Minutes City of South Heart Regular Meeting November 2, 2020 7:00 P.

City of South Heart
Regular Meeting
November 2, 2020
7:00 P.M.
Floyd R Hurt
Jeremy Binstock
Mike Sticka
Chris Splichal
Brock White
Renae Praus
ROLL CALL: Hurt, Binstock, Praus, Sheriff Holly Bradshaw, Pete Kuntz, Scott Jung
ABSENT: Brock White, Chris Splichal
REGULAR MEETING: was called to order by Mayor Hurt at 7:00pm
A motion to approve the agenda was made by Councilman Sticka and seconded by Councilman Binstock. All in favor. Motion carried.
A motion to approve the October 5, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes was made by Councilman Binstock and seconded by Councilman Sticka. All in favor. Motion carried.
Not present
Not Present
The council discussed the lot that Mr. Praus bought and they all agreed to grant Mr. Praus a variance to allow him to put a Doublewide Mobile Home on post and pier foundation on the lot. A motion was made by Councilman Binstock and seconded by Councilman Sticka to allow the variance. All in favor. Motion carried.
Mr. Jung was present to discuss the sales tax revenue the city distributes to the park board. The council was inquiring what the funds were used for as they are allocated for upkeep and maintenance of the city parks in town. The council would like some idea of where the funds are going so when the city officials are approached by the residents we can have the information to answer those questions accurately. Mr. Jung was presented with a printout of the amount of money the park board has received since the Sales Tax was implemented. The council would like a park board representative to come and discuss this at the next city council meeting and so we can all work together as a community.
Councilman Binstock reported he fixed the JD sweeper. Binstock would also like to the auditor to apply for a burn permit for the landfill. He inquired about the street sealing project and plans to contact city engineer Jon Brosz to get the timeline for the project. Binstock also reported he email the railroad on the repairs heir excavator did to our streets.
Mayor Hurt reported there were no issues with the water department. The circulating pumps were plugged in and reserve tanks were drained down to 3 ½ feet.
Mayor Hurt reported the repaired pumps were installed in the old lift station and the new pumps should be here in January. JK Excavation was here working on the new lift station so everything will be installed and ready to go when the new pumps are here.
No report
Deputy Holly Bloodsaw was present to review the monthly reports for South Heart for October. She reported there were no concerns for South Heart mostly minor issues for the month.
Mayor Hurt report the community service workers and him repaired the fence out at the Slumbereger Facility around the trees.
Mayor Hurt reported Mon Wig informed him Hugh Helebechuk was going to be here this week to work on the roads in the Pheasant Run Subdivision.
The council reviewed the past due accounts and requested the auditor to send out past due notices and give the individuals 10 days to pay the past due amounts or they will be shut off and service will be not be reconnected until the account balance is current and all fees for reconnection are paid in full. The council discussed shutting off the delinquent accounts and will be charging them the current disconnect and reconnect fees as stated in the city ordinances.
Floyd Hurt Maintenance 631.67 Ck.11060
Forum Communication Publish Minutes 170.52 ` Ck.11071
Tyler Genre Maintenance 49.87 Ck.11069
Renae Praus City Auditor Wages/Mileage 3540.81 Ck.11061
Runnings Supplies 29.45 Ck.11062
Peter Kuntz Maintenance 166.23 Ck.11064
Roughrider Electric Street Lights 24.50 Ck.11065
City of South Heart Utilities 125.00 Ck.11077
Justabouts Services Street Repairs 35250.00 Ck.11078
Newbys Ace Hardware Supplies 6.29 Ck.11079
Montana Dakota Utilities Utilities 1688.16 Ck.11080
Bernsten International Utility Markers-Freight 66.02 Ck.11074
Brosz Engineering Engineering 1187.50 Ck.11075
South Heart Park Sales Tax ½ % 18379.12 Ck.11076
CHS Fuel Card 1.98 Ck.11072
Marc Lift Station Chemical 430.41 Ck.11073
SW Pipeline Authority October 6412.46 Ck.11081
Montana Dakota Utilities Utilities 622.78 Ck.11067
Robbie Ridl Trucking Lift Station 2133.00 Ck.11068
MGM Sanitation Refuse Contract 4287.34 Ck.11082
ND Locates Locates 16.80 Ck.11083
Jeremy Binstock Maintenace 66.50 Ck.11084
Quill Office Supplies 182.92 Ck.11085
Post Office Stamps 105.00 Ck.11066
Brosz Engineering Engineering 2125.00 Ck.11070
Void Ck.11063
A motion to pay vouchers for the month of October, approve the Financial Reports and Pledge Agreements as submitted was made by Councilman Sticka and seconded by Councilmen Binstock. All in favor. Motion carried.
No further business, motion to adjourn was made by Councilman White and seconded by Councilman Binstock. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.
Floyd R. Hurt, Mayor Renae Praus, City Auditor
(Nov. 18, 2020) 2866723