Official Proceedings May 23, 2019 8:00 am Chairman Zander called the Special meeting of the Stark County Board of Commissioners to order.

Official Proceedings
May 23, 2019
8:00 am

Chairman Zander called the Special meeting of the Stark County Board of Commissioners to order. All members present.

Dickinson Airport
Mr. Braun from the Dickinson Airport provided an overview on the background and funding of the airport runway expansion project. Multiple options were reviewed and ultimately the presented option was settled upon.

The land closing took place last Friday and the airport is now the land owner of the necessary land needed for the runway expansion project.

Mr. Braun did approach Dunn County for funding. Dunn County is open to assisting with funding however they need to evaluate if their airport is in need of funding and if there is any violation to provide funding to the Dickinson Airport. Mr. Braun will be presenting to Billings County on June 4th.

Tom Schauer, Senior Aviation Planner with KLJ provided an overview of meetings held during the planning process on behalf of the Dickinson Airport which included a citizen advisory council, environmental assessment phase, and airport zoning. An open house was also held for the public. Mr. Braun contacted the land owners directly impacted by the project around the airport but did not recall the specific radius of the area of those contacted via certified mail. That information is on file with Mr. Braun.

Senator Wardner provided an overview of airport funding projects addressed by the State Legislature.

Mr. Braun provided a report which included an economic impact study and discussed a section of the report specific to the Dickinson Airport. Another report was provided showing the pavement index of the Dickinson Airport.

Guy Moos, President of Baker Boy spoke in support of the project of which his company frequently uses the airport for travel needs.

Ryan Jilek with the Stark Development Corporation provided a handout on the economy at a glance and discussed specific information related to the economy and the Dickinson Airport.

Sandra Kuntz, neighboring landowner to the Dickinson Airport is not opposed to the project however is questioning if the correct processes have been followed.

Randy Sickler with Ebeltoft Sickler Lawers discussed the process the Dickinson Airport took to acquire the land needed for the runway expansion project.
MOTION BY: Commissioner Elkin
SECOND BY: Commissioner Franchuk
To contribute $400,000 along with what we have already contributed bringing the total amount to $540,000 to the Dickinson Airport.
DISPOSITION: Roll Call Vote. Commissioner Elkin, Aye. Commissioner Arthaud, Nay. Commissioner Franchuk, Aye. Commissioner Kuntz, Aye. Chairman Zander, Aye. Motion carried

Chairman Zander adjourned the meeting at 9:05 a.m.
(Published: July 20, 2019)