Minutes City of South Heart Special Meeting September 16, 2021 7:00 P.

City of South Heart
Special Meeting
September 16, 2021
7:00 P.M.
Floyd R. Hurt
Jeremy Binstock
Chris Splichal
Brock White
ABSENT: Mike Sticka
ROLL CALL: Hurt, Binstock, White, Praus, Splichal
ALSO PRESENT: Erica Brengle, Teri Dupont, Justin Kuylen, Jesse Olson
REGULAR MEETING: was called to order by Mayor Hurt at 7:00pm
Mayor Hurt has had some inquiries from the public about the golf course operations and would like clarification on some issues so we can inform the public when approached. The concerns were of the cosmetic appearance of the course and the financial state as well. Mr. Kuylen expressed his dedication to the course and wants it to succeed and be the asset to the community as it has in the past. He went through the process the maintenance crew went through to winterize the grounds but also with no cover this last winter there was extensive damage to the greens but they are doing their best to create and follow through with their plan to reestablish the growth of grass. They have hired outside help to develop a plan to get the course back where it needs to be at in terms of the greens. There was a discussion on the watering of the grounds and the amount of water the city provided with the city wells. The course also utilizes the river to fill the pond for irrigation but the pumps for that process needs repairs.
The next item for discussion was the financial concerns of the course due to decline in memberships and rounds sold this last summer. Mr. Kuylen stated they are financially secure and revenue set aside for a year of operations. Mayor Hurt expressed some concerns why the member were not notified of the meeting or invited to the annual meetings. Kuylen informed the council they are operating as a 501C4 and under that classification he stated the members are not allowed to vote at the meetings but they can attend certain parts of their meetings but will be asked to leave when the information is not prudent to the public. Mr. Kuylen stated under this classification they can't hold an annual meeting and they are tryin to establish an informational meeting for the persons interested in attending. He stated the minutes do not have to posted or published under a 501C4 classification which the golf is operating as at the present time. He stated due to the relationship with the city and the city owning the golf course land their needs to be a clear delineation between the two entities.
Mr. Kuylen and Mr. Olson expressed their concerns for the grounds and feel they are doing their best to establish the growth and be back to normal operations next season.
The council thanked Mr. Kuylen and Mr. Olson for coming and informing the council of the operations at the course.
No further business, motion to adjourn was made by Councilman White and seconded by Councilwoman Splichal. Motion carried. Meeting adjourned.
Floyd R. Hurt, Mayor
Renae Praus, City Auditor
(Sept. 29, 2021) 2906181