December 5th, 2022 City of Gladstone Cit

December 5th, 2022 City of Gladstone City Council Meeting Minutes 6pm – 8:45pm Present: Randy Wyatt, Bill O’Connor, Darrell Sadowsky, and Paul Reinbold Also Present: City Auditor Maria Kolling, City Attorney Christina Wenko, and City Engineer Jeremy Wood. Mayor Randy Wyatt called the meeting to order. The Council reviewed the November Minutes. - Motion to approve the November Meeting Minutes was made by Paul, seconded by Bill, and carried by an all-aye vote. Public Meeting: A Public Hearing was held for the first reading of the dog breed ordinance. Christina asked the Council which version they’d like to proceed with; the Council agreed they like the second version which allows the specific breeds but mandates all fencing requirements are approved prior to licensing. The Council reviewed and discussed the second version of the dog breed ordinance. • The Council agreed the fence will need to be inspected by Mel prior to approval; it will mirror the chicken coop inspection requirements and fee schedule. • Paul asked how current licensed dogs will be handled. The Council agreed the owners will need to meet fencing requirements prior to renewing their licenses. • Bill suggested including a more specific size requirement for fences. Christina recommended listing a minimum area requirement. • The Council also agreed, in lieu of a privacy fence, the City may accept kennel options that are size appropriate. Mayor Randy opened-up the hearing for public comment. • Lorraine Erdman expressed concern with kennels being see-though unlike privacy fences; she’s concerned for the safety of people walking. Paul said the kennels will have to be inspected and approved by the council in advance, with the primary purpose being to create a barrier between the dog and person. • Tabitha Brawner said they put chicken wire and a tarp on top of their kennels to block the sun. She also said she doesn’t think a privacy fence will mitigate a dog’s determination to get out based on their keen sense of smell and sound. • Tom Hetzel asked if fencing will be required for dog owners who claim their dogs don’t go outside. Paul confirmed it will be required for inside or outside dogs. • Deputy Kaylor suggested not requiring a privacy fence as chain-link would be a good option as well. The Council agreed as long as the chain-link has the bottom cable. • Deputy Kaylor also asked how the City will enforce the ordinance. Randy talked about potentially hiring someone full-time. Christina said she’ll be meeting with other attorneys in the state to see how they handle it without having their own municipal court like Gladstone; she will report back at the January meeting. Deputy Kaylor said we can still contact them as they will talk to the owner and advise they’re out of compliance. He also suggested the City Auditor send violation notices. Christina also mentioned we have the ability to house an animal at the Dickinson pound in extreme circumstances such as if a dog bites someone. Randy Wyatt closed the public hearing. Motion to approve the ordinance which allows the dog breeds but includes fencing requirements, contingent to the changes discussed, was made by Bill, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. The Council reviewed and discussed the proposed chicken ordinance revision. • The revision would add-in a reference to the current fee schedule. Mayor Randy opened-up the hearing for public comment. • Lorraine Erdman asked if inspections need to be done yearly. Christina thought a yearly check should be completed to ensure they’re still in compliance. Randy suggested having it inspected every third year. Paul suggested prior to renewing licenses, asking if any changes have been made. If they say yes, the Council will have to review; if no, the license can be renewed. Motion to approve the chicken ordinance change as discussed was made by Darrell, seconded by Bill, and carried by an all-aye vote. Sheriff Report: Deputy Kaylor attended the meeting and stated they have no concerns to be addressed. He mentioned Corey Lee was reelected for another term. The Council confirmed they’ve been seeing deputies around town. Deputy Kaylor also mentioned domestic violence and suicide rates go up during the holidays. Maintenance Report: The Council reviewed a quote for a new snowblower/Bobcat attachment as the existing one is old and in need of new parts. Tony provided a Gladstone sign design created by Quality Quick Print; the Council agreed they liked the design. The Council decided to table both items for the January meeting. Lorraine Erdman brought to the Council’s attention that 3rd Ave. was not opened-up during snow removal so they are unable to gain access to the Senior Citizens building. Lorraine described it as a 2ft. ice block which they’re unable to remove themselves. Maria created a Work Order for Tony to have him remove it as soon as possible. Attorney Report: Christina discussed the Annual Rate Adjustment Resolution which expires at the end of 2022. • The Council discussed a three-year resolution starting January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2026 which will allow no more than a 10% increase. Motion to approve the Annual Rate Adjustment Resolution was made by Darrell, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all-aye vote. Christina advised the Council to review the current Fee Schedule to discuss and approve at the January meeting. Engineering Report: Jeremy asked the Council for a budget amount for the River/Cottage alleyway project; he estimated it to cost roughly $3,500. He also suggested we find someone local with general knowledge of construction methods and a Bobcat to do the work as it’s a small project and he hasn’t received promising responses from his contractors when trying to schedule. The project requires an 18” metal culvert be placed across the road and 30-40 yards of dirt to be hauled in. Paul said he’d ask Tony. Tabitha Brawner also suggested her husband as he does dirt work, but he would need a Bobcat to use. It was also mentioned