Minutes City of South Heart Special Meet

Minutes City of South Heart Special Meeting October 19, 2022 6:15 PM COUNCIL MEMBERS: Floyd Hurt Jeremy Binstock Arlen Kubas Mike Sticka Brock White CITY AUDITOR: Renae Praus ROLL CALL: Hurt, Praus, White, Kubas ABSENT: Stick, Binstock ALSO PRESENT: Nicholas Grant, City Attorney Mayor Hurt called the special meeting to order discuss the resolution for golf course building authority for using the sewer line the city installed that connects to the city of Dickinson’s sewer line to transport gray water from the city of Dickinson to the golf course holding pond to water the golf course. After discussion of the resolution that was prepared by Mr. Grant for the city sewer line Councilman Kubas made a motion to adopt resolution number 2022-01 A resolution authorizing extension of the sewer line, purchase of refuse water from City of Dickinson, and sale of refuse water to South Heart Golf Course Building Authority Councilman White seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion carried ADJOURNMENT: No further business, Councilman White made a motion to adjourn, and Councilman Kubas seconded the motion. All in favor. Motion carried. Floyd R. Hurt, Mayor Renae Praus, City Auditor (Nov. 9, 2022) 119576