Minutes City of South Heart Special Meet

Minutes City of South Heart Special Meeting March 3, 2022 7:00 P.M. MAYOR: Floyd R Hurt COUNCILMEMBERS: Jeremey Binstock Mike Sticka Chris Splichal CITY AUDITOR: Renae Praus UNAPPROVED MINUTES: ROLL CALL: Hurt, White, Praus, Splichal by phone, Binstock, Sticka, Nick Grant (City Attorney) ALSO PRESENT: Jeff Tschetter, Josh Wilkie, Doug Fettig, Jesse Olson, Kelsey Boedeker, Justin Kuylen, Jay Buchl, Joe Griesel, Renae Bachl, Bobbie Olson, Cory Holler, Cory Schneider, Eldon Mehrer (Stark County Sherriff), Holly Volesky SPECIAL MEETING: Mayor Hurt called the meeting to order at 7:00pm. Mayor Hurt opened the meeting and informed the persons present the condition of the golf course is not the concern of one person or just the city council. The community and the surrounding communities also have spoken out with concerns. Councilman White thanked everyone for attending the meeting to discuss the concerns of the Pheasant Country Golf Course. Councilman White pointed out a few of the concerns the council has pertaining to this meeting including the assignment of lease the city signed a in 2019, financially how the course is standing, irrigation system-watering of the greens and the management of the course. There was a lengthy discussion on the management, golf course irrigation system, conditions of the greens and financial statements were presented to the council for them to review. The city council expressed their concerns about working together as a community and making the course the best it can be for the community. The public was given the opportunity to express their concerns as a community who supports the course. Their concerns dealt with the conditions of the greens, condition of the irrigation system and why it wasn’t used more, management of the course and the communication/relationship of the present board members with the paying members of the golf course and the community. They also voiced concerns and inquired about how they plan to turn the conditions around on the course and what kind of time frame they thought it would take. The bridge issue was brought up again for discussion as an access to the course and response from the board was to not approve it because of the liability for the golf course. The community also expressed the concerns with the golf team having to practice at other courses due to the conditions of the course in South Heart. The community also expressed what a great asset Kirby Robb has been for the community and the golf course. Justin Kuylen, President of the Golf Course Board stated the conditions of the course are due to the drought and weather conditions that we experienced last year. He feels the course should be back to normal by the middle of the summer if we have good conditions. They are looking at hiring a new superintendent but at this time no person is hired for that specific position, but they do have an alternate plan if this individual does not accept the position. He also stated the paperwork is all up to date at the Secretary of State for the course. Regarding the irrigation system, they have replaced some of the pipe on the course with PVC rather than the copper pipe that was used for the irrigation system. There plans are in the next five years to replace the irrigation system. ADJOURNMENT: Councilman White made a motion if no further business to adjourn at 8:33pm and Councilman Sticka seconded the motion. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned. /s/ Floyd R. Hurt, Mayor /s/ Renae Praus, City Auditor (March 16, 2022) 41964