December 6th, 2021 City of Gladstone Cit

December 6th, 2021
City of Gladstone
City Council Meeting Minutes
6pm – 7:30pm
Subject to Approval
Present: Cody Silbernagel, Darrell Sadowsky, Paul Reinbold, Mark Erdman and Randy Wyatt.
Mayor Cody Silbernagel called the meeting to order.
Motion to approve the November Meeting Minutes was made by Randy, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all aye vote.
Attorney Report:
The Council reviewed the City Fee Schedule and would like to add fees for overweight loads and chicken permits. Cody suggested a fee of $20-$25 per chicken per year; the Council would like to add a $20 fee to the fee schedule.
Motion to adopt the City Fee Schedule Resolution 2021-4 was made by Darrell, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all aye vote.
Motion to add the chicken fee to the City Fee Schedule was made by Darrell, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all aye-vote.
Christina discussed the Sorenson pet nuisance; the State is taking action against the nuisance complaints.
Maintenance Report
Tony put up all the Christmas lights. He also got the sander ready to go and repaired the middle garage door seal.
Tony expressed concern about a white vehicle parked on Frank Street; Jordan will send a letter. He also needs to trim some trees but needs to contact more individuals first, so Jordan will send some letters.
The west end of town was bladed; Cody believes it may need to be done again in the spring.
The Council discussed using the money from Stark County for the Street Repair Project to apply to the Street Repair loan principle. Randy asked about refinancing. Cody mentioned the current interest rate would be tough to beat.
Jordan will send Browing a letter regarding their yard and the need for it to be cleaned.
Randy received a notice about Charlie Parker’s property. No one appears to be living there but the owner seems to stop by daily to feed their cats. Cody said the City needs an address for the owner in which to send a letter questioning if the house is habitable.
Engineering Report:
Four residents attended the meeting to discuss the River Street alley. Cody initially told the fence owner to hold off on moving his fence back. At the last meeting, the Council discussed vacating the alley. Christina said we are not able to vacate the alley due to utility easements. The City intends to put in an approach and culvert. Nikki Larson expressed concern that the potential alleyway/approach is too close to their deck. Christina said they can file a petition. The fence owner will now be moving his fence back.
Old Business:
The Council discussed Mark’s Safety Handbook. Paul asked about the credit card and gas card policies and if they would fit in the book. He also asked about the new hire policy. Cody mentioned making the safety policies its own book and having a separate book for HR related policies. Mark said he can separate them.
Mark showed Mike Jones all the info he needs to complete his Building Permit application.
Mark attended the redistricting meeting and was elected to be the spokesperson. Option 1 gives Gladstone two commissioners, the City is between district 4 and 5.
Mark said he got a call about the new City Hall entrance door. Cody said if the holding fee increases, we can store the door at the hall.
New Business:
SW Water is increasing their rates from $6.85/1,000 gal. to $7.03/1000 gal. There is an ordinance stating that the City can increase its rates based on the SW water increase.
The Council reviewed The Pub’s Beer and Liquor License applications. Christina asked if we complete background checks on the applicants as it’s illegal for individuals with felonies to receive a beer or liquor permit. Christina did a quick check and the applicants do not have felonies.
-Motion to approve the Liquor License application made by Darrell, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all aye vote.
-Motion to approve the Beer License application made by Darrell, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all aye vote.
Mark asked if the City intends to fill the ice rink. Paul advised that Tony had told him it does not hold water well. He suggested putting a liner and boards around the tennis court for a rink. Mark mentioned putting a liner in the current rink’s location. Cody recommended making modifications to the current location. Darrell mentioned that the Fire Department may be able to help fill the rink.
Randy mentioned Mark put posts in the rite-of-way without applying for a variance. He asked if they would need to be removed. Cody said no, the Council just asks that Mark communicate with them about it.
Northern Plains Engineering donated $500 to the Christmas event for prizes. The City accepted the donation and will use it to purchase the prizes.
Motion to approve the November bills was made by Mark, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all aye vote.
Motion to adjourn was made by Darrell, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all aye vote.
November 30th Account Balances
General Checking: $623,805.85
Park Checking: $49,040.12
CD #0832: $50,298.18
CD #9423: $100,000.00
ARPA Funds: $27,319.47 (Half distributed in November, half in fall of 2022)
Total: $850,463.62
November 2021 Payroll
Tony $727.65
Jordan $1,100.00
Wendy $425.22
Maria $858.00
November Bills
SW Water $4,759.52
Riteway Business Forms $237.87 (Utility Billing Cards)
Quality Quick Print $145.00 (Chicken License Books)
One Call Concepts $11.25
MDU $1,363.46 ($751.09 Street Lights, Remainder for Buidling Electric)
MGM Sanitation $4,002.05
Mackoff Kellogg $55.00
Gladstone Park District $1,128.11 (October Oil & Gas + October State Aid)
Dakota West Inspection $749.75 (Randy Wyatt Permit)
Banyon Data Systems $1,190.00 (Utility Billing & UB Meter Reader Yearly Support Fee. Fund Accounting and Payroll Support Fee Coming Soon)
A-1 Sanitation $260.00
AE2S $555.70
Dennys Electric $177.91
Midco $117.40
SW Grain $194.15
Gladstone Fire Dept. $1,140.00 (Stark County sent a check in the City’s name by accident. We deposited the check and they asked that we issue a check to the fire department.)
BEK Consulting $6,374.34 (Extra Work – 131 Spruce Street)
Forum Communications $155.54
(Dec. 15, 2021) 13181