that we may be able to get the dirt from the City’s landfill. Old Business: Tabitha Brawner attended the meeting to discuss her Special Use Permit application. • Randy expressed concern with her boutique business being unrelated to dogs/dog walking/boarding, etc. Tabitha explained she operates her dog business under Rover and hasn’t established it as a separate business. Randy’s concern is with approving the Special Use Permit for her dog walking and boarding business without proof of an actual dog-related business. • Paul asked what the Council would require for her to be approved. • Christina suggested the Council decide on whether they want to allow the variance first, then decide which entitiy it should be applied, either personal or business. Christina also noted an LLC can do a wide variety of things legally, which Tabitha confirmed her LLC is registered as general. • Bill O’Connor confirmed she has five dogs so the variance for seven would allow her to have an additional two dogs at her residence for the business until her personal number of dogs is below three. • Randy noted he looked at her property and confirmed it is very well fenced and secure. Motion to approve the Variance for Tabitha to keep her additional dogs until they expire and eventually get back in compliance with the Pet Limitation Ordinance was made by Bill, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. The Council requested she modify her Special Use Permit application to be specific to her, not her business. Motion to approve Tabitha’s Special Use Permit to allow no more than seven dogs onsite, in accordance with application conditions, was made by Paul, seconded by Bill, and carried by an all-aye vote. The Council discussed repairs at the old City Hall building. • Randy advised the scheduled contractor didn’t show, but a new one will be coming tomorrow. New Business: Beer and Liquor Licenses were reviewed for The Pub and the Gladstone KC Club. • Christina verified neither have outstanding criminal charges. Motion to approve 2023 Beer and Liquor licenses for The Pub was made by Darrell, seconded by Bill, and carried by an all-aye vote. Motion to approve 2023 Beer and Liquor licenses for the Gladstone KC Club was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Maria discussed the need for the City to purchase a tablet for the Neptune 360 upgrade. • The tablet will be used for obtaining meter readings and uploading data through the app. • Neptune advised a Samsung Galaxy is commonly used; Maria confirmed the cost would be $110.00. • Randy and Paul both noted we were able to reduce the cost of a new laptop by half which makes purchasing a tablet more affordable. Motion to approve the purchase of a Samsung Galaxy tablet was made by Darrell, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all-aye vote. Maria discussed becoming a Notary Public. • A $7,500 surety bond would be required, along with the $30 application fee and $30 stamp cost. • Randy likes the idea of having a notary public available for the Gladstone citizens, as well as for City business. • Christina will add this service to the City fee schedule. Motion to approve Maria to become a Notary Public was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Maria brought up the City having a float in the Parade of Lights. • Maria and Tony put together a float last year and would like to do the same this year; however, the materials used last year were primarily Wendy’s and she’s in Arizona for the winters now, so new materials would be needed. • Maria asked if the City budget would allow any funds to go towards this. She mentioned her dad offered to match any donations she’s able to get. She also advised the float would not be entered into the contest but would be nice for the City to participate. • Darrell said he thought the Fire Department would be willing to donate. • Paul suggested the City allocate $200 from the $2,000 budgeted for the Parade of Lights. • The Council confirmed the checks received for donations will go to the City. Motion to allocate $200 from the Christmas donation budget was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Auditor and Bookkeeper wages were discussed by the Council. • The Auditor has not received an increase in wages yet and is currently at $22/hr. • Lorraine Erdman asked what other cities are paying their Auditors; Randy said he did some research and found the wages to be all over the board. • Randy suggested an evaluation after six months and increase the wage as the skill-set increases. Motion to pay the Auditor $25/hr then reevaluate after six months was made by Bill, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. The Bookkeeper responsibilities were discussed, but the Council agreed to table a decision until next month after they can gather more information. The Senior Citizens Variance was discussed. • Lorraine Erdman attended the meeting to discuss on behalf of the Senior Citizens. • Lorraine was unable to bring the requested information as Mel was unable to gain access to the Senior Center due to the snow/ice blocking access. • Christina suggested they submit the required information to Maria so we can schedule a Special Meeting in a couple weeks to discuss. Motion to adjourn was made by Darrell, seconded by Bill, and carried by an all-aye vote. November 30th Account Balances?? General Checking $373,468.53?? Park Checking $46,188.39 ?? CD 0832 $50,298.18?? CD 9432 $100,000.00?? ARPA Checking $51,888.36 November Payroll?? Jordan $1,100.00?? Maria $1,692.61?? Tony $1,133.78?? Kendall $132.98?? Oct / November Bills A-1 Sanitation $270.00 AE Op $571.90 Banyon $840.00 Bierschbach $375.00 BND $2,000.00 Brian Kopp $410.03 Butler $1,022.45 CHS $76.59 Forum $330.24 Forum $195.58 George’s Tire $1,225.00 Gladstone Parks $1,140.17 Gladstone Parks $1,129.15 Mackoff $0.00 MDU $2,284.69 MGM $4,018.00 MGM $4,039.00 Midco $126.56 ND DEQ Chem Lab $198.60 One Call $6.50 Runnings $90.43 SW Water $3,664.68 Tony $182.09 Visa $338.57 Visa $276.74 One Call $1.30 MDU $894.03 SW Water $4,022.13 (Jan. 25, 2023) 168193