Dickinson Public Schools Approved School

Dickinson Public Schools Approved School Board Workshop Minutes Thursday, January 5, 2023; Noon Professional Learning Lab The Dickinson Public School Board held a workshop on January 5, 2023, at the Professional Learning Lab. Board members present were President Michelle Orton, Vice President Kim Schwartz, Board Member David Wilkie, Board Member Jason Rodakowski, and Board Member Brent Seaks. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Marcus Lewton, Business Manager Stephanie Hunter, CTE Director Aaron Anderson, Director of Communications Sarah Trustem, Director of Instruction Melanie Kathrein, Elliott and McMahon Consultant Laurie Elliott via conference call, and School Board Secretary Twila Petersen. Call to Order - Board President Orton called the workshop to order at noon. Discussion Topics Build the January 9, 2023, School Board Meeting Agenda – Superintendent Dr. Lewton addressed the Board and summarized the topics he proposed to share during his Superintendent’s Report at Monday’s meeting. He will provide information regarding the January 16 Professional Development Day, an update on the 2023-2024 Dickinson Public Schools school calendar, and results from a survey of families and employees regarding input on virtual learning days. On December 14, 15th and 16th, the District transitioned to virtual learning days due to inclement weather. Dr. Lewton shared results from a survey of parents and also a survey of employees regarding the virtual learning days. Approximately 575 parents responded and 135 employees responded. There were three options pertaining to the school calendar for participants to select on both surveys. The options were to keep the current calendar, keep the current calendar and build in two grace days, or create a new calendar with two snow days. Of the parents responding, 66% preferred the current calendar. Of the employees responding, 48.9% preferred the current calendar, and 47.4% preferred grace days built into the calendar. Dr. Lewton explained when visiting with the administrative Cabinet, the Cabinet would prefer to keep the current calendar and utilize grace days in the instances when the District cannot go virtual or there are prolonged virtual learning days. Board members shared their thoughts. Dr. Lewton commended the Director of Communications Trustem who worked with him early in the mornings and late at night during the storms to make sure it was communicated when the schools were released early, and when the schools transitioned to virtual learning. At Monday’s Board Meeting, Dr. Lewton will share information regarding the December 20 Budget Input and Development Committee Meeting. Also proposed on the agenda for Monday’s meeting is a presentation by Community Outreach Coordinator Jaci Kolm and CTE Director Aaron Anderson. The Board will complete a self-evaluation at today’s workshop that will be provided for consideration on Monday. Dr. Lewton also proposed on Monday for the Board to consider dissolving two open enrollments and review several policies and a regulation for adoption or revisions. Board Evaluation Progress Tracker Implementing Be Legendary Board Leadership – There were six objectives Board members were requested to self-evaluate. The objectives pertained to student outcome goals, goal progress measures aligning to the student outcomes, a monitoring calendar, structured operations for success, guardrails, and active teamwork and advocacy. Consultant Laurie Elliott reported the Board has been successful in dedicating approximately 60% of the time in Board meetings to student outcomes. Available on the website utilizing the BoardDocs link is posted the School Board Leadership Framework containing the six objectives. Board members broke into groups and scored themselves on selected outcomes and also prioritized what areas to work on within the next quarter. The scoring ranged from Does Not Meet, Novice, Partially Proficient, Proficient, and Advanced. Under objectives 1 and 2, Board Members Rodakowski and Seaks explained they felt the Board was proficient on these two objectives. They noted there could be some improvements in sharing with the community and students the student outcome goals. Under objective 3, Vice President Schwartz felt the Board was at the novice level. This was due to the Board only now completing a self-evaluation. She recommended Superintendent Lewton formalize his implementation plan and share it with the Board. Under objective 4, Board Member Wilkie suggested scoring the Board in the advanced category with the understanding the Board was comfortable with receiving final Board meeting materials to be voted on at least three calendar days before the Board meeting, not seven calendar days as stated in the objective. There was a discussion regarding the monthly Board workshops to build the School Board Meeting agenda which is typically held on the sixth day before the Board meeting. Ms. Elliott questioned if the school board was reviewing all the Board policies. And, when reviewing the policies, if they were recognizing if the delegation of the policies were under the Board’s responsibility or the superintendent’s responsibility. Dr. Lewton explained over the past 1.5 years the Board has been reviewing the policies from the manual that are under the School Board category. He also explained there are administrative regulations that are under the superintendent’s and administrators’ responsibilities. Objective 5 pertained to guardrails. President Orton felt the Board was proficient on this topic. She added that students may not be aware of the guardrails and what the Board was trying to accomplish. Objective 6 pertained to actively promoting teamwork and advocacy. President Orton felt the Board was not past zero on this topic as the Board has not arranged for any community engagement. Ms. Elliott responded that she would be helping the Board prepare a PowerPoint presentation to share with the community and the students. Ms. Elliott felt once the Board had shared its goals with the community and the students, it would impact the scoring on several objectives. Superintendent Lewton noted Southwest Night with the Legislators was scheduled the same night as the February School Board Meeting. Assistant Superintendent Harris would represent the superintendent at the February Board Meeting. Adjournment – At 12:56 p.m., President Orton declared the workshop adjourned. Michelle Orton, Board President Stephanie Hunter, Business Manager Twila Petersen, Board Secretary (Jan 18, 2023) 158219