Dickinson Public Schools Unapproved Scho

Dickinson Public Schools Unapproved School Board Workshop Minutes Thursday, July 21, 2022; Noon Professional Learning Lab The Dickinson Public School Board held a workshop on July 21, 2022, at the Professional Learning Lab. Board members present were President Michelle Orton, Vice President Kim Schwartz, Board Member Brent Seaks, and Board Member Jason Rodakowski. Board Member Wilkie was unable to attend. Also present were Superintendent Dr. Marcus Lewton, and Ms. Laurie Elliott, director with Elliott and McMahon, LLC. Call to Order - Board President Orton called the workshop to order at noon. Superintendent and Board Guardrails Pertaining to Board Achievement Goals – Ms. Laurie Elliott, director with Elliott and McMahon, LLC, addressed the Board. Ms. Elliott has been coaching the Board on their adopted student outcome goals. Ms. Elliott said it would take several months for all the key pieces to be in place. It will take some time to study the data to set a solid target for the goals. Ms. Elliott reminded the Board the goals belong to the Board and progress measures belong to the superintendent and his team. The superintendent is responsible for bringing good progress goals. Ms. Elliott expressed the importance of students being at grade level reading by third grade. She said the “students are learning to read up to third grade. After third grade, the students are reading to learn.” Ms. Elliott referenced the monitoring calendar created by the superintendent. The school board agenda will transition to about 25% of the content that will pertain to student outcome goals. As more data becomes available and the Board delves into the data, there could be more questions with the Board spending more time on the student outcome goals in their meetings. The questions and answers will also provide information to the public. Board Member Seaks referenced those students that have not reached the target in the third-grade reading. He inquired how their progress will be addressed. Ms. Elliott responded that a populous will not be able to read. There was a discussion regarding parent engagement and input. Ms. Elliott said the adults can only change themselves to meet the demands. Community meetings will have an impact on some of the adults to where they will join the team. She explained that parents are often afraid to approach the school or to attend meetings. She added the parents do care about their children. Ms. Elliott referenced the guardrails. She explained that the guardrails are components that will monitor adult behavior impacting the Board’s goals. She provided several scenarios of groups of students. Some teachers will do whatever it takes to reach the students that are not meeting their goals. The teacher may utilize intervention techniques, a different approach to the curriculum, or different strategies for those students. Ms. Elliott explained that teachers need to teach to align with the state standards. In the future, the assessments will align with the state standards. The Board reviewed several examples of Board guardrails and superintendent guardrails. There were several that supported the goals of the Board and the monitoring progress. Superintendent Lewton said there are several areas the Central Administration Offices (CAO) Cabinet is focused and will not waiver. Response to Intervention (RTI) and Professional Learning Communities (PLC) are two areas. There was a discussion on the building leadership teams and their roles in supporting the principal. Adjournment – At 12:50 p.m., President Orton declared the workshop adjourned. Michelle Orton, Board President Stephanie Hunter, Business Manager Twila Petersen, Board Secretary (Aug. 3, 2022) 86808