Minutes City of South Heart Regular Meeting June 7, 2021 7:00 P.

City of South Heart
Regular Meeting
June 7, 2021
7:00 P.M.
Floyd R HurtJeremy Binstock
Mike Sticka
Chris Splichal
Brock White
Renae Praus
ROLL CALL: Hurt, Binstock, White, Praus, Splichal
ALSO PRESENT: Sherriff Corey Lee, Pete Kuntz
REGULAR MEETING: was called to order by Mayor Hurt at 7:00pm
A motion to approve the agenda was made by Councilwoman and seconded by Councilman Sticka. All in favor. Motion carried.
A motion to approve the May 3, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes was made by Councilman White and seconded by Councilwoman Splichal. All in favor. Motion carried.
Police Commissioner White reported he has not been able to contact Sandy Kuntz, city attorney regarding the changes to the contract for the police car so the contract is still not complete.
Sherriff Lee informed the council it was a quiet month in regards to calls in South Heart. The council discussed a complaint regarding a dog running that is always running around town has no license and no collar Sheriff Lee will contract the owners. The council also discussed underage kids driving four wheelers and golf carts around town.
Street Commissioner Binstock contacted Prairie Paving to get estimates on crack sealing and repairs. Mayor Hurt would like a motion to allow Binstock to move forward and schedule the repairs so they can be completed this summer. A motion was made to move forward with the street repairs was made by Councilwoman Splichal and seconded by Councilman Sticka. All in favor.
Councilwoman Splichal gave Councilman Binstock the information on the missing street signs. Mayor Hurt will go through the signs we have in the shop and report to the auditor the ones we need to order.
Water Superintend Hurt reported the transducer for the cement reserve west water tank has been ordered and Sackman Electric will be out to install it once it comes in.
The auditor presented the 2020 Consumer Confidence Report to the council for review and approval. A motion to approve the annual CCR was made by Councilman Sticka and seconded by Councilman Binstock. All in favor.
A motion to approve Floyd Hurts operator's license renewal fee was made by Councilman White and seconded by Councilman Binstock. All in favor.
Mayor Hurt reported Sackman Electric would be out to install a sensor at the new lift station once Justin Kruger installs the outlet for the sensor.
The council discussed painting the city shop and agreed to move forward with finding a contractor to schedule the project. Councilwoman Splichal made a motion to allow Councilman White to get estimates and move forward as long as the cost does not exceed $9000.00 motion was seconded by Councilman Sticka. All in favor.
Mayor Hurt presented the bid from Schoch Construction for replacing the roof on the city auditor's office. A motion to approve the bid submitted for replacing the roof was made by Councilman Binstock and seconded by Councilman White. All in favor.
Councilwoman Splichal brought up the mowing of the hay land and spraying again for discussion. The council discussed and after the discussion she was going to contact the individual that expressed interest in the cutting the hay land but later decided she was in favor of giving the lease to the individual that cut and sprayed it last year since Mayor Hurt has already contacted the individual. The rest of the council was unware anyone was interested in the lease in the future the persons interested should contact the city to be put on the agenda to discuss the issue with the entire council.
The council discussed the old man camp issues with mowing and weeds. Mayor Hurt will contact the property owner regarding the properties conditions.
The meeting for July monthly will be held on July 6th, 2021 at 7:00pm.
The council discussed fireworks and agreed to follow Stark counties burn regulations for the discharge of fireworks. Also persons discharging fireworks must follow the fireworks ordinance the city has in place.
The council reviewed the past due accounts and requested the auditor to send out past due notices and give the individuals 10 days to pay the past due amounts or they will be shut off and service will be not be reconnected until the account balance is current and all fees for reconnection are paid in full. The council discussed shutting off the delinquent accounts and will be charging them the current disconnect and reconnect fees as stated in the city ordinances.
Keith Dukart Cement work 3800.00 Ck.11229
Keith DukartDirt work2200.00Ck.11230
Floyd HurtMaintenance365.71Ck.11239
Renae PrausCity Auditor Wages/Mileage3315.55Ck.11237
Forum CommunicationsPublish Minutes251.63Ck.11235
Forum CommunicationsPublish Minutes144.30Ck.11236
Renae PrausPostage15.55Ck.11234
Total Control Inc.Cleanup Dumpster289.51Ck.11238
Roughrider ElectricStreet Lights24.50Ck.11231
Jayme LeforCommission Check166.23Ck.11247
Floyd R. HurtYearly Commission905.03Ck.11246
Mike StickaYearly Commission609.51Ck.11243
Brock WhiteYearly Commission664.92Ck.11244
Jeremy Binstock Yearly Commission720.30Ck.11245
Chris SplichalYearly Commission609.51Ck.11242
City of South HeartUtilities133.00Ck.11232
VindexPlastic for city roof 635.50Ck.11233
SW Pipeline AuthorityMay 11277.85Ck.11249
MGM SanitationRefuse Contract4530.84Ck.11240
ND LocatesLocates13.20Ck.11250
Schmitz Holstrom CPAAudit1500.00Ck.11251
Peter KuntzCleanup day149.61Ck.11252
Heart Country LLCSupplies24.98Ck.11253
Jeremey BinstockMaintenance182.85Ck.11254
Mike StickaMaintenance83.11Ck.11255
ND Dept. of Environmental Certification Renewal5.00Ck.11256
Chemistry Lab Lagoon Sample58.26Ck.11257
Keith DukartReissue-Dirt Work2166.00Ck.11258
Heart Country LLCOil for Mower73.96 Ck.11259
Heart River AutoRepair mower tire42.00Ck.11260
A motion to pay vouchers for the month of May, approve the Financial Reports and Pledge Agreements as submitted was made by Councilman Binstock and seconded by Councilman White. All in favor. Motion carried.
No further business, motion to adjourn was made by Councilman White and seconded by Councilman Sticka. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.
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Floyd R. Hurt, Mayor Renae Praus, City Auditor
(June 23, 2021)2893524