May 23, 2022 Request for Statements of Q

May 23, 2022 Request for Statements of Qualifications for Engineering Services The City of Belfield is requesting statements of qualifications from engineering firms for the purpose of providing general engineering services for as directed by the City of Belfield Mayor and City Council for a five (5) year period, with the City of Belfield having the option to extend said period for an additional five (5) year period upon City Council approval. The firms would provide general engineering and related services necessary for roads, bridges, trails, water, wastewater, storm sewer, solid waste, annexations, floodplain, subdivision reviews, site development, environmental reviews, miscellaneous public works and utilities projects and inspections, preliminary studies, funding applications, zoning, surveying, preliminary and final design, bidding, construction administration and inspection work. Payment terms will be negotiated with the selected respondents. Engineering services must, at a minimum, include the following: • Preparing preliminary studies and reports. • Legal, boundary, design, and construction surveys • Attendance at meetings and facilitating workshops • Preliminary and final design • Obtaining approval of appropriate local, state, and federal agencies • Preparing construction bid packages and supervising the bidding and award phase • Performing on-site observation of construction work and preparing inspection reports • Performing construction administration during all phases of the construction process, including grant administration • Providing reproducible plan drawings • Conducting final inspection and testing • Submitting certified record drawings • Preparing operational and maintenance manuals • Producing documentation for submission to granting source Responses to the RFQ must include: 1. The firm’s legal name, mailing address, telephone number, name and email address of primary contact person. 2. The experience and qualifications of the staff to be assigned the described activities. 3. Capacity to meet time and budget requirements. 4. A description of the project team’s prior experience, including any similar projects, project size, location, total project costs, and the name of the local official knowledgeable of the firm’s performance. Include at least three references. 5. A description of the firm’s current and projected work activities. 6. A summary of recent and current work for the City of Belfield. Respondents will be evaluated according to the following criteria: 20% 1. The qualifications of the professional personnel to be assigned to the project 15% 2. The consultant’s capability to meet time and budget requirements 5% 3. Location 10% 4. The firm’s present and projected workloads 20% 5. Related experience on requested services 15% 6. Project methodology and approach 10% 7. Familiarity with the requested services 5% 8. Firm’s recent and current work for the City of Belfield The respondent’s statement of qualifications shall not exceed twenty-five (25) pages (a single page/side of paper being considered one page) total, with a minimum of a font of ten, including cover letter and attachments. Respondent should pay careful attention to detail and provide only the requested information. Respondent shall submit eight (8) bound and one (1) electronic copies of the statement of qualifications. The selection of finalists to be interviewed, if necessary, will be based on an evaluation of the written responses. The award will be made to the most qualified respondents whose statement of qualifications, all factors considered, is deemed most advantageous to the City of Belfield. Interviews may or may not be conducted at the City’s option. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified as soon as possible after selections are confirmed. Questions and response should be directed to Marriann Mross, Mayor, City of Belfield, P.O. Box 5, Belfield, ND 58622, TEL No. (701)-575-4235. All responses must be received by 4:00 p.m. MST June 14th, 2022. Please mark envelope “General Engineering Services” on the outside of the response envelope. This solicitation is being offered in accordance with local, state, and federal statutes governing procurement of professional services. Accordingly, the City of Belfield reserves the right to negotiate an agreement based on fair and reasonable compensation for the scope of work and services proposed, as well as the right to reject any and all responses deemed unqualified, unsatisfactory, or inappropriate. Compensation for all activities will be negotiated on a task-by-task basis, as projects and needs evolve. (June 1, 2022) 68902