REGULAR MEETING DICKINSON CITY COMMISSION JANUARY 10, 2023 I. CALL TO ORDER President Scott Decker called the meeting to order at 4:30 PM. II. ROLL CALL Present were: President Scott Decker, Vice President John Odermann and Commissioner Robert Baer Telephone: Commissioner Jason Fridrich Absent: Commissioner Suzi Sobolik 1. PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE 2. ORDER OF BUSINESS MOTION BY: Robert Baer SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich To approve the January 10, 2023 Order of Business as presented. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed 2. CONSENT AGENDA MOTION BY: Robert Baer SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich A. Approval of meeting minutes dated December 20, 2022 B. Approval of Accounts Payable, Commerce Bank and Checkbook DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed 3. ADMINISTRATION/FINANCE A. Proclamation – Giving Hearts Day 2023 President Scott Decker presents the Giving Hearts Day 2023 Proclamation. He reads the proclamation and proclaims February 9, 2023 as Giving Hearts Day. MOTION BY: Jason Fridrich SECONDED BY: Robert Baer To approve Giving Hearts Day 2023 Proclamation. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed B. City Board Appointments City Administrator Dustin Dassinger presents the City Board Appointments. Several board members were either appointed or reappointed to Boards. Most board terms expire in three years but the airport board expires in five years. MOTION BY: Robert Baer SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich To approve the appointments/reappointments of the attached. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed C. Chapter 29 Amendments – Inclement Weather – Paid Holiday City Administrator Dustin Dassinger presents Chapter 29 amendments to include inclement weather and paid holidays. He presents changes to deal with emergency closure for the city. He highlighted the recommended changes of a declared event and an undeclared event to benefit eligible employees. He also discusses the exempt and non-exempt employees who are eligible for this benefit. Administrator Dassinger states the eligible employees who services are essential for safety of the public will receive one and half of the regular pay. Administrator Dassinger along with city staff recommend approval. City Administrator Dustin Dassinger also discusses the addition of the day after Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Eve as holidays for the city. Commissioner Jason Fridrich states he has no issues with the addition of the holidays. President Scott Decker states these are recognized holidays by all organizations across the State as of now. MOTION BY: Robert Baer SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich To approve first reading of Ordinance No. 1767. ORDINANCE NO. 1767 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING AND REENACTING SECTION 29.08.04090 OF THE MUNICIPAL CODE OF THE CITY OF DICKINSON, NORTH DAKOTA, RELATING TO A WEATHER AND EMERGENCY POLICY AND ADDING ADDITIONAL RECOGNIZED HOLIDAYS DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed D. Wage/Market Study Contract City Administrator Dustin Dassinger presents a wage/market study contract with Graves Consulting for a fixed fee not to exceed $29,980 which will be billed in four installments over the project. This contract was reviewed by legal. The City is hoping to have the information by the end of the first quarter to be used for the budget cycle. MOTION BY: Jason Fridrich SECONDED BY: Robert Baer To approve the Graves Consulting Wage/Market Study not to exceed $29,980. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed E. Reports: 1. Lot Sales City Administrator Dustin Dassinger states the City had several lots for sales with no bids on any lots. They will be relisted at a later date. 2. 2023 Southwest Night with the Legislators – February 13, 2023 City Administrator Dustin Dassinger invites the Commissioners to the SW F. Investments of Funds Deputy City Administrator Linda Carlson along with the Finance Committee met to negotiate terms, interest rate and minimum balance requirements for the $4 million dollars for the city’s undesignated cash balance. The City of Dickinson established Bravera Bank to be the city’s primary depository bank in 2022. Ms. Carlson presents the recommended tier for the CD’s with Bravera Bank. She states the CD’s signature cards will be consistent with the other accounts. Interest will be paid out annually. The interest will go into the interest fund for the city. Ms. Carlson along with staff recommend the tier’s option. MOTION BY: Robert Baer SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich To approve the tier of CD’s with Bravera Bank; $1 million for 6 months at 4.26% intertest; $1 million for 11 months at 4.56% interest and $2 million for 18 months at 4.76%. