Dickinson Public Schools Unapproved Scho

Dickinson Public Schools Unapproved School Board Workshop Minutes Tuesday, May 2, 2023; at Noon Professional Learning Lab The Dickinson Public School Board held a workshop on May 2, 2023, at the Professional Learning Lab. Board members present were Board President Michelle Orton, Board Vice President Kim Schwartz, Board Member Brent Seaks, Board Member David Wilkie, and Board Member Jason Rodakowski. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Marcus Lewton, Business Manager Stephanie Hunter, Assistant Superintendent Keith Harris, and School Board Secretary Twila Petersen. Call to Order - Board President Orton called the workshop to order at noon. Build the May 8, 2023, Regular School Board Meeting Agenda – Superintendent Dr. Lewton addressed the Board. Dr. Lewton is monitoring the fall kindergarten enrollment and the May enrollment numbers, especially at the elementary schools. The kindergarten enrollment for fall is ahead of last year’s at this time. On Monday, Ms. Hurt with the Adult Learning Center will present an update. Also at Monday’s meeting, Mrs. Schlecht will provide updated information on the Roughrider K-8 Virtual Academy. Dr. Lewton noted the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) has not completed the recent testing results. Those will not be available for Monday’s Board Meeting. The superintendent may report on a superintendent’s guardrail instead. Other topics proposed for Monday’s Board meeting include a report on the major summer buildings project, breakfast and lunch meal prices update for 2023-2024, student handbooks for 2023-2024, an update on administrative negotiations and teacher negotiations, awarding of the milk and bread products for the 2023-2024 school year, a report to be submitted to the Department of Public Instruction for the Southwest Community High alternative school, and a review of a few Board policies and a Board regulation. Assistant Superintendent Harris explained two items on the major summer buildings projects that were in his 5-year plan for Heart River Elementary and Hagen Junior High. Mr. Harris suggested the Board defer action until the community surveys come back as the recommendations in the survey could be deciding factors for these two buildings. Mr. Harris added there is work currently being done at Jefferson Elementary to secure the entrance. This was on the summer projects list, but the contractor had an availability now. Superintendent Lewton asked if the Board recommended revisions or other topics be added to Monday’s Board Meeting. There were no revisions or additions noted. Board members discussed their schedules for the month of June and trying to consider a date for the Board workshop to build the June 19, 2023, Board Meeting agenda. Due to scheduling conflicts, there may not be a Board workshop in June. Dr. Lewton will meet with President Orton to review potential topics for the June 19 Board Meeting. Superintendent Lewton suggested Board members consider touring the North Campus. A lot of work has evolved recently at that campus. The insulation and framing being completed are impressive. Adjournment – At 12:26 p.m., President Orton declared the workshop adjourned. Michelle Orton, Board President Stephanie Hunter, Business Manager Twila Petersen, Board Secretary (May 17, 2023) 223579