OFFICIAL PROCEEDINGS OF THE STARK COUNTY COMMISSION APPROVED MINUTES December 21, 2021 Chairman Franchuk called the special meeting of the Stark County Board of Commissioners to order at 2:15 PM. Commissioners Present: Dean Franchuk, Carla Arthaud, Bernie Marsh, Neal Messer, and Ken Zander. Department Heads Present: Auditor Karen Richard, States Attorney Amanda Engelstad, County Planner Steve Josephson, Emergency Manager Shawna Davenport, and County Park Director Lisa Heiser. BUILDING RESILIENT INFRASTRUCTURE AND COMMUNITIES GRANT (STARK COUNTY MATCH) Davenport addressed the commission regarding the comprehensive plan for Stark County, which was done in 2010, and needs to be updated. There is a grant available to help cover the costs of this update. She has been working on this project with Josephson. If the commission would like to move forward with this grant they would need a letter of commitment for the county to pay a 25% match. She believes the project will take over 2 years to complete with an approximate cost of $134,000.00 for the entire plan, with Stark County’s share approximately $33,000.00 – which can be in-kind services and doesn’t all need to be in cash. MOTION BY: Commissioner Arthaud SECONDED BY: Commissioner Marsh To authorize a local match of 25% for the Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities Grant to update the Stark County comprehensive plan and to authorize the Chair to sign a letter of commitment. DISPOSITION: Roll call: Commissioners: Arthaud – aye, Marsh – aye, Zander – aye, Messer – aye, Chairman Franchuk - aye. Motion Carried. Commissioner Messer made MOTION to adjourn, Commissioner Arthaud SECONDED, Adjourned. ________________________ Karen Richard, Auditor ________________________ Carla Arthaud, Chairman (Feb. 9, 2022) 30934