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed G. Dickinson Historic Preservation Commission Appointment Museum Center Director Fuhrman comes before the City Commission asking for approval of the nomination of Dr. William Hansard to the Dickinson Historic Preservation Commission. The responsibility of the local government is to have a member who possess professional qualifications in history, architectural history, archaeology and others and has the best interest in historic preservation. Director Fuhrman states Mr. Hansard is a professional historian with a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Arlington with certificates in public history and archival administration. At this time Dr. Hansard has assumed the post of digital collections specialist at the Theodore Roosevelt Center. President Scott Decker states that having Dr. William Hansard will be a great asset to the community. MOTION BY: Robert Baer SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich To approve the appointment of Dr. William Hansard to the Dickinson Historic Commission. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed H. Proposed Lactation Pod Project for Dickinson Museum Center Stark County Historical Society Destiny Wolf whom is the Treasurer for the Stark County Historical Society. She is requesting a secure private environment to nurse and/or feed the babies. She is asking for support for the Mamava Lactation Pod on behalf of the ND Museum Foundation and Stark County Historical Society boards. Ms. Wolf is asking for an amount of $24,100. Ms. Wolf states the advisory boards strive to support an inclusive family-friendly destination for visitors from all over the world. She sates the museum continues to see growth and increasing numbers of visitor and a lot of younger families. Commissioner Robert Baer states this would be a good addition to the museum. He states it would help bring people to the community and to the museum. He states there is an app on phones that show if there is a private feeding place for mothers. He states the Bismarck airport and DSU have one of these. Commissioner Baer states this would be the larger unit for wheelchair accessibility. MOTION BY: Robert Baer SECONDED BY: Jason Fridrich To approve the purchase of the lactation pod for $24,100 and to use ARPA funding to pay for this full amount. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed I. Microsoft Contract Renewal IT Director Aaron Meyer presents a Microsoft contract renewal. He states the contract is for three years and this would include an operating system, Microsoft office, and user licenses within Dickinson. The cost is $177,000 dollars over three years. This is a budgeted item and has been reviewed by legal. MOTION BY: Jason Fridrich SECONDED BY: Robert Baer To approve the Microsoft Contract Renewal. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote…Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed 4. PUBLIC SAFETY A. Fire Department Reports: 1. Monthly Report Fire Chief Jeremy Presnell presents the monthly report for the Fire Department report which includes 238 calls for service. Chief Presnell states December was a busy month. There were 1,517 calls year to date which is a 92% increase. He states the reason for the increase is the EMS responses for the last six months of the year. He states December was very busy with EMS the highest calls, false alarms and false calls because of the cold snap as a lot of sparkler breaks. There were also good intent calls and a lot of motorists assists. Chief Presnell updates the commission on calls by station which Station 1 or the south station shows the most calls. Response times have increased a bit due to weather as the slow down was due to having snow and icy roads. Chief Presnell discusses fire prevention with 78 routine inspections. He also states the department is exploring different options with EMS response as it is starting to be a big tax on the Fire Department. He states they are exploring on how to response more efficiently and not to go to all calls only to the ones that they really need to be at. President Scott Decker states if the someone from the public wants to see what a Firefighter really does and what they have to carry into a fire please look on the Fire Department’s Facebook page. This video shows how the firefighter has to be prepared for the fire to include