City of Sentinel Butte, North Dakota 586

City of Sentinel Butte, North Dakota 58654 City Council Minutes Unofficial June 20, 2022 Mayor Jason Lee called the meeting to order June 20, 2022 at 8:06 pm. Present were: Mayor- Jason Lee, City Auditor – Faith Van Horn Alderpersons: Marnie Dietz, Denise Dietz, Sue Feldman, Troy Finneman Guest: Burt Cook & Joel Fasching City Council Meeting Minutes from May 9, 2022 were read and approved as written Department Reports: Lagoon/Landfill/Streets- Discussion of mowing at the lagoon. Grounds – Nothing new to report. Water/Sewer – Waiting on new water meters to be replaced. Buildings – Faucet at the pavilion was repaired. The Sentinel Butte City Council held its organization meeting during this time. All council members were present. • Members of the council reviewed the official election results. • Mayor Lee swore in Burt Cook for a new four-year term. • Mayor Lee swore in Denise Dietz for a new four-year term. • Nominations for President of the Council is tabled until further discussion is held. Discussion • Discussion of private use of the City Hall Facility. • Marnie Dietz made motion to approve water and sewer hookup for Faith Van Horn. Sue Feldman seconded. Motion passed. • Discussion of any City property for sale. • Sue Feldman made motion to transfer $4,945.77 from the money market account at Bank of the West to the checking account at First State Bank, and $4,375.67 from the money market account at First State Bank into the checking account. Marnie Dietz seconded. Motion passed. • A fire permit must be obtained for any bonfire in the City limits, and will be effective for the remainder of the current calendar year. There is no fee for this permit. If a city official visits a location with a bonfire and no fire permit has been obtained the violator will be required to obtain a fire permit and pay an addition fee of twenty-five dollar ($25). All residents must check the Fire Index before starting a bonfire. Fire permits can be obtained at the city hall (Office Hours: Wednesday’s 8:00-3:00). • Marnie Dietz made motion to allow Sentinel Butte Fire Department to place a Fire Index Sign by the City Hall. Denise Dietz seconded. Motion passed. Auditor Wages: $502.38 RTC Network: $80.03 Dak Insurance: $404.00 MDU: $759.58 City of Beach: $115.80 Olson Service: $537.10 SW Water Authority: $455.66 Forum Communications: $82.39 NDRWSA: $260.00 Polar Trucking: $9321.44 Troy Finneman motioned to approve payment of bills. Denise Dietz seconded. Motion carried. Sue Feldman motioned to adjourn meeting. Marnie Dietz seconded. Meeting adjourned at 9:23 pm. Respectfully submitted, Faith Van Horn, Auditor (June 29, 2022) 76569