PUBLIC HEARING OF 2022 MILL AND OVERLAY STREET IMPROVEMENTS SPECIAL IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT 202101-1 MEETING FOR ACTION THEREON BY CITY COMMISSION, CITY OF DICKINSON, NORTH DAKOTA NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the City Commission of the City of Dickinson, North Dakota, has confirmed, approved and filed in the City Finance Department, the special assessment list for the following: LOT 1 & E15’ E1/2 LOT 2, BLOCK 13, YOUNG’S THIRD ADDITION LOTS 7-12, BLOCK 13, YOUNG’S THIRD ADDITION BLOCK 11, YOUNG’S THIRD ADDITION (except LOTS 2-5) BLOCK 12, YOUNG’S THIRD ADDITION BLOCK 14, YOUNG’S THIRD ADDITION YOUNG’S FOURTH ADDITION BLOCK 47, YOUNG’S NINTH ADDITION BLOCK 48, YOUNG’S NINTH ADDITION (except LOT 3) LOT 6, BLOCK A, STOW’S ADDITION S96.75’ LOT 7, BLOCK A, STOW’S ADDITION LOT 8 LESS N20’ E30’, BLOCK A, STOW’S ADDITION LOTS 9-12, BLOCK A, STOW’S ADDITION BLOCK B, STOW’S ADDITION (except LOTS 2-5) LOT 1 & N35’ LOT2, BLOCK C, STOW’S ADDITION LOTS 6-12, BLOCK C, STOW’S ADDITION BLOCK D, STOW’S ADDITION (except LOTS 2-5) BLOCK E, STOW’S ADDITION BLOCK F, STOW’S ADDITION (except E1/2 LOT 8) BLOCK G, STOW’S ADDITION (except LOTS 2-5) BLOCK H, STOW’S ADDITION BLOCK I, STOW’S ADDITION RIVERSIDE ADDITION (except LOTS 1-3, BLOCK 1 and N70’ LOTS 10 & 11, BLOCK 1) LOTS 19-26, BLOCK 1, REPLAT OF RIVERVIEW ADDITION N1/2 LOTS 1-3, BLOCK 1, FISCHER’S ADDITION LOTS 4-22, BLOCK 1, FISCHER’S ADDITION LOT 23A, BLOCK 1, FISCHER’S ADDITION BLOCK 2, FISCHER’S ADDITION 60’ X 22.5’ & 6’ X 25’ LOT 5, ALL LOT 6, BLOCK B, MCDONOUGH’S ADDITION LOTS 7-12, BLOCK B, MCDONOUGH’S ADDITION BLOCK C, MCDONOUGH’S ADDITION (except LOTS 2-5) LOT 9, BLOCK F, MCDONOUGH’S SECOND ADDITION BLOCK G, MCDONOUGH’S SECOND ADDITION BLOCK H, MCDONOUGH’S THIRD ADDITION (except N52’ LOT 7 and N65’ LOT 8) BLOCK I, MCDONOUGH’S THIRD ADDITION PFAU ADDITION (except LOT 8, BLOCK 1) LOT 18, BLOCK J, ST. JOSEPH’S ADDITION LOT 6, BLOCK K, ST. JOSEPH’S ADDITION LOTS 1-3, AUDITOR’S PLAT NO. 9 LOT 5 LESS 135’ X 300, AUDITOR’S PLAT NO. 9 55’ X 100’, OBRIGKEWITSCH OUTLOT NO. 1 70’ X 100’, OBRIGKEWITSCH OUTLOT NO. 1 And said list is now on file and open to the public for inspection. There will be a Public Hearing at City Hall at 38 1st Street West, on Wednesday, February 9, 2022, at the hour of 5:00 PM to discuss said assessment list. For more information or require accommodations due to a disability, contact the Interim City Engineer, Loretta Marshik, 10 days in advance at (701) 456-7768. Dated this 21st day of January 2022. CITY OF DICKINSON, ND Loretta Marshik Interim City Engineer (Jan. 26 & Feb. 2, 2022) 26034