the equipment that they need to wear. Most importantly this video shows the wear and tear that goes onto a firefighter’s body. Also, all the mental stress emergency calls have on firefighters and police officers. He states all the stress that these employees go through to keep the City of Dickinson a great city. Employees take pride in what they do for the City. They work everyday to do the best they can for the citizens. Fire Chief Jeremy Presnell does not think that anyone will find another city that has the greatest group of firefighters, police officers and public works people. Chief Presnell states these employees are dedicated and committed to the community with the utmost professionalism. B. Police Department Reports: 1. None 5. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SERVICES A. Engineering Reports: 1. Monthly Report Engineering and Community Development Director Josh Skluzacek states the department concluded the year well. There were a lot of improvements to the team and hard work and dedication. He states building and codes, county and city related permit numbers were just above 2021 and the fees were slightly higher than 2021. Planning and zoning has shown multidisciplinary development process and discusses the new projects. Planner interviews are scheduled for this week which include two people. Director Skluzacek discusses the CIP editors progress which shows 7 total projects. He also discusses GIS and the new tools and software. Commissioner John Odermann thanks MR. Skluzacek for his monthly report as the updates are quite helpful. B. Planning Reports: 1. None C. Building/Code Enforcement Reports: 1. None 6. PUBLIC WORKS A. Reports: 1. Monthly Report – November Public Works Director Gary Zuroff updates the Commission on the November, 2022 report. He reviews the mausoleum project and gives an update on the special events that were held in October. OpWorks showed 114 service requests, 78 fleet work orders, 11809 gallons of fuel used. Public Works did prep for the winter storms in November. He updates the Commissioners on the Dutch elm diseased trees along with other meter project replacements. 2. Snow Storm Report Public Works Director Gary Zuroff thanks all that had helped during the snow storms. He states there were 475 hours for contractors and OT call outs in November. Contracts that were used during the storm were Tooz, Winn, Rock Solid and Terry’s Waterworks. Director Zuroff discusses the OT, contractors, brine used and cutting edges used during the storm. He states that AVL’s were installed in the vehicles for the contractors and public works could see where they were working. Commissioner John Odermann has heard from the citizens and they felt the spring blizzard was handled better than the one in the winter. They felt that Facebook pages did show them where the plows were working and when they would be at their area of town. Commissioners Odermann feels the community did appreciate the work the city did but once the emergency phase was completed the community would like to know the area that will be plowed next including their own. He feels the citizens were more aware in the spring of the snow clearing. City Administrator Dustin Dassinger states when the city puts out so much information it desensitizes the conversations. President Scott Decker likes to know the departments overtime hours and finances for the storm as when he is in Bismarck he likes to keep the legislators abreast of what is being spent. President Decker has not heard anything but good about the city during the snow storms. The city had to deal with some adversity. Commissioner John Odermann states city staff are looking for areas to clean the snow away from. He states public works has done an excellent job. Commissioner Robert Baer asks for an update on the new snow blower. He also questions whom is responsible for the sidewalks around town. He did notice that kids are walking out in the streets as the sidewalks are not clear. Commissioner Baer states kid are riding their bikes on the road as the sidewalks are not clear. He has some concern about this issue. Public Works Director Gary Zuroff states the new snow blower will be at Dickinson next week. The mechanics are working on one of the older snow plows right now. There will be two newer plows and the oldest one. Director Zuroff states if the sidewalk is adjacent to a property the property owner is responsible for cleaning the sidewalk. If it is near parks and rec or city trails then the city is responsible for the trail. He states there is some difficulty right now as it is melting and freezing onto the sidewalks. 