NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING ON THE ISSUANCE OF SCHOOL FACILITIES REVENUE BONDS UNDER THE MUNICIPAL INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT ACT OF 1955 (DICKINSON CATHOLIC SCHOOLS PROJECT) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Board of County Commissioners of Stark County, North Dakota, will meet on January 5, 2022, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Stark County Courthouse, 51 3rd Street East, Dickinson, North Dakota, for the purpose of holding a public hearing on a proposal that the County issue revenue bonds under the Municipal Industrial Development Act of 1955, Chapter 40-57, N.D.C.C., in order to finance the project described below. The Project consists of the construction and equipping of a new preschool and elementary school of approximately 34,000 square feet including classrooms, gymnasium, cafeteria/commons area, library, administrative offices and functionally related and subordinate facilities (the “Project”) located at 733 12th Street W., Dickinson, North Dakota. The Project will be owned and operated by Dickinson Catholic Schools, a North Dakota nonprofit corporation. The amount of the proposed bond issue is not to exceed $14,000,000. The bonds shall be limited obligations of the County payable solely from the revenue provided by Dickinson Catholic Schools and pledged to the payment thereof. No holder of any such bonds shall ever have the right to compel any exercise of the taxing power of the County to pay the bonds, or the interest thereon, nor to enforce payment against any property of the County. Dickinson Catholic Schools is engaged in providing preschool, elementary and secondary education and competitors are hereby notified of that fact pursuant to Chapter 40-57, N.D.C.C. All persons interested may appear and be heard at the time and place set forth above or may submit their views in writing before the time specified for the public hearing. (Dec. 14 & 21, 2022) 128915