Minutes City of South Heart Regular Meeting December 7, 2020 7:00 P.

City of South Heart
Regular Meeting
December 7, 2020
7:00 P.M.
ROLL CALL: Hurt, Binstock, White, Sticka, Praus, Deputy Sheriff Holly Bradshaw, Scott Jung
REGULAR MEETING: was called to order by Mayor Hurt at 7:00pm
A motion to approve the agenda was made by Councilman Sticka and seconded by Councilman Binstock. All in favor. Motion carried.
A motion to approve the November 2, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes was made by Councilwoman Splichal and seconded by Councilman White. All in favor. Motion carried.
Not present
I Don't Know Bar application was presented and reviewed by the council. A motion to approve the application was made by Councilman Binstock and seconded by Councilwoman Splichal. (Councilman Sticka abstained from voting) Binstock, Splichal, White in favor. Motion carried
The Tee Shots application was presented and reviewed by the council. A motion to approve the application was made by Councilman Sticka and seconded by Councilman White. All in favor. Motion carried.
A motion at approve the amendment of the budget in the amount of $36,000.00 for Street Repairs was made by Councilman Sticka and seconded by Councilwoman Splichal. All in favor. Motion carried.
Deputy Sheriff Bloodshaw reported there were 37 contacts for their service in South Heart and informed the council she has been working with the school on implementing an effective plan for response time for their service.
Councilman White mentioned to the council that Sheriff Lee would like to obtain the old cop car for two years of contract service to the city. The council discussed and would like Councilman White to counter offer back and see if they would like to lease it for two years and then possibly have an option to buy the car.
Mr. Jung was present to distribute the reports for the last three years to see where the funds are being spent from the City Sales Tax, as the ordinance reads the funds are to be spent on upkeep and maintenance. The council briefly went over the reports and discussed possible improvements and additions that could be done to our city parks that the whole community would benefit from.
Councilman Binstock reported he met with Jon Brosz, City Engineer to discuss the chip sealing project and the process. Mr. Brosz will meet with the city attorney, draw up bond papers, and the project will go out for bids.
Councilwoman Splichal informed the council she would not be responsible for the water portfolio any longer. She does not feel that it is her duty as a council person to complete the duties of the portfolio as she feels unsafe completing the duties that are assigned to the portfolio. She expressed her concern on the accounts that was were past due and suggested a policy be enforced that any account 60 days past due should receive a disconnect notice if their account is not paid. The council agreed to have the policy enforced and the auditor will send out notices.
Mayor Hurt reported the fence and area around new lift station have been cleaned up and Temp Right will be out to install a heater and Sackman Electric will complete the electrical in the building sometime this next week.
The council reviewed the rates for the city services and they will revisit the rate increase at January's meeting.
Mayor Hurt inquired if Councilwoman Splichal had ordered trees for next spring. Councilwomen Splichal stated she did not because she did not know where to plant them or what kind the council wanted. So the council discussed planting trees along the golf course in the future.
The council reviewed the past due accounts and requested the auditor to send out past due notices and give the individuals 10 days to pay the past due amounts or they will be shut off and service will be not be reconnected until the account balance is current and all fees for reconnection are paid in full. The council discussed shutting off the delinquent accounts and will be charging them the current disconnect and reconnect fees as stated in the city ordinances.
Floyd Hurt Maintenance 53.1.94 Ck.11092
Forum Communication Publish Minutes 189.00 Ck.11095
Renae Praus City Auditor Wages/Mileage 3351.91 Ck.11111
Montana Dakota Utilities Utilities 169.54 Ck.11112
Dakota Pump and Control New Lift Station pump repairs 4860.25 Ck.11113
Kustom Signals Inc. Repairs Speed light 825.20 Ck.11114
Roughrider Electric Street Lights 24.50 Ck.11108
City of South Heart Utilities 125.00 Ck.11100
SM Fencing New Lift Station Fence 3800.00 Ck.11101
JK Excavation New Lift Station Repairs 62000.00 Ck.11102
Newbys Ace Hardware Supplies 6.29 Ck.11093
Montana Dakota Utilities Utilities 625.95 Ck.11098
Railroad Management Lease 569.64 Ck.11099
Brosz Engineering Engineering 1562.50 Ck.11109
Red Rock Ford Police Car-oil chg. 60.10 Ck.11110
SW Pipeline Authority November 4072.20 Ck.11096
Forum Communication Publish Minutes 266.28 Ck.11097
Montana Dakota Utilities Utilities 1612.37 Ck.11094
MGM Sanitation Refuse Contract 4287.34 Ck.11104
LK Goodwin Company Cable 163.07 Ck.11105
ND Locates Locates 7.20 Ck.11106
USPS Stamps 125.00 Ck.11107
ND Locates Locates 6.00 Ck.11103
Jeremy Binstock Maintenance 132.98 Ck.11115
Mike Sticka Maintenance 58.18 Ck.11116
Consolidated Telcom Telephone/Internet service 254.31 Ck.11117
Void Ck.11118
A motion to pay vouchers for the month of November, approve the Financial Reports and Pledge Agreements as submitted was made by Councilwoman and seconded by Councilman White. All in favor. Motion carried.
No further business, motion to adjourn was made by Councilman White and seconded by Councilman Splichal. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.
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Floyd R. Hurt, Mayor Renae Praus, City Auditor
Renae Praus, City Auditor
(Dec. 23, 2020) 2870096