Dickinson Public Schools Unapproved Scho

Dickinson Public Schools Unapproved School Board Workshop Minutes Tuesday, January 4, 2022, Noon Professional Learning Lab The Dickinson Public School Board held a workshop on January 4, 2022, at the Professional Learning Lab. Board members present were President Brent Seaks, Vice President Kim Schwartz, Board Member David Wilkie, and Board Member Jason Rodakowski. Board Member Michelle Orton was unable to attend the workshop. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Marcus Lewton, Assistant Superintendent Keith Harris, Business Manager Stephanie Hunter, and Board Secretary Twila Petersen. Call to Order - Board President Seaks called the meeting to order at noon. Build the January 4, 2022, Board Meeting Agenda –Superintendent Dr. Lewton addressed the Board. He summarized topics proposed for Monday’s Board meeting agenda. To accommodate a conflict with the scheduled February Board meeting, Board members recommended changing the meeting date to Monday, February 21. The District is required to review its Continuity Plan at a minimum of every six months. Public input on the plan was suggested. This could be done through a survey or during a Board meeting. Effective February 1, 2022, a federal mandate will be implemented for all Early Childhood Center (ECC)/Head Start employees, contractors, and volunteers requiring them to have the COVID-19 vaccine. To maintain the special education services for children ages 3-5, the services will be moved to the Hagen Building. Dr. Lewton commended Director of Special Education Services Sheri Twist and administrators and staff for making this transition possible. There will be a Budget Input and Development Committee Meeting this week Thursday. One of the topics proposed for the agenda is a discussion for options for accommodating the increased enrollment in the elementary schools. Dr. Lewton noted there have been three certified employee resignations submitted. These positions will be reviewed for attrition. A roof bid will be provided at the Board meeting for the Board’s consideration. Assistant Superintendent Harris explained two bids were received for sections of roofing at Berg and Lincoln elementary schools. One bid met bid specifications and one bid did not. The administrative recommendation was to accept the bid that did not meet the specifications as it was a lower price and was advantageous as it included total removal and replacement of the sections of the roof. Dr. Lewton explained a contract is proposed to be on the agenda for Monday’s Board meeting for the architectural services for the CTE infrastructure. The contract is at 6.75% of the total bill. Customarily similar contracts are between 5-10%. Superintendent Lewton reminded Board members of the North Dakota School Boards Association Negotiations Seminar on February 3 and 4th in Bismarck. If Board members are interested in attending, they are asked to contact Dr. Lewton or Mrs. Petersen. Assistant Superintendent Harris noted there will be a bus bid for consideration on the agenda for Monday’s meeting. The District originally funded for two buses. After some discussion and review, the administration recommends replacing one route bus. President Seaks inquired regarding the Be Legendary School Board Leadership Institute training for Board members. Dr. Lewton will follow up if potential dates for the training could be shared soon and if there was still an option for other school districts to apply for the training. Superintendent Lewton referenced the Board’s recommendation for another Board retreat in the spring. At that time, administrators plan to provide some considerations regarding the District facilities. Adjournment – At 12:29 p.m., President Seaks declared the workshop adjourned. Brent Seaks, Board President Stephanie Hunter, Business Manager Twila Petersen, Board Secretary (Jan. 12, 2022) 22207