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Public Notice Number: ND-2021-038
The North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality (NDDEQ) is requesting public comment on an E. coli bacteria TMDL for the Little Missouri River in Billings, Golden Valley and Slope Counties, North Dakota. The initial public notice for this document was issued in July 2020. However, the document has been revised based on comments received, justifying an additional public comment period.
A Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) is the maximum amount of a pollutant that a waterbody can accommodate without violating water quality standards. Section 303(d) of the federal Clean Water Act and its accompanying regulations (40 CFR Part 130.7) require that states develop TMDL reports for waterbodies that are not meeting water quality standards and designated beneficial uses as listed on the state’s Section 303(d) list. These TMDL reports identify the reductions needed in both nonpoint sources and individual point sources of pollution to attain beneficial uses.
Public Comments
Prior to proposing the TMDL for EPA approval, the NDDEQ is asking for public comment on this draft document. The TMDL document is available for review and download from the NDDEQ’s website at: Copies may also be requested by calling 701.328.5210, or by mail or in person at the address below. If you require special facilities or assistance relating to a disability, call TDD at 1.800.366.6868.
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Comments may also be sent via e-mail to
Persons wishing to comment on the draft TMDL are invited to submit comments in writing to the address or e-mail shown above, postmarked or delivered no later January 31, 2022. All comments received during the public notice period will be considered prior to proposing the TMDL revision for EPA approval.
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