July 11th, 2022 City of Gladstone City C

July 11th, 2022 City of Gladstone City Council Meeting Minutes 6pm – 7:45pm Subject to Approval Present: Randy Wyatt, Paul Reinbold, Darrell Sadowsky, and Mark Erdman. Mayor Randy Wyatt called the meeting to order. Randy discussed the Stark County LEOP. Motion to approve the June 28th Meeting Minutes was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Motion to postpone the approval of the June 6th Meeting Minutes was made by Mark, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all-aye vote. Mark asked for an executive session to discuss the June 6th Minutes. Christina said that the conversation does not fit the parameters of an executive session. Motion to review the June 6th Meeting Minutes at a Special Meeting on June 18th at 6pm was made by Paul, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Attorney Report: Christina completed the second reading of the Dog Breed Ordinance to include changes requested at the June 6th Meeting. Nikki Larson attended the meeting to express her concerns over a vicious dog not being removed rather than introducing a new ordinance. Christina sent all complaints to the pet owner, but the owner denied them. Christina told the owner the pets needed to be removed. She also advised her to attend tonight’s meeting, but she did not attend. Christina mentioned situations of violent dogs needing to be reported to the Sheriff’s office to assist in their removal. The City had a similar ordinance a few years ago which was redacted when the ordinance book was rewritten, therefore, the Council is working to implement a new ordinance. Paul asked what breeds are included in the ordinance which was advised to be Pit Bull and Rottweiler variants unless they are service dogs. Current owners would be grandfathered in, which includes animals currently licensed with the City. Nikki mentioned requiring all dog owners have proper fencing. Randy mentioned tabling the Dog Breed Ordinance. Christina mentioned the City already has an ordinance against vicious animals. Christina will get in touch with the Sheriff’s office to get all animal complaint reports. Motion to postpone this topic to the August meeting was made by Paul, seconded by Mark, and carried by an all-aye vote. Christina will follow-up with the State’s Attorney’s office and the Sheriff’s Office to see if they have more reports on the Winch’s aggressive dog. Christina mentioned they need to fill the vacant Council seat. She suggests if anyone is interested, they should submit a type of letter or application for the Council to review and appoint someone. Maintenance Report: Paul discussed the tank that Tony acquired to flush the sewers. He will begin the sewer flush in the next few weeks. Engineering Report: Cal with AE2S attended the meeting to discuss the services they provide for the City. He discussed the letter from the State regarding the water distribution system. Cal discussed the services he does not currently provide, but could provide to become compliant. Cal estimated a yearly cost of $26,000. He also mentioned he could train an individual with the City to do these services. Mark said if Tony isn’t interested in being trained, he could do it. Paul mentioned talking to Tony to see if he’d be interested. Training alongside Cal’s normal hours of testing would not be at an extra cost. However, things out of the normal scope of work would be extra. Motion to contact the State informing them the City will train an employee to do the extra water distribution tasks was made by Paul, seconded by Mark, and carried by an all-aye vote. Cal discussed the new lead and copper rule from the EPA that will go into effect in October of 2024. The City will have to know what the water lines are made of. The State is working on providing funding to help the City analyze their role in the lead and copper rule. Jeremey discussed Monte Martin’s claim regarding Northern Improvement Towing his RV on June 28th. Jordan will get this submitted to NDIRF. Old Business: The Council discussed Charlie Parker’s property. Paul suggested getting photos to ensure progress is being made. Motion to approve the ARPA Funds to purchase the new water meter reader and software was made by Darrell, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all-aye vote. Motion to insure the cardboard roll-off was made by Darrell, seconded by Mark, and carried by an all-aye vote. Mark discussed the City Hall renovations. A section of the elevation of the threshold vs. the slab is not ADA compliant. A change order would be needed to fix this; Mark is waiting on a cost estimate. Kolling and Kolling suggested running a pipe system or letting the water run onto the overhang; they will submit an estimate for both options. Mark discussed the updated safety manual. He is waiting for Paul and Darrell’s review. New Business: Randy would like a cell phone for the Mayor position; one that would move from Mayor to Mayor. The Council asked for cost estimates. Pat Meyer submitted a permit for a wedding. Motion to remove Cody and add Randy to the bank and credit card accounts was made by Mark, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all-aye vote. Jordan asked the Council if she could step back and do a limited number of responsibilities. She will get a list of responsibilities together. Gwen Lantz discussed the flags in the hall and in the park. Paul recommended looking for a different pull system because the City has a lot of problems with the flags falling. Randy said the City will try to improve on lowering and raising the flags. Gwen discussed the aging meters. Randy and Paul mentioned Tony has been working on replacing those meters for the past few years. Gwen said her meters are still the old version. Gwen asked if Jordan had any Auditor training; Jordan said she has completed a training through the ND League of Cities, as well as obtained her Master’s Degree. Gwen had concerns about the 2022 election and a posting that was missed. She also expressed concerns with a ballot regarding posting meeting minutes in the newspaper which hasn’t been done since 2012; Christina confirmed this is required, however, it rarely passes with a no vote being that most individuals want these meeting minutes posted. The City will ensure this is done for the 2024 election. Gwen mentioned an organizational meeting that needs to be held on the 4th Tuesday of June after the election. Christina said the Council could re-vote the assignments once the open seat is filled. Chelsee Martin attended the meeting to turn in a petition to be appointed to the Council. Christina said to review applications and make a decision at the August meeting. Chelsee is intending to call for a Special Election. Mark discussed the Senior Citizens curb cut. Motion to approve the Senior Citizens’ permit application was made by Darrell, seconded by Paul, and carried by an all-aye vote with Mark abstaining from voting. Randy discussed a recording system for the City Council meeting and minutes. Paul suggests looking into a system and obtaining quotes. The Council reviewed the June bills. Motion to approve the June bills was made by Mark, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Motion to adjourn was made by Darrell, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all-aye vote. June 30th Account Balances General Checking $428,495.94 Park Checking $41,672.45 ARPA $27,510.94 CD 0832 $50,298.18 CD 9432 $100,000.00 June Payroll Tony $1,258.95 Jordan $1,100.00 Wendy $663.94 Maria $1,892.00 June Bills BND $2,995.08 Doug Brost $491.10 A-1 Sanitation $210.00 Bravera Ins $3,159.00 Butler $240.60 Gooseneck Imp $133.67 MGM Sanitation $4,589.20 MDU $1,562.50 SW Grain $3,967.62 One Call Concepts $6.50 Runnings $264.85 SW Water $3,819.43 Forum Comm. $203.28 MidContinent $129.82 West Plains $311.37 Advanced Element $1,498.64 Dakota Sports $141.00 Rath & Mehrer $7,000.00 Team Lab. Chem. $2,647.00 Visa $49.30 TOTAL $34,244.14 (July 27, 2022) 84247