City of Sentinel Butte, North Dakota 586

City of Sentinel Butte, North Dakota 58654 City Council Minutes Unofficial July 11, 2022 Mayor Jason Lee called the meeting to order July 11, 2022 at 8:02 pm. Present were: Mayor- Jason Lee, City Auditor – Faith Van Horn Alderpersons: Marnie Dietz, Denise Dietz & Burt Cook Absent: Troy Finneman City Council Meeting Minutes from June 20, 2022 were read and approved with corrections to void the organization meeting minutes. The Sentinel Butte City Council held its organization meeting during this time. All council members were present, except Troy Finneman. • Members of the council reviewed the official election results, showing a 3-way tie. • Marnie Dietz nominated Burt Cook as the alderperson for a two-year term. Denise Dietz seconded. Vote carried. • Mayor Lee swore in Burt Cook for a new two-year term. • Mayor Lee swore in Denise Dietz for a new four-year term. • Mayor Lee appointed department heads. Marnie Dietz-Streets/Landfill/Lagoon, Burt Cook- Grounds, Denise Dietz-Water & Sewer, and Troy Finneman- Buildings. • Denise Dietz nominated Marnie Dietz as new president of the board, Burt Cook seconded. Vote carried. Marnie Dietz accepted the position of President. Department Reports: Lagoon/Landfill/Streets- Nothing new to report. Grounds – Nothing new to report. Water/Sewer – Waiting on new water meters to be replaced. Buildings – Nothing new to report. Discussion • Discussion of private use of the City Hall Facility. • Marnie Diez motioned to approve the Little Missouri Saloon liquor license for July 30, 2022. Denise Dietz seconded. Motion passed. • Discussion of water & sewer operator. Auditor Wages: $613.22 RTC Network: $85.78 Jason Lee: $461.75 MDU: $756.06 City of Beach: $93.60 Olson Service: $150.00 SW Water Authority: $784.56 Forum Communications: $82.39 Brady Martz: $351.59 Denise Dietz: $480.00 KEY Janitorial: $765.00 Marnie Dietz: $480.00 Sue Feldman: $480.00 Troy Finneman: $280.00 SW District Health: $180.00 Denise Dietz motioned to approve payment of bills. Marnie Dietz seconded. Motion carried. Marnie Diez motioned to adjourn meeting. Burt Cook seconded. Meeting adjourned at 8:51 pm. Respectfully submitted, Faith Van Horn, Auditor (July 27, 2022) 83890