December 7th, 2020 Meeting Minutes City of Gladstone 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm Subject to approval Present: Darrell Sadowsky, Mark Erdman, Randy Wyatt, Cody Silbernagel and Paul Reinbold.

December 7th, 2020
Meeting Minutes
City of Gladstone
5:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Subject to approval
Present: Darrell Sadowsky, Mark Erdman, Randy Wyatt, Cody Silbernagel and Paul Reinbold.
Mayor Cody Silbernagel called the meeting to order.
The council reviewed the November 9th meeting minutes. Jordan needs to change the "tying into the City's line would be 35'" to 3500'.
Motion to approve November meeting minutes contingent to Jordan's changes. Made by Paul 2nd by Darrell. Carried by an all aye vote.
Maintenance Report:
Tony met with Ferguson Water Works. They will replace any un-working meter if it is under 10 years old. Tony will talk to them regarding a water meter for the fire hall. The city does not charge the fire department for water but a meter would be used for auditing purposes. Paul will have Tony get costs for the next meeting.
Cody mentioned looking into purchasing a man basket instead of renting one a couple times per year.
Attorney Report:
Christina reviewed the example ordinance regarding raising chickens in city limits. Christina looked at Bismarck, Minot and Fargo. She says some towns do and some don't allow chickens.
Cody said the council should decide whether Christina should write up an ordinance. Randy mentioned the possibility of requiring individuals to get approval from their neighbors prior to getting chickens.
Lorraine expressed the concern for coyotes.
Cody asked for a vote to allow Christina to write an ordinance for allowing chickens in town.
Mark- No Darrell - No Cody - No
Paul- No Randy - Yes
Engineer report:
Jeremy discussed the proposed street project. Jeremy brought a map highlighting which streets would be sealed coated with intermittent patching. Jeremy estimated the monthly loan payment would be around $5,000. Cody thinks this is too high and recommends paying a portion out of pocket. Cody said him and Jeremy plan to reach out to the county for partial assistance after getting the project set in place. Cody mentioned keeping the mentality that the city will be responsible for the entire project.
Mark asked if the project's costs will ever fall back on property owners.
Cody said if the city cannot repay its debt, the mill levy could be increased. However, the city has not increased taxes in years and the city already budgeted for the project. Therefore taxes have not been raised since budgeting for the project. Other budget areas can be reevaluated upon year to year review.
Motion to have the city pay $200,000 out of pocket and get the remaining $340,000 through the BND Critical Financial Need Program Loan made by Mark, 2nd by Paul. Carried by an all aye vote.
Darrell talked to the fire department about the fire hydrant. The fire department said they would be willing to pay for half of the fire hydrant through JK excavation.
Motion to approve paying for the other half of the fire hydrant made by Darrell, 2nd by Mark. Carried by an all aye vote.
Mark brought his safety plans. He brought copies for the hall and for the vehicles. Mark is in the process of creating the pocket safety handbook. Mark would add a safety orientation guide for new employees. He will discuss more at the January meeting.
Mark talked to the Sheriffs Department. They said the speed board was reading at a 400ft distance. They changed this to 40ft.
Christina reviewed Randy's vacate easement. Stark County requires a resolution which requires Randy to get a petition signed by surrounding neighbors. The council would then review the signed petition at the January Meeting.
Paul discussed his maintenance plan and what he is looking for. Once the maintenance list is complete, a formal calendar will be generated with all monthly/ yearly/ weekly tasks.
Mark discussed the city hall renovation. He said hiring a contractor vs carpenter would increase the project cost approximately 30%.
Cody said he talked to a few contractors that wouldn't mind submitting a bid. He recommends having at least one contractor submit a bid. Cody will give Mark a few contacts for contractors.
Cody is asking for a volunteer to also receive one call notification. Cody is asking Jeremy for his input on how to respond to the locates with limited information. Mark Volunteered.
Jeremy believes in the excavation is less than 5 feet, the water and sewer main would not be hit.
Paul and Mark interviewed Maria Kolling for the city administrator position. Mark and Paul believed she is a great candidate. Cody suggested hiring her at $22/hr. Paul suggested offering $20/hr then reevaluate her wage at a yearly wage review or a 6 month probation period.
Motion to hire Maria at $20/hr made by Randy, 2nd by Paul. Carried by an all aye vote.
The council reviewed the Beer and Liquor Licenses Applications from The Pub and The KC Club.
Motion to approve the KC Club's Beer and Liquor Licenses applications made by Darrell, contingent to Pat Meyer filling out the forgotten application. 2nd by Randy. Carried by an all aye vote.
Paul brought a work order and work order tracker examples.
Darrell mentioned a conex box in the alley where he lives. Jordan will give a notice to the owners. They have 6 months to talk to the council or remove it from their property.
Mark Discussed an employee get together for an employee appreciation day. He will let employees know of potential dates.
The Pub contacted Cody about possibly opening earlier due to the state mandate 10pm closure. Christina said the state statue says they cannot be open any earlier than 8am on any day other than Saturday and certain holidays.
Mark mentioned Tony telling Mark's renters they can't renovate their camper due to him piling snow in that area. Paul will talk to Tony.
Motion to approve the November bills made by Darrell. 2nd by Randy. Carried by an all aye vote.
Motion to adjourn made by Paul. 2nd by Darrell. Carried by an all aye vote.

UNITY $1,422.91
AE2S $203
VISA $209
VISA $93.55
TOTAL: $8,479.19
GENERAL FUND $550,003.88
CD 0832 $50,298.18
CD 9423 $100,000.00
SRF $20,178.73
TOTAL: $769,564.68
TONY $367
JORDAN $1,000
KAYLA $814
WENDY $119
(Dec. 16, 2020) 2869592