conditional Uses (a-j)
3. Area and Density Requirements 1-3
4. Setback Requirements (1-9)
4.6 C-Commercial District
7. Sidewalk Regulation
4.6 I-Industrial District
4. Lot and Density Requirements (4-c)
Article V Land Subdivision
5.1 Intent (8-ommitted)
Table 1
Required Landscaped Depth
DE-Downtown Commercial—Added
4 Buffer-yard Provisions (3, 4, 4a) omitted
5 (d) Recreational Vehicles
C Storage and Parking of Unlicensed or Other Vehicles (1,3,5)
Article VIII Administration and Enforcement
8.7 Violations and Penalties (2)
8.8 Building Code (a, b, c, d)
8.81 Building Relocation Permit
(1)a, b, c, d, e,
(2)a, b, c
With no further business brought before the Zoning Board, a motion was made to adjourn (6:57pm) (MT) (Wilson/Mross) All in favor, Unanimous
Vice President, Kevin Hushka
Connie O’Brien,Auditor
(Dec. 29, 2021)18471