June 6th, 2022 City of Gladstone City Co

June 6th, 2022 City of Gladstone City Council Meeting Minutes 6pm – 7:30pm Subject to Approval Present: Cody Silbernagel, Randy Wyatt, Darrell Sadowsky, and Mark Erdman. Mayor Cody Silbernagel called the meeting to order. Nikita with Stark County attended the meeting to discuss the Local Emergency Operations Plan (LEOP). The LEOP is essentially a template for governments to follow in cases of emergency. This topic will be discussed further at the July meeting. Motion to approve the May 2nd Meeting Minutes was made by Randy, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Attorney Report: Christina completed the first reading of a dog breed ordinance regarding Pit Bills and other breeds considered to be more dangerous. Cody discussed a grandfathered-in portion which would require current owners/residents to follow stipulations in order to stay compliant with the new ordinance. Cody suggested adding an alternate solution for new and current dogs rather than prohibiting all breeds discussed in the ordinance. Christina will add the exemptions/stipulations. Motion to approve the first reading with the amendments was made by Mark, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all-aye vote. Christina reviewed the bond resolution to set the bond on the position of City Auditor to $562,000. Motion to approve the resolution was made by Darrell, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all-aye vote. Christina reviewed the letter the City received from Haley Winch regarding her pet nuisances and advised she will respond to Haley. Engineering Report: The Council discussed adding an approach to the River and Cottage alleyway; Jeremy will begin the process. Cody discussed the SDWA requirements. He spoke with Cal and Deon from AE2S who said they would take care of it; Jordan will follow-up with them. The Council reviewed the back-flow prevention plan prepared by AE2S. Motion to approve the back-flow prevention plan was made by Darrell, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all-aye vote. Old Business: Cody talked to Charlie Parker who advised he plans to have everything completed by the end of summer. Cody said he has witnessed them working on the property. The City will continue to monitor the progress. The Council discussed the Street Repair Loan through BND. The term length remained the same but the monthly payment decreased. Cody suggests making a motion to send an additional monthly payment to apply towards the principal for the remainder of the loan. Motion to approve paying an additional $2,000 per month for the Street Repair loan for one year (June 2022 to June 2023) was made by Mark, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all-aye vote. New Business: MGM Sanitation came to discuss the cardboard roll-offs. The monthly rental would be $150 per roll-off with a pull fee of $2 per mile. Cost of replacement in case of destruction would be $11,000 - $12,000. Cody suggested a three-month trial period in which the Council would review the costs afterwards. Motion to approve the three-month trial period for a cardboard roll-off was made by Mark, seconded by Darrell, and carried by an all-aye vote. Monte Martin attended the meeting to discuss his vehicle damage from the street repairs in which Northern Improvement pulled his vehicle to the end of the block during construction. The City will file a claim with NDIRF who may advise the City to contact Northern Improvement’s bonding agent. The City received a notice and photos from Nikki Larson regarding her screen door which was shattered due to the City mowing. Jordan will file a claim with NDIRF. Cody will talk to the mowing operator The Fire Department is scheduled to do training on July 21st. They will be training on real-time emergency scenarios which may include a simulated evacuation; Jordan will send out advisory notices to the residents. The Council reviewed the property schedule from Bravera Insurance. They are asking the Council to review the schedule and make any necessary changes, as well as approve suggested coverage increases. The Community Center and the Community Center benches will be removed. Motion to approve the new insurance rates after deducting the Community Center and benches was made by Mark, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all-aye vote. Cody discussed the Neptune water meter system. The City’s current meter reader and software is outdated and becoming obsolete. The new system, which will eventually be required, is quoted at $9,000; cost breakdown: set-up $1,800, training $500, equipment $5,500, yearly usage fee $1,200. The Council will discuss this topic at the July meeting. They would first like to know how long it will take to upgrade us to the new system should our existing system fail. A permit application was submitted to do a curb cut at the Community Center in order to finish concrete work. Mark initially asked Cody if it could be done before approval at a meeting in which Cody said no. Motion to approve the curb cut application was made by Darrell, Randy did not second the motion, and Mark abstained from voting. The motion did not carry. Randy discussed his disproval of Mark’s inappropriate behavior regarding a verbal altercation with the City Attorney, as well as Mark dumping carpet which then had to be hauled to the dump, and Mark removing the speed bumps that were placed in front of his residence. In addition, he mentioned the Community Center awning that was completed prior to receiving a permit. Randy recommends sanctioning Mark from voting rights for 90 days. Christina advised she would have to review and confirm if that would be legally possible if the Council would like to do that. Randy would also like the costs incurred from the carpet removal and the speed bump removal to be reimbursed to the City by Mark. Mark mentioned the speed bumps were not placed where he and Paul initially planned for them to be, as well as not him not being aware the carpet couldn’t be dumped. Cody mentioned not wanting there to be a correlation between the curb cut denial and Randy’s emotions on these other issues. Cody asked Christina if a motion could even be made for Mark to reimburse the City for the incurred cost from his actions. Christina will need to do some research before advising. Cody suggested tabling the topic to allow Christina time to research everything. Randy rescinds his motion to sanction Mark so it can be discussed at the July meeting. Cody suggest approving the curb cut application because it was submitted by the Senior Citizens Club and not Mark himself. Motion to approve the May bills was made by Darrell, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all-aye vote. Motion to adjourn was made by Darrell, seconded by Randy, and carried by an all-aye vote. May 31st Account Balances General Checking $443,001.50 Park Checking $49,663.55 CD 0832 $50,298.18 CD 9432 $100,000.00 May Payroll Tony $716.10 Chris $288.00 Jordan $1,100.00 Wendy $253.64 Maria $1,056.00 May Oil & Gas $12,347.62 May Bills IRS $320.74 IRS $583.58 IRS $136.48 SW Water $4,302.50 Smart Computers $363.50 MDU $777.28 MGM Sanitation $4,012.54 Mackoff Kellogg, $626.36 Butler $108.31 Butler $39.88 Dakota Pump, $1,650.50 MDU $123.09 MDU $1,032.32 One Call, $2.60 SW Grain, $273.67 SW Grain $131.81 SW Grain $317.34 SW Grain $177.17 SW Grain $211.34 SW Grain $126.71 West Plains, Inc., $709.75 Quality Quick Print $214.00 Advanced Element Op $483.50 Brian Dvorak $2,400.00 Forum Comm $155.54 Forum Comm $6.16 Midcontinent, $118.40 Forum Comm $19.25 Mackoff Kellogg $1,521.54 Visa, $10.00 Georges Tire, $2,034.00 (June 15, 2022) 72807