9. PUBLIC HEARING AND PUBLIC COMMENTS NOT ON AGENDA – 5:00 P.M. A. Public Comments not on Agenda None 10. COMMISSION None ADJOURNMENT MOTION BY: John Odermann SECONDED BY: Robert Baer Adjournment of the meeting 5:40 P.M. DISPOSITION: Roll call vote… Aye 4, Nay 0, Absent 1 Motion declared duly passed. OFFICIAL MINUTES PREPARED BY: Rita Binstock, Assistant to City Administrator APPROVED BY: Dustin Dassinger, Interim City Administrator Scott Decker, President Board of City Commissioners Date: January 24, 2023 ND STATE PLUMBING BOARD $100.00 NFPA $175.00 4 IMPRINT, INC $1,583.50 ADVANCED BUSINESS METHODS $3,331.16 ADVANTAGE CREDIT BUREAU $392.00 ALERT MEDIA, INC $5,085.00 ALLSTATE PETERBILT OF DICKINSON $614.34 ARAMARK UNIFORM & CAREER APPAREL GROUP, INC $869.47 AT&T $26.10 BAKER & TAYLOR CO (GA) $911.06 BALCO UNIFORM - POLICE ACCOUNT $485.72 BEK CONSULTING $12,510.64 BERGER ELECTRIC INC $18,856.98 BORDER STATES ELECTRIC SUPPLY $23.50 BRAUN DISTRIBUTING $19.90 BUSINESS SOFTWARE INC $9,217.00 BUTLER MACHINERY CO $18,128.14 CANTALOUPE, INC. $18.00 CARQUEST AUTO PARTS STORES $961.37 CENGAGE LEARNING $482.06 CENTRAL MECHANICAL INC $18,510.00 CENTRAL SQUARE COMPANIES $975.00 CIVICPLUS LLC $11,979.00 CLIMATE CONTROL SYSTEMS & SERVICE $3,247.56 CLYDE ARMORY, INC $1,311.00 CUMMINS SALES AND SERVICE $2,418.02 D&J EQUIPMENT SALES & SERVICE, LLC $1,069.84 DACOTAH PAPER CO $220.86 DAKOTA FLUID POWER INC $4,497.50 DAKOTA PUMP & CONTROL CO $22,449.62 DASSINGER HUNTER $1,334.26 DATA443 RISK MITIGATION INC $255.94 DIAMOND H RENTALS $400.00 DICKINSON FIRE FIGHTERS ASSOCIATION $390.00 EBELHAR ROBERT $161.88 ELDER CARE $1,001.51 EMCH, MARGARET $15.37 EMERGENCY MEDICAL PRODUCTS $411.90 ENNEN, RITA $343.75 ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCE ASSOCIATES $134.07 ENVIRONMENTAL TOXICITY CONTROL INC $1,375.00 ERICKSON PRODUCTIONS $425.00 EVOQUA WATER TECHNOLOGIES LLC $37,962.00 FEDERAL EXPRESS $126.38 FERGUSON WATERWORKS #2516 $1,081.51 FORUM COMMUNICATIONS CO. $2,009.41 GOOSENECK IMPLEMENT $1,301.98 HACH COMPANY $166.70 HARRIS WASTE MGT GROUP/CORDELE $12,803.93 HAUCK DANIEL $150.00 HIGHLANDS ENGINEERING & SURVEYING PLLC $13,089.25 IDEASTAGE PROMOTIONS LLC $665.00 INNOVATIVE OFFICE SOLUTIONS LLC $164.45 IRON WORKS INC $8,520.00 J J KELLER & ASSOCIATES INC $1,325.67 JENSEN, SAMANTHA $41.05 JEROMES DISTRIBUTING INC $76.80 JLG ARCHITECTS $5,312.00 KINTO, EVAN $168.00 KIRSCHENHEITER, DEB $211.88 KOLLING & KOLLING INC $27,405.00 LAWSON PRODUCTS INC $311.39 LINDE GAS & EQUIPMENT INC $33.06 LOCATORS & SUPPLIES, INC. $244.68 LOGO MAGIC INC $1,222.00 M&T FIRE AND SAFETY $3,041.47 MACKOFF KELLOGG LAW FIRM $23,500.00 MARTIN’S WELDING & REFRIGERATION INC $3,649.12 MENARDS $960.81 MIDWEST DOORS INC $150.00 MIDWEST TAPE $70.95 MINNESOTA VALLEY TESTING LAB INC $2,376.77 MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITY $107,735.62 MOORE PET SUPPLIES $10,295.07 MOREL JOSH $255.00 MORTON SALT, INC. $7,299.71 MOTION INDUSTRIES INC $168.90 ND LEAGUE OF CITIES $16,528.00 ND RURAL WATER SYSTEMS ASSN $795.00 ND WATER USERS ASSOCIATION $1,200.00 NELSON INTERNATIONAL $2,054.08 NEOGOV $16,452.34 NEWBY’S ACE HARDWARE $534.45 NORTHERN IMPROVEMENT CO(DIX) $79,946.35 NSC MINERALS $7,306.56 OLHEISER, JOSH $95.00 OLYMPIC SALES INC $1,189.74 POST BOARD $150.00 POWELL LAW PC $2,222.50 POWERPLAN OIB $1,860.88 PRAIRIE AUTO PARTS INC $431.76 PRAUS, AARON $98.99 PUMP SYSTEMS LLC $926.13 QUADIENT - POSTAGE FUNDING $2,900.00 QUADIENT LEASING $1,953.54 QUALITY INN/ BISMARCK $441.00 QUALITY QUICK PRINT INC $5,020.50 R & J COMMUNICATIONS $151.40 RADISSON HOTEL BISMARCK $86.40 RAMSEY LAW OFFICE PLLC $150.00 RAYS AUTO ELECTRIC INC $398.97 RED ROCK FORD OF DICKINSON $141.44 REITER WELDING INC $6,080.00 ROCK SOLID EXPRESS $15,360.00 RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC $2,380.95 SERVICE PRINTERS $841.10 SOUTHWEST GRAIN(BULK) $69,767.93 SOUTHWEST WATER AUTHORITY $368,356.76 SPEE DEE DELIVERY SERVICE, INC $217.52 SRF CONSULTING GROUP INC $719.29 STARK COUNTY AUDITOR $282.00 STEFFAN’S SAW & BIKE $1,463.73 STREICHER’S $387.85 SUNSET LAW ENFORCEMENT, LLC $2,532.60 SW DISTRICT HEALTH UNIT/ MEDICAL $239.00 TERRY’S WATERWORKS LLC $6,785.00 TITAN MACHINERY $1,642.45 TOOZ CONSTRUCTION INC $189,259.17 TOTAL SAFETY US INC $843.34 TRACKER MANAGEMENT $5,289.15 TURTLE TRACKS $360.00 UPS STORE #4954 $13.88 VELOCITY EHS $5,131.24 WEST DAKOTA OIL INC $1,460.98 WEST RIVER LODGE #5 $1,050.00 WESTLIE TRUCK CENTER OF DICKINSON $45.57 WIDMER ROEL PC $500.00 SWMCC-PRISONER HOUSING $5,291.66 SW VICTIM WITNESS PROGRAM $784.00 REVOLVING FUNDS-PETTY CASH $223.60 COMMERCE BANK $10,165.21 CERTIFIED POWER INC $0.00 (Jan. 25, 2023